National Steel Car: Protecting The Welfare Of The Employees

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman who currently owns the National Steel Car, one of the fastest growing firms in Canada. He purchased the company back in the year 1994 from the Dominion Foundries and Steel, a Canadian steel-making corporation, and he was given the best deal because they wanted to sell the rolling stock manufacturing firm that time. Gregory J Aziz used his skills and managing a business and transformed the National Steel Car, making it experience a drastic change ever since he got the ownership from the Dominion Foundries and Steel. Gregory James Aziz assisted his parents in managing their family business called the Affiliated Foods, and he used the same strategy which resulted in the success of their company.



Gregory James Aziz prioritized the welfare of the employees when he took over. 500 employees were left inside the National Steel Car after the ownership was transferred from the Dominion Foundries and Steel to the new owner. They are unaware of what will happen next, and they tried to speak with the new owner to see what he can offer them. Contrary to what the employees thought, Gregory James Aziz welcomed them to the National Steel Car and assured the employees that no one would be laid off. He told them that they would become the trainers of the new employees who will be working for him, and he also revealed that the number of new employees that they will train is around 2,500. See This Page for additional information.



1The National Steel Car started to manufacture plenty of rolling stock units, producing up to 12,500 per year. The employees working for the National Steel Car are manufacturing high-quality rolling stock unit because they knew that the new owner of the company cares about their welfare, and they wanted to give back. Gregory James Aziz was awarded multiple times because of the changes that he introduced to the company. Because of him, the number of clients working with the National Steel Car increased, most notably because of their ability to produce more rolling stock units.



Today, the National Steel Car continues to hire new talents to work for the company. They are encouraging the local population of Hamilton to join the company and attracting them using the benefits that they are giving to the employees. Recently, the company hired an additional 200 individuals, training them to work with the company’s growing department that takes care with welding services.

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