O2PUR…Smooth As Silk

Are you trying to decide if ecigs are right for you? Ecigs offer many benefits, from convenience to great values. There are a variety for brands out there, but O2PUR is by far superior to the rest.

First let’s take a look at the pricing. On average consumers can spend anywhere from $2900.00 a year (that’s one pack of cigarettes a day) to $4700.00 a year on regular cigarettes. Now with O2PUR, consumers could only spend about $720.00 a year.

Secondly, regular cigarettes come in regular or menthol. Not too much a variety there! O2PUR offers you delicious flavors. Some of those flavors are Caramel Apple, Berry Cheesecake, and Island Breeze Smoothie.

Lastly, ecigs let consumers smoke anywhere they would like since they do not produce secondhand smoke. This is unlike consumers that smoke regular cigarettes, who are forced to go outside or find a smoking area. Now a days, a lot of public places are banning smoking from their establishments entirely.

Ecig companies offer a variety of options for your vaping needs. Besides the many flavors that they offer, they also offer a variety of sizes bottles of liquid. They also have different box mods, chargers, and tanks. Many companies have a starter kit that will be soon available as well.

For those of you who are new to vaping and are not sure what box mods are here is a short preview. Box Mods offer you the chance to interchange tanks and batteries.Box Mods allow you to control the temperature and your battery wattage and power. Using a Box Mod can also allow you to control the amount of flavor you get.This gives you, the consumer, a chance to customize your vaping experience.

Great products, awesome deals, and helpful customer service members are just a few of the reasons that you should invest in O2PUR for your ecig needs.

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