Securus Technologies Is Listening In On Inmates

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that designs state-of-the-art security and communication products for the U.S. penal system. Much of the Securus technology involves cameras, video chat platforms, monitoring services, crisis management methods, emergency response plans, biometric technology, advanced monetary systems, and quality security measures like the Wireless Containment System.


The Securus penal technology advancements are designed to be a preventative measure in protecting the public, officers/guards, and inmates. Richard (Rick) A. Smith is the CEO and President of Securus Technologies which is located in Texas and Georgia.


The Wireless Containment System is a secure network that can completely block illegal cell calls from within a prison’s environment. There are other industry designed products that can identify cellphone signals within a prison, but their products do not go far enough to ‘prevent’ cellphone signals from working. Unfortunately, these products can put people’s lives in danger and amount to monetary loss.


With the Wireless Containment System, prison officers are able to detect and track down contraband cellphone devices that are turned on and about to be used by inmates who are bent on doing wrong. Robert Johnson is a former prison officer who has joined Securus Technologies as a Wireless Containment System consultant and spokesperson.


Mr. Johnson knows first-hand how detrimental and harmful illegal cellphones are in the hands of certain inmates. Mr. Johnson has more than 15 years of working in South Carolina correctional facilities where he searched and seized illegal products from prisoners. Robert has appeared before the FCC to talk about how and why illegal cellphones in prisons and jails could potentially be dangerous to the public.


Robert Johnson said that thousands of illegal cellphones have been confiscated within the Florida penal system. For this reason, Florida was the first state to employ the Wireless Containment System. Robert Johnson also travels around the country talking to political figures and local state and federal penal officials on the importance of the Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System. Securus Technologies is also working with each state’s Department of Corrections who are trying to combat illegal devices.


Even though many incarcerated individuals use cellphones to legally speak to their family and friends, unfortunately there are prisoners in gangs that do not. When illegal cellphones fall into the hands of certain prisoners, they are often used to commit horrific crimes. However, the Wireless Containment System has vastly reduced the number of contraband cellphones to almost nil, showing how effective the Securus system works.


In 2018 Securus Technologies was named a Stevie Awards winner which the company has won three times previously. The Stevie Award is a prestigious American and International business acknowledgement award for companies that have demonstrated outstanding practices. Securus Technologies won for their exemplary sales approach methods, customer service design, and business development.

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