PSI-Pay Partners with Kerv Wearables to Revolutionize Payment Solutions

A strategic partnership entails a relationship between two major commercial enterprises that have been formalized by a significant contract. Moreover, a strategic collaboration usually falls short of a prominent legal entity, agency or better yet, an affiliate relationship. As illustrated in the case of PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables, strategic partnerships involve handshakes and alliances set to help companies thrive by providing various services to their clients.

Reasons for Partnering

PSI-Pay is a leading regulated Fintech firm that provides digital account as well as payment card resources to the significant international industry while Kerv is a leading innovator of alternative payments in the industry. First announced a few weeks ago, the duo is joining hands and resources in a partnership with the intention of utilizing PSI-Pay’s MasterCard license. From the look of this partnership, this license will allow Kerv’s users to access payment in significant locations countrywide. Moreover, they will be able to use a debit or credit card as they utilize other options like PayPal at the same time. Even better is the fact that the consumers can comfortably access contactless payments through standard loads and auto-top-up services.


About the New Partnership

Regarding this new partnership, the managing director of PSI-Pay Phil Davies has stated his excitement over the deal. Specifically, he said that he is impressed by the turn of events as the business deal between his company and Kerv is going to be successful given their shared preferences in service delivery. Other than that, he has also stated that there is no doubt about their ability to deliver top-notch services as a team. Moreover, as they embrace the new leadership structures, it is evident that the payment applications are already getting into their systems.

Benefits of the Partnership

Correspondingly, Phil of the famous Kerv stated his concerns about the partnership while pointing out to the fact that Kerv is creating a revolutionary payment method that will enable clients to enjoy timely payments while extending their capabilities to access control. Moreover, he goes ahead to point out to the fact that bringing Kerv to the market was quite challenging as they needed to invest in numerous resources to have access to legal documentation. Now that Kerv is accessible as it has been listed in the market, it is easy for clients to access contactless payments.

What of PSI-Pay?

PSI-Pay provides clients in partnerships with sponsored payment solutions. Moreover, the company enables businesses to control their programs through the support of a majorly regulated entity and a MasterCard. Over and above, with PSI-Pay, consumers have become wary about moving to digital banking as there are more advantages of utilizing digital wallets.


The General Observation

Additionally, PSI-Pay provides high-quality and reliable payment methods that have contributed to the development of the firm by more than 30%. Conclusively, this payment method enhances security alongside empowering the user when it comes to replacing numerous cards through a single mobile device. Without a doubt, it is evident that since its inception in the industry, PSI-Pay has improved payment methods in different companies and homestead.

NGP VAN: An Emerging Force in Digital Campaigning

There are plenty of businesses that operate in the public policy area of politics, especially in regards to campaigning and campaign fundraising. However, none of them do quite the job that NPG VAN does. See, current political models often fall short, especially in regards to addressing and utilizing technology. Campaigns are, unbelievably, still running grassroots on foot campaigns that use the same old tired tactics as the last ten campaigns before them. It’s an almost unbelievable phenomenon; for some reason, political campaigning often refuses to utilize modern technology, and instead, it relies on worn-out tradition. This changed during the Obama election cycle.



Obama utilized the services of NGP VAN — a metrics-based digital media integrated campaigning tool — to draw in millions of voters. NGP VAN may have started as a company that Obama used in order to counteract Romney’s use of ORCA (which eventually took part in his defeat.) Together, after field testing, Obama’s campaigning team and NGP VAN released Pollwatcher, a mobile app that was used to great success during the election and subsequent re-election cycle of President Barack Obama.


Campaigning that targets digital media is becoming more and more important to modern campaigning efforts across America. Some of the greatest campaigns in history have been run using emerging technologies. FDR’s fireside chats won him four elections. It’s hard to argue with campaigning that made amending the constitution a necessity.


NGP VAN has since been a vital tool in the Democrats campaign pocket. It was used by Clinton and Sanders as well as various members of Congress looking to take the stand. NGP also recently acquired both Hustle — a San Fransisco peer-to-peer campaigning tool startup — as well as SpeakEasy Political — a tool that utilizes direct-to-mail campaigning using targeted voter data —. Of course, its use is largely owed to its miraculous voter turnout ability.


