Michael R. Zomber Loves Preserving History and Collecting Antique Weapons

\Michael Zomber is a historian, author, and an antique collector. Zomber has an undergraduate degree in psychology and English from the prominent University of Illinois.

He also holds a master’s degree in English & Literature from the Los Angeles-located University of California. Zomber has handled several projects with his wife, Andrea. He currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

Zomber’s expertise in collection of weapons and armories

Michael Zomber has been an antique collector for the last four decades. He specializes in firearms such as guns and swords. Throughout his career, he has acquired weapons belonging to some of the most powerful men in the world such as Simone Bolivar and George Washington.

Zomber is a consultant on firearms, and he has shared his knowledge about them on a variety of TV shows, such as the History Channel’s Tales of the Guns series.

Some of the TV segments where he has shared his expertise include Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, and Guns of the Famous. Additionally, he was featured in Million Dollar Guns, Pistols, and Automatic Pistols. Zomber is also an expert on Samurai swords.

Zomber’s career in writing

According to White Pages, Michael Zomber is a skilled scriptwriter, and he has written several screenplays and produced some documentary films and television series. Some of the documentaries produced by Zoomber include The Soul of Samurai.

He produced this documentary with the help of his wife through their company Renascent Films LLC. Zomber has authored several historical novels and non-fiction works.

Some of his historical books are Shogun Iemitsu Chronicles and Sweet Betsy That’s me: A Child of the Civil War. Shogun Iemitsu features the struggles of two young Japanese warriors, Kobiyashi and Hideo, who find themselves entangled in a conspiracy to overthrow their king.

Zomber is an activist and peace advocate

Zomber’s experience as a historian has exposed him to horrors of war. He understands the repercussions of armed conflicts, which has prompted him to be a peace advocate.

He supports humanitarian organizations such as Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, and Amnesty International, and Global Exchange. These organizations aim at promoting peace across the globe.

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