Move order Export order Your Version Proofreading Submission NuoDB Seeks to Adapt to Customer’s Expectations as Technologies Change

NuoDB is an elastic SQL database for cloud applications. NuoDB is a memory-centric, ACID-compliant, SQL database that can be dynamically tuned to customer requirements. The program allows customers to easily scale in and out of the program, and the program contains automated failover and disaster recovery feature in case the computer goes down. We provide an environment that works in the present and preserves information for the future.

The NuoDB is a database for the on-demand world, and we work to help our software evolve as technology and customer demand evolves and things change in the future. We seek to modernize the way we apply to your business and will need a database that will grow and change with your company. The NuoDB is the database that will anticipate the needs you will have in your software tomorrow. Our goals include reducing the time you spend marketing by leveraging the program today to help keep the data-base logical and where it belongs. NuoDB wants to lower the costs and keep the program affordable for everyone who needs the elastic SQL database that will help hold their SQL database and information in a reliable way. We also seek to keep your information available to you at all times and strive to make it easy as possible to access the material when you need it.

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