Fabletics Still A Market Leader Of Innovative Sportswear

One of the most difficult decisions for women to make regarding athletic wear arises when choosing between fashion and cost of wear. That is not to say that the market itself does any better in providing commodities that help make this decisions any easier. Since 2010 the women athletic wear market has been bombarded by increased demand for products than does not look like will subside anytime soon. The demand has consistently been characterized by a need for highly attractive wear that is not only functional but also highly affordable. It’s with this intention in mind that, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took notice of the trends and decided to cover the supply deficit.

Don Ressler and Adam were not only interested in watching market trends but also concentration in determining what women themselves wanted and not what everybody was supplying. Market research on various focus groups and consumer tests problem afflicting women athletic wear were found to include the girlish nature of the wear, high cost and ill-fitting designs

The result of such a venture was game changing brand name Fabletics that had its face as Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. The many available designs did not have a strategy that specifically targeted women, that was to change with the entry of Kate Hudson, who’s confident and welcoming face beamed with warmth, as the spokesperson of the brand Fabletics. The result was instant connection with the masses.

That is not say there were no initial glitches during the startup phase of the company. Funding issues had to be settled, Don Ressler had to deal with one of the most difficult decisions of the industry that is to overcome the complexity that surrounded the making of a functional and fashionable sportswear that can sustain a leading brand in a competitive industry.

Fabletics strategy was a simple one and this helped bit other brand in the market. It maintained a strong online presence and a well-developed discount system. With a flat Monthly fee of $50 one could become a VIP customer with an advantage of receiving discounted wear, free shipping and rewards for purchases made.

This model became a magnet in the market, the online presence help to administer a simple quiz where customers suggested changes to products or needed options and the discounting system saw to it that customers received quality products without being exploited. Fabletics has announced that it looks forward to expanding into the plus sized women category later this year.

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