Paul Mampilly Is Expertly Guiding Ordinary Individuals To Grow Their Wealth Portfolios

Paul Mampilly has over the years mastered the art of investing, drawing his experience from over two decades working on Wall Street. His success can also be attributed from his extensive background training in finance and business administration. Paul has cut a niche in the field by using his expertise to study the market trends. He demonstrated his prowess well in the years 2008 and 2009, which were marked by a market down time. He was privileged to participate in an investment competition organized by the Templeton Foundation. Despite the crisis, he was able to grow the 50 million dollars investment to 88 million dollars.

Excellent Performance

Paul Mampilly joined Wall Street in the early 90s, working for Bankers trust as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. He grew his knowledge while working at the firm, leading him to take up rigorous posts after his departure. Such positions included managing high net worth accounts at top companies, such as Deutsche Bank and ING Funds. A notable juncture in his career path was when he worked for Kinetic Asset Management as a Hedge Fund Manager. His leadership led the firm to record $25 billion in assets. The hedge funds achieved an average of 26 percent in yearly returns. The company was also named the World’s Best by Barron during his stay.

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His Resolve to Shift

Paul Mampilly made an observation in his career that made him resign from Wall Street. He realized that he had been helping the one percent elite accumulate more wealth while neglecting the larger 99 percent. That is the time he resolved to turn his efforts to the main street and help the ordinary person create wealth. Paul Mampilly started a newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which he shares the stocks that he feels will yield high returns. He uses his expertise to watch the trends of such stocks and advises his readers accordingly. He then founded Extreme Fortunes and a new company True Momentum came up this year.

Research at its Best

Paul Mampilly was fortunate enough to break even almost immediately after launching his business. He has, however, strived hard to stay productive by keeping himself abreast with the happenings in the markets. Most of his time goes into researching on a stock thereby creating well-grounded advice.

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