If the Republicans want to keep up in the modern age of campaigning it’s important that they find a tool to match. Using digital data collection and analysis is becoming a vibrant new way of targeting voters and winning elections. Let’s see if they find something that can help them, because if not, we may see a blue wave coming.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff New Thought Provoking Novel Written by Veteran Actor Sean Penn

Sean Penn is amongst the most noted and celebrated actor in Hollywood, who has also worked as a writer, producer, and director as well. In his acting career, he has been blessed with numerous awards, including a couple of Academy Awards for Best Actor, which is the highest one can get in the acting industry in the United States. Not only that, Sean Penn has also worked as an anchor and journalist and has interviewed some of the well-known and controversial personalities, including Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, and drug kingpin El Chapo. Sean Penn has an illustrious acting career and is considered to be one of the most talented actors of recent times with directors and producers flocking to him for new film projects all the time.


However, surprising as it may seem, Sean Penn has taken a sabbatical from the acting career, or so it seems. He has put the acting career to rest in the meantime and has been concentrating his energies on writing novels, one of which was recently published, named Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The synopsis of the story is that a man who has a day job as a salesman also works as an assassin or a contract killer for the government of the United States. Many of the noted authors including Salman Rushdie, Sarah Silverman, and others have applauded Penn’s writing and compared it with many other famous authors.


Sean Penn in an interview said that he has come to a point in his career where he is looking for satisfaction more than success, which he has tasted for a long time, thanks to his successful journey as an actor all these years. Sean Penn didn’t hesitate to say that there are no acting projects ongoing at the moment, and he plans to keep it that way for the time being. It is primarily because Sean wants to concentrate on writing, which is providing him with the satisfaction he has been seeking for long. Sean Penn said that he is happy that the people are appreciating his work and also hinted that he is working on his next novel already, but didn’t elaborate much on it.


Even though many have said that the protagonist in the story is Sean Penn himself and reflects his thoughts and opinions; Sean Penn said that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a work of fiction, and should be taken and treated that way. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has been in the news since the time the book was announced, and it has also swirled few controversies, but Sean Penn is least bothered about it. He said that he wants the readers to read the book and decide for themselves what they feel about the book rather than go by the opinions of others.


Chris Linkas, Numeric Information To The Next Generation

Chris Linkas says that investing early is essential for attaining the monetary gain one wishes to accomplish, especially if that individual wants a solid foundation of generational wealth for the future lineage. Chris Linkas teaches this common truth to the youth of this generation so that a better future can be achieved indefinitely. The primary reason that wealth is to be built at an early age is because of compounding one’s interest, which is essentially the process of taking a gain and using that gain to earn more profit. This could be taken advantage of by starting off at an early age, because the sooner one puts his or her capital into an investment option, the quicker the compounding interest will accrue, and over the long term the owner of that portfolio will achieve a greater lump sum, which can be moved into another asset, or it can be compounded into even more money.


Chris Linkas not only believes that compound interest is the only motivation for investing young, but he comprehends that there are several serious advantages for a younger person to start early, as opposed to investing at an elderly age. One advantage Chris Linkas emphasizes is that younger people are aware of the next hottest thing, on top of being familiar with how to do fact checking by researching the internet, and being able to recover from failure which would only make them smarter and wiser about how to utilize capital at a younger time. They also learn how to budget and keep expenses lower, so that the financial cash flow can be even more positive than before. Chris Linkas also describes that younger people could invest more aggressively and accumulate a higher return on investment as a result of taking more risk, and therefore receive more reward with bigger profit margins ( Yes it does make sense that financial education should be positively directed towards future generations.

Peter Briger At The Peak of Success

For one, with a man as impactful as Peter Briger, it is extremely difficult to put some sort of cap or limit to his success. Throughout his entire career, Peter Briger has been viewed as the golden standard of success in the business and financial industry. As we can all imagine by having such a prestigious distinction, Peter Briger has gained a large number of followers and respect, all of which continues to be a part of his career to this day. However, if we had to put a cap on his great success, Peter Briger was once as successful as being worth over $2 billion. With a combination of risks and brilliant moves in the business and financial industry, Peter Briger was able to play his field in ways that have benefited him greatly.

