Lime Crime Seemingly Could Release Venus 3 Palette

Lime Crime is an all natural, vegan and cruelty free based cosmetic company who has seemingly caught attention lately about this potential release of a Venus 3 palette. The past palettes, Venus, Venus II and Venus XL have all been major hits withing the beauty consumer community. The hues within the palette are very bright and boisterous, providing access to awaited looks for the makeup win. The formula has been noted to go on with a super silk ease and the release of this palette is very pleasing to past consumers of the Venus variety. Lime Crime is already partnering with Ulta which if you haven’t known is a beauty big time.

The release of this palette may be indicated to release on April 24th. If you want to know more, be sure and sign up to be the first to know if it is indeed releasing. It is said that judging by the pan sizes of the palette, it is a sure thing Venus will be released to create a full on beauty trilogy. The post that originally sparked this speculation was that of a simple palette floating under sun rays displaying pan sizes that mocked the other two Venus palettes. Beauty connoisseurs are reveling in the fact that this palette could possibly complete the collection. Lime Crime is known for its’ vibrancy of hues in other palettes and this palette will definitely not disappoint. Every makeup owner could possibly want to have this in their stock and be presented as a complete set to say the least.

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