Jordan Lindsey – Innovation, Self-learning, and Financial Points

As the current CEO of JCL Capital, innovator, computer programmer, and finance executive, Jordan Lindsey strives to use technology to help people earn in the Forex market. Jordan Lindsey considers himself to be a veteran “algo trader” and quite astute in the financial and technology-focused areas of his industry.

Jordan Lindsey noted that he loved to compete and played sports like ice hockey and tennis. Jordan Lindsey also remarked that he was self-taught in things like systems architecture as well as computer programming.

Lindsey mentioned that refinished the development of an algorithm in the second quarter of 2017. He used the Metatrader 4 platform and MQL4 language to create this program. The algorithm he developed works with foreign exchange markets, which are also known as Forex (FX). Forex is considered the largest in the world. More than 5 trillion dollars per day is exchanged among banks, countries, central banks, and corporations.

With these computer algorithms he created for Forex, Jordan saw an opportunity to make these programs great, compared to how things were before he honed them.

In addition to the attention he has received for working with the Nucleus token on the Waves platform, Lindsey has also been involved in advising companies and holding executive positions for many firms. Jordan Lindsey has been held the role of VP of Maximum Capital Management and while at Energia Global, he was an advisor. Lindsey also founded Prive Information Services, which was founded in 2012.

In terms of his educational background, Jordan Lindsey went to St. Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary. However, he did not end up majoring in any of the areas of business that he is currently part of like economics, finance or information systems. During the years Lindsey attended college, he showed a lot of interest in the stock market.

Even though Jordan Lindsey was born in New York, has resided in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Jordan met his future wife while working as a volunteer in Medjugorje, and they became good friends. Jordan and his best friend eventually fell in love, got married and had three daughters.

The Different Uses of Fear that Vijay Eswaran Describes

When people talk about fear, they talk about it as if it is something to avoid. However, Vijay Eswaran sees fear as something that can be used for the better of the individual. For one thing, he sees how fear can be used in many different ways. While many people get paralyzed in fear, there are those who have a better understanding of fear which includes knowing how to use it to spring into action. Another thing that fear could be used for is growth. One of the best ways for people to know more about themselves is to actually study their fear.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran makes clear about fear is that leaning into this kind of emotion is very likely to bring one into a new place. For one thing, when people take a leap into their fear, they are actually taking some kind of risk. As a matter of fact, running a successful business or becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most fear inducing activities because people are taking a huge risk in some way when they decide to become entrepreneurs. Often times, they are taking a huge financial risk which can result in major failure.

For those that are hoping to be able to move forward, it is important for them to find a way to overcome their fear. It is with this method of overcoming fear that they are going to be able to actually build something that they can use. The type of fear that they have to overcome depends on the type of business that they are going to run. Fortunately, knowledge is one of the best factors in fear. People who are knowledgeable are going to have the best chance of finding certainty and actually building something that is workable.

Graham Edwards Leads Telereal Trillium Through Successful Transition

In 2001, there was a strategic project initiated to build a new company that would major in property development. The name of the company was Telereal, and the contract of the project transitioned the name of the British Telecomholdings, BT, to becoming a fledgling company. The move was beneficial to both companies of course. However, the contract was initiated when the UK property market was facing some dubious crisis that affected various businesses. Consequently, Graham Edwards’ input was required to finalize the deal.


Telereal Trillium and its Leadership

Graham Edwards was appointed as the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium upon a careful analysis of his academic credentials, past work experiences, and leadership ethics. From then on, he has been playing the pivotal role of overseeing the company’s management since 2001 when it was established. So far, Graham Edwards has registered excellent performance as a leader who is in charge of a susceptible company in the industry. That is why reports from the management team indicate that the first project the company initiated has streamlined operations to a higher notch that most clients prefer. Moreover, with Graham Edward’s input, the company has been in a position to establish a strong culture and values that encourage partnerships.


More about Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium. Perhaps his major success story is appended to the deal he first initiated when he joined the company. From then on, he has managed to excel in different departments with him always working on a new project that has influenced a strong culture at Telereal Trillium.


Work Experience

Aside from working for Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has led other companies as a senior leader. For instance, he worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as a chief investment officer and Merrill Lynch Asset Management as a fund manager. But before holding those two senior positions, Graham Edwards was employed by BT Group Plc. That explains how he managed to secure a business deal with the company.


The Overview

Additionally, Graham Edwards is a dedicated member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts. He is also a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers as well as a dedicated member of the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals. The alumnus of Cambridge University studied economics.


Perry Mandera: An Exemplary Businessman and Philanthropist

It’s not every day you meet an entrepreneur like Perry Mandera. Not only is he exceptionally successful, but he also holds a deep conviction for serving his community and nation.