In addition to his own success, Peter Briger vast knowledge of finance and investing has also helped many other people. Because of how well-known he was in his industry, Peter Briger was wanted anywhere and everywhere in the financial and business industry. Without a doubt, this speaks to his skills as a professional and, overall, his ability to influence and impact such a giant industry. With what he has accomplished over the course of his career, Peter Briger is a professional that we could talk about forever. Having said that, here is a summary of Peter Briger and his career successes as a prominent business and investing professional.

Peter Briger & A Summary of his Many Career Accolades

Again, for a professional as successful as Peter Briger, the question becomes where do we start? A good place to start would be to talk about his success as a whole and then get down to specifics. So, as a whole, Peter Briger has been as successful as being one of Forbes wealthiest professionals over many years in his career. As is that was any surprise, most of his success that has led him to be that success has come from his actions at Fortress Investment Group. At this company, which has become one of the fastest growing banking and financial alternatives, has seen this success because of Peter Berger’s actions as a leader. Unquestionably, Peter Briger is to credit for the company’s most recent success and expansion in the investment scene. His contributions to Fortress Investment Group is great and all but, in general, there is no doubt that Peter Berger has more of these successes to come.


Lime Crime Seemingly Could Release Venus 3 Palette

Lime Crime is an all natural, vegan and cruelty free based cosmetic company who has seemingly caught attention lately about this potential release of a Venus 3 palette. The past palettes, Venus, Venus II and Venus XL have all been major hits withing the beauty consumer community. The hues within the palette are very bright and boisterous, providing access to awaited looks for the makeup win. The formula has been noted to go on with a super silk ease and the release of this palette is very pleasing to past consumers of the Venus variety. Lime Crime is already partnering with Ulta which if you haven’t known is a beauty big time.

The release of this palette may be indicated to release on April 24th. If you want to know more, be sure and sign up to be the first to know if it is indeed releasing. It is said that judging by the pan sizes of the palette, it is a sure thing Venus will be released to create a full on beauty trilogy. The post that originally sparked this speculation was that of a simple palette floating under sun rays displaying pan sizes that mocked the other two Venus palettes. Beauty connoisseurs are reveling in the fact that this palette could possibly complete the collection. Lime Crime is known for its’ vibrancy of hues in other palettes and this palette will definitely not disappoint. Every makeup owner could possibly want to have this in their stock and be presented as a complete set to say the least.

End Citizens United Gives An Endorsement To Four Illinois Reformers

End Citizens United, popularly known as ECU, recently issued a statement that it has given an endorsement to four Illinois candidates to run for the US House of Representatives. These candidates include Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Betsy Londrigan (IL-13), Sean Casten (IL-06) and Brad Schneider (IL-10). The president of the ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that too many of the political players at Capitol Hill are beholden to million-dollar special interest groups. Muller added that Big Money was corrupting the democratic system of the United States which has a long history. He also added that big corporations and oil companies were lobbying for their selfish interests and leaving every citizen from Illinois behind.

Muller said that the four candidates had committed to fight for meaningful reform in the halls of Washington. The candidates, if elected into office, would fight for reforms on the issues that affected Illinois families such as health care, education and the economy. Muller added that End Citizens United took pride in endorsing the candidates for office and that the organization was looking forward to helping them win the forthcoming mid term elections in November. Another member of the US Congress, Brad Schneider, said that he was humbled and honored at the same time to have received the endorsement of End Citizens United in the 2018 mid-term elections. Schneider added that people must rise and put the disastrous decision of Citizens United back to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

He said that End Citizens United must rein the untraceable and unlimited dark money that had been unlocked by Citizens United. Congressman Schneider also said that he was looking forward to working with end Citizens United to promote accountability and transparency back to the American electoral system and retain American democracy to its former glory. The candidate for IL-06, Sean Casten, said that it would be difficult to see any form of progress on the issues that affected the lives of Americans without getting dark money out of the electoral system.

Casten added that the work of End Citizens United and other activists groups was extremely crucial to the restoration of democracy, equality and accountability in the US electoral process. End Citizens United has also given an endorsement to four other candidates in the state of Illinois. These will assist the candidates to compete on an even ground with Big Money special interest groups. ECU will connect the candidates with over 400,000 small-dollar donors as well as the over 148,000 grassroots members in the state of Illinois.

