NGP VAN: An Emerging Force in Digital Campaigning

There are plenty of businesses that operate in the public policy area of politics, especially in regards to campaigning and campaign fundraising. However, none of them do quite the job that NPG VAN does. See, current political models often fall short, especially in regards to addressing and utilizing technology. Campaigns are, unbelievably, still running grassroots on foot campaigns that use the same old tired tactics as the last ten campaigns before them. It’s an almost unbelievable phenomenon; for some reason, political campaigning often refuses to utilize modern technology, and instead, it relies on worn-out tradition. This changed during the Obama election cycle.



Obama utilized the services of NGP VAN — a metrics-based digital media integrated campaigning tool — to draw in millions of voters. NGP VAN may have started as a company that Obama used in order to counteract Romney’s use of ORCA (which eventually took part in his defeat.) Together, after field testing, Obama’s campaigning team and NGP VAN released Pollwatcher, a mobile app that was used to great success during the election and subsequent re-election cycle of President Barack Obama.


Campaigning that targets digital media is becoming more and more important to modern campaigning efforts across America. Some of the greatest campaigns in history have been run using emerging technologies. FDR’s fireside chats won him four elections. It’s hard to argue with campaigning that made amending the constitution a necessity.


NGP VAN has since been a vital tool in the Democrats campaign pocket. It was used by Clinton and Sanders as well as various members of Congress looking to take the stand. NGP also recently acquired both Hustle — a San Fransisco peer-to-peer campaigning tool startup — as well as SpeakEasy Political — a tool that utilizes direct-to-mail campaigning using targeted voter data —. Of course, its use is largely owed to its miraculous voter turnout ability.


If the Republicans want to keep up in the modern age of campaigning it’s important that they find a tool to match. Using digital data collection and analysis is becoming a vibrant new way of targeting voters and winning elections. Let’s see if they find something that can help them, because if not, we may see a blue wave coming.


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