The Growth of Cotemar in the Offshore Transport Sector

Cotemar is a Mexican company that has been offering useful services to the energy sector. The solutions that it offers include specialized shipping, maritime services, oil services, as well as offshore construction and maintenance. The firm’s main clients include Petroleos Mexicanos, which has contracted it to deal with its maritime transportation needs.

The enterprise is currently served by professionals who have sufficient skills in the evolving industry. Cotemar offers competitive salaries and has been ensuring that its working environment is excellent. It takes good care of its employees, and this has made it perform better than its competitors. The workers are offered top-notch treatment such as delicious cuisines, accommodation, laundry, and cleaning services. They are also able to socialize with the management in a friendly manner.

The company has been experiencing constant growth from the time that it was established in 1979. It was founded as an enterprise that provided catering and lodging services. Over the years it has developed and now has a broad scope of services. The head offices of the company are based in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. The company has an excellent mission, vision, and great values that enabled it to be successful within the first few years.

Cotemar currently own a fleet of specialized vessels that have been designed to transport both solid and liquid commodities. Some of them have facilities that process oil. They offer offshore transportation to different energy platforms that are located in the sea. The vessels also carry and accommodate its employees. The company started owning many boats in 1981, and they mainly offered transport and any other services that people would need when they are offshore. It had established a complete floating hotel by 1985. In the 1990s, the company then started acquiring specialized vessels. Cotemar presently owns more than 40 boats, and it is served by about 8000 employees.

The firm’s vessels provide food and accommodation to the people who are aboard. It has small cabins that can be used by 2-4 people. They also offer various facilities that are used for leisure, and they include cinemas, TV rooms, common areas, basketball courts, and gymnasiums. The cuisine that is offered on the vessels is also delicious, and it can serve up to 4000 people. The firm ensures that everyone who is on its vessels is treated well by being offered everything that they would need for them to be comfortable.

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