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Investing in Real Estate: Nick Vertucci’s Guide

Investing in real estate is an excellent opportunity for people to improve their financial position. Over the past few years, many cities have experienced a real estate boom. Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor and teacher who has years of experience as an investor. Anyone who wants to learn basic lessons about real estate investing should consider working with him. He is the type of person who will always help people achieve their dreams.

Investing Strategies

One of the best aspects of real estate investing is that there are plenty of options for investors to choose from. Some investors take a short-term approach to their investing. These investors want to make as much money as possible in a short period. However, Nick Vertucci teaches his clients to focus on the long-term. He owns rental properties that produce monthly cash flow. With this cash flow, he can slowly save up money to purchase additional properties. He now has dozens of properties that generate positive cash flow each month.

Teaching Others

Nick Vertucci helps hundreds of people with real estate investing advice each year. He has a real estate academy that teaches people how to get started investing. With the strong economy, more people than ever before have interest in developing a real estate portfolio. One of the most significant obstacles for most people is financing. Some banks are not willing to loan money to new investors. Before applying for a loan, it is critical for investors to have all of their financial information ready.

Although Nick Vertucci is financially successful, he is still working hard each day. He wants to increase his income as much as possible in the coming years. He is the type of person who is only happy when he is working hard towards his goals in life.

Jason Hope Works with SENS Foundation to Stop Aging

It’s never good when successful business professionals mix personal gain with scientific discovery. From what’s been shown in movies and on TV, those people always have some shady agendum behind their generosity. It’s rare to hear about a millionaire donating out of the kindness of their heart.

If there was ever a cause that everyone could agree on, it would be healthcare. That’s not talking affordable healthcare or health insurance. Healthcare, in the sense of providing health to everyone in the world; solving medical problems and eliminating disease so that no one suffers.

There’s one major health obstacle that no one’s been able to get around–aging. When people get older, and they all do, they can develop any number of health problems. The older someone is the worst the problems can be. Currently, most health companies are trying to find treatments and alleviate people’s pain.

Though not all health conditions and diseases stem from aging, most of them do. If someone could figure out a way to stop or at least slow the aging process, it would give everyone in the world a better chance at living long, healthy lives.

Because aging is such a big deal, there are thousands of organizations trying to solve the age problem. Most of those companies are only interested in making people look young forever, but there are few who want to enhance humanity’s quality of life. One of the men looking for answers is Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation was founded about eight years ago and has attracted a lot of attention from people like Jason Hope. Jason Hope is entrepreneur and philanthropist who’s interested in improving the quality of life on planet Earth. He doesn’t suffer from anything except aging.

Most of the time successful business professionals turn to medical philanthropy, it’s because they’re dying from something. Jason Hope is a healthy man with healthy habits and only wants to make people’s lives better. He has a lot of money and can donate to organizations like SENS, so he does.

Jason liked what he say when he came across SENS and donated $500,000 in 2010. Since then, he’s been a donor whenever the organization needed something Aubrey couldn’t afford on his own.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media:

Upwork The Secret to Completing Your To Do List

Getting things done can be quite a challenge, especially if you are like thousands of people who work from home. If you find work on a platform such as Upwork, you can enjoy many benefits. You can easily earn a substantial amount of money if you are really good at what you do. Sometimes, doing the work is not difficult but remembering the things that need to be done is difficult. For that purpose, it is essential that one creates a to-do list that would allow them not to miss any important task.

Just noting down the things that you need to accomplish is not enough. You have to set your priorities and create a list of the most crucial task for the day on the top and then moving down the list. The tasks that are directly related to your income should be on the top of the list and then move on to the daily and easy tasks after that. Even if you are able to finish just some of the items on the to-do list, you will not have much things to worry about. When creating the to-do list, you need to be specific about the things that you want to get done. Remember that not all tasks require the same concentration levels. There are some tasks that you can do any time of the day and does not need much energy. But, some tasks require your full power. Thus, you should start the day with the most challenging task and then move on to the easier ones. It will help you increase your productivity too.

Upwork is a platform that allows freelancers to get jobs depending on their capacity. It allows people to exchange their business services and offers a lot of opportunities for full-time, part-time or seasonal freelancers to earn an extra income. But, freelancing work can be quite challenging if you are not disciplined. You should make use of to-do list to help you get through all the tasks for the day and ensure that your clients keep coming back to you with more work.