The Entrepreneurial Endeavors of Milan Kordestani

At age 10 Milan Kordestani started riding horses and in 2015 won the first leg of the triple crown and won fourth place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. Then he placed 3rd at the third leg of the triple crown and in 2016 attained his highest ranking and came in 2nd at the Worlds Championship Horse Show in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division.

While Kordestani is a student in his first year at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he has already founded Milan Farms and writes for the Huffington Post on such subjects as agriculture, politics and mental health. Kordestani additionally has begun developing a service for dormitories called Dormzi that provides an assortment of services not normally available to students. Because of his keen interest in music, Milan began Guin Records with his sister in order to help unknown artists to be heard.

One of Milan’s interests is providing a humane and organic method of raising chickens and growing organic saffron as well as mint. His parents are Iranian and because of the extensive use of saffron in Persian cooking Milan was inspired to begin growing it himself and in finding innovative methods of growing the spice. Milan Farms uses drip irrigation for growing their saffron and is the first to cultivate saffron on microfiber sponges. Milan is also researching hydroponic and aquaponic growing methods experimenting with different salinity and mineral levels in order to hone the perfect system to provide the ideal conditions for the perfect crop.

In 2016, Milan Farms logo and brand were trademarked and has expanded to three farms that provides eggs to several states in the western United States and saffron throughout the world.

Ultimately, Milan’s goal is to provide locally sourced produce under the Milan Farms name supporting small time farmers who can then offer their products to major stores throughout the United States.

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