Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Making Ground on Amazon

To get a better understanding as to how far a lead Amazon has over the competition in the online clothing market, you just need to know that over one thousand retailers are fighting for the same dollar, and Amazon gets 20 percent of it. That is a huge advantage that allows the giant retailer to relax knowing even the closest competitor could be far off in the distance. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is hoping to put a little pressure on that retail giant, and pulling in well over $250 million in sales over the last three years is a great start.


When you listen to the way Hudson describes the success of her athleisure brand, it basically comes down to two sales practices that may surprise many. At the core of Fabletics success is a rewarding membership program and reverse showrooming. To understand these two in layman’s terms, let us take a trip to the mall and go into the Fabletics retail stores. This is not your average shopping experience by any stretch of the imagination. Shoppers are applying for membership, enhancing the membership taking a Lifestyle Quiz, window-shopping, and trying on everything they want without pressure from Fabletics sales associates.


With the relaxed atmosphere, you might thing this is where the majority of sales are taking place. In fact, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making the majority of their revenue from online sales. Here is where membership perks really kick into gear. Since these women were at the mall trying on the latest in active-wear, they log into their account online and all those leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants, are uploaded to the inline profile for consideration. Knowing that the clothing fit perfectly in the mall, customers are able to focus on surfing the expansive inventory and not worry about getting a piece and returning it until they get the right size.


Compare that to what happens when you buy from Amazon. In the hopes the clothing fits, you buy one pair of leggings and pay for your shipping and wait. When the clothing finally arrives, you discover it does not fit and you send it back. Now once your account is credited for the return, you try to buy the right size and wait. If you got lucky this time, only a few weeks has passed since you placed the initial order and most of the excitement about ordering has certainly disappeared by now as a result.


Membership benefits at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics don’t end there. Customers enjoy discounts on workout apparel throughout the site, free shipping for online orders, and even their own shopping assistant. Your shopping assistant uses your quiz answers as a guide for picking one new arrival each month for your consideration. No pressure at any step of the way, you will find shopping at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in the mall or online is all about catering to the needs of women shoppers who are looking to be pampered rather than treated like a number.

Brian Bonar: A Super Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is a renowned entrepreneur who is renowned for his outstanding financial skills. With an engineering degree and further knowledge regarding architecture, he has been good at combining the two in his merger and acquisition initiatives, and the result has been a long positive score sheet of business prowess. He has served under different major roles for numerous well-known public and private companies across America.He is a risk taker and is not afraid of trying new things. As a result, he decided to open a restaurant in San Diego with a dream of venturing deeper into the hospitality industry. Bonar took up an existing restaurant, Tango, and renamed it Bellamy’s. He “poached” two of the best cooks around San Diego, Trevor De Costa, and Mike Reidy who is a young cook with great potential. Nearby is a ranch which Bonar is making plans to turn into a four-star outlet with its restaurant.

Bellamy’s is doing great in the industry by attracting visitors from far and wide who come to enjoy the great cuisines prepared by the experienced chefs working at the restaurant. Most of the visitors have had their expectations surpassed by the tasty food served at Bellamy’s. Reviewers who have been at the restaurant describe the whole experience of Bellamy’s as fulfilling. According to the reviewers, a glance at the buildings, chairs, and tables in the restaurant will tell you a lot! The staffs at Bellamy’s are also well versed with the happenings in the restaurant.Bonars’ professional life started long ago with great academic accolades to his name. His journey has also been long with involvement into companies like IBM, Adaptec, and Beizer systems. He says that he has learned a lot from working with these companies and that they have greatly shaped how he views the business world.

About Brian Bonar

With Scottish roots, Brian has defied all odds to emerge as a leading entrepreneur in the merger and acquisition business world. He has a rich working experience in different business sectors. He has been involved with many companies some of which he has helped in founding. Most notable are IBM, Tradeshow Products Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., The Solvis Group Inc., and Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College with a Degree in Technical Engineering and Stafford University with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. With this educational background, he has been able to develop working systems that have been internationally recognized. He has a special interest in golf playing and making water trips in his boats. He received the “who is who” award back in 2000, which sums up his whole career.