The Different Uses of Fear that Vijay Eswaran Describes

When people talk about fear, they talk about it as if it is something to avoid. However, Vijay Eswaran sees fear as something that can be used for the better of the individual. For one thing, he sees how fear can be used in many different ways. While many people get paralyzed in fear, there are those who have a better understanding of fear which includes knowing how to use it to spring into action. Another thing that fear could be used for is growth. One of the best ways for people to know more about themselves is to actually study their fear.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran makes clear about fear is that leaning into this kind of emotion is very likely to bring one into a new place. For one thing, when people take a leap into their fear, they are actually taking some kind of risk. As a matter of fact, running a successful business or becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most fear inducing activities because people are taking a huge risk in some way when they decide to become entrepreneurs. Often times, they are taking a huge financial risk which can result in major failure.

For those that are hoping to be able to move forward, it is important for them to find a way to overcome their fear. It is with this method of overcoming fear that they are going to be able to actually build something that they can use. The type of fear that they have to overcome depends on the type of business that they are going to run. Fortunately, knowledge is one of the best factors in fear. People who are knowledgeable are going to have the best chance of finding certainty and actually building something that is workable.

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