Graham Edwards Leads Telereal Trillium Through Successful Transition

In 2001, there was a strategic project initiated to build a new company that would major in property development. The name of the company was Telereal, and the contract of the project transitioned the name of the British Telecomholdings, BT, to becoming a fledgling company. The move was beneficial to both companies of course. However, the contract was initiated when the UK property market was facing some dubious crisis that affected various businesses. Consequently, Graham Edwards’ input was required to finalize the deal.


Telereal Trillium and its Leadership

Graham Edwards was appointed as the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium upon a careful analysis of his academic credentials, past work experiences, and leadership ethics. From then on, he has been playing the pivotal role of overseeing the company’s management since 2001 when it was established. So far, Graham Edwards has registered excellent performance as a leader who is in charge of a susceptible company in the industry. That is why reports from the management team indicate that the first project the company initiated has streamlined operations to a higher notch that most clients prefer. Moreover, with Graham Edward’s input, the company has been in a position to establish a strong culture and values that encourage partnerships.


More about Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium. Perhaps his major success story is appended to the deal he first initiated when he joined the company. From then on, he has managed to excel in different departments with him always working on a new project that has influenced a strong culture at Telereal Trillium.


Work Experience

Aside from working for Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has led other companies as a senior leader. For instance, he worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as a chief investment officer and Merrill Lynch Asset Management as a fund manager. But before holding those two senior positions, Graham Edwards was employed by BT Group Plc. That explains how he managed to secure a business deal with the company.


The Overview

Additionally, Graham Edwards is a dedicated member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts. He is also a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers as well as a dedicated member of the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals. The alumnus of Cambridge University studied economics.


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