After graduating high school, Mandera joined the U.S. Marine Corps and worked as a driver. His main responsibilities included transporting troops and the supplies they needed to complete their mission. Working in this capacity gave him a first-hand understanding of the importance of transportation.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Mandera started his own transportation company which he sold in order to try his hand in politics (Angel). He was successful in this endeavor becoming the youngest republican ward committeeman to serve in the state of Illinois in 1984.

Later, Mandera went on to found Custom Companies INC. in 1976. Custom Companies INC is a full-service transportation company currently boasting 33 major distribution centers and thousands of associates. Over time, his company has experienced huge success generating sales over $200 million per year. The success of his company has allowed him to pursue his passion for philanthropy.

A devoted father of two, Perry Mandera has a passion for helping children. He sponsors over 100 youth sports teams and has donated over 65000 coats to children in Chicago. He as also donated to numerous charities benefiting children. Some examples include: Girl Scouts of America and Toys for Tots.

Mandera’s philanthropic endeavors are highly diverse. He helps veterans through programs such as Hire our Heroes and Marines for life. When disaster strikes, he has shown himself eager to help. Custom companies aided disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and during the recent devastating wildfires in California.

Mandera has received numerous awards through his efforts. In 2000, he was the recipient of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” from the Illinois Transportation Association. More recently, he’s received The Illinois Crime Commission’s ISCC Citizen of the Year Award (2011) and The Illinois Crime Commission’s President’s Award (2013)


Jeff Aronon: Leading Companies To Medical Breakthroughs For Over 20 Years


Jeff Aronin nurtured role as chief executive officer and chairman of the biopharmaceutical investment and healthcare solutions development firm Paragon Bioscience. The company is known globally for its role in supporting the development of cutting-edge medicines, treatments and therapies. Paragon Bioscience provides the financing, resources and support services for companies like Precision BP, Decade, Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek to do their groundbreaking research and development work and create medicines and methods for treating so of the most debilitating medical condition facing modern society.


What makes Paragon Bioscience unique is their ability to use biomedical innovation to improve the quality and length of the lives of countless people around the world suffering with over 6,000 different medical conditions. Paragon Biosciences puts the needs of the patient first and works with their portfolio of companies to understand the diseases they face and the science behind creating drugs and treatments for preventing and curing those conditions ( Paragon Biosciences invests in and serves as an incubator for top biotechnology companies with the staff, training and facilities to successfully address those unmet medical needs.


Since taking the top leadership position in Paragon Biosciences in 2010, Jeff Aronin has utilized his leadership experience and vast expertise in finance, brand marketing, strategic and business development, management and operations, as well as structuring and execution of corporate transactions to make the company an industry leader. Jeff Aronin has spent more than two decades managing the day-to-day operations of a number of major global corporations working in very tightly regulated industries. That made him an excellent choice to take the helm at Paragon Biosciences and help them to reach their full potential.


Before joining Paragon Bioscience Jeff Aronin held top executive positions with biopharmaceutical companies like Harmony Biosciences, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Lundbeck, Inc. He also founded the biopharmaceutical company Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2000 and served as its president and CEO until 2009. Aronin has a history of helping companies to solve the medical problems many deemed unsolvable through the disciplined use of targeted strategies to deal with specific clinical areas. Jeff Aronin continues that at Paragon Biosciences.

The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Drew Taggert Push the Envelope with Dark EDM-Pop Hit “Sick Boy”

Released in January 2018, ‘Sick Boy’ came into play as the next phase of dynasty duo The Chainsmokers’ Alex Paul and Drew Taggart’s career. The Chainsmokers a popular EDM-Pop DJ duo had appeared to take a hiatus after not releasing a song in over nine months to create a darker and more mature project. The change of pace comes from the duo conscience growth and wanting to bring something more significant to this generations pains through powerful lyrics and an intense melody. In a recent interview with Hugh McIntyre from Forbes Magazine, Taggart the groups lead singer states “Sick Boy” is the first installment of the duo’s growth as artist and as people.

After breaking onto the scenes in 2014 with the top twenty single “#Selfie” following up with hits like “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down” and their Billboard Charts number-one single “Closer”, The Chainsmokers were well on their way to a record breaking career before taking almost a year’s break from releasing a new song. Listeners wondered what to expect from the group after such an unexpected pause. Then it happened, in January 2018 a new, dark and unfamiliar sound emerged from the group with its release of “Sick Boy.” The song is said to enlighten and address what it’s like to be alive while facing the darkness of what individuals from this generation are dealing with today. “Sick Boy” is just the tip of the iceberg for where the duo’s style and message is presently heading.

Pushing themselves lyrically, “Sick Boy” is the first of many gutsy dance tracks that raises the bar addressing the stipulations and results of being excessively involved with social media. The duo’s personal growth inspired thought provoking lyrics such as “feed yourself with my life’s work, how many likes is my life worth.” The stanzas are a powerful introduction as to what direction the Chainsmokers’ music is moving toward. Avid listeners and newbies to their sound can expect to hear more of this dark yet melodic style on their up and coming projects.