Dr. Incredible. Paging Dr. Incredible.

Nothing is quite like a pesky toothache, and no one is quite like a Doctor of dentistry. The dental professional is more than just that. The dental professional is a breed apart. A singular entity with a singular skill set which is more than just a skill set. The talents of the dentist put them apart from all others, and these masters of the mouth have risen to the top echelon and are highly revered. This unique focus on health is one that is cherished by all because the days of a string tied to a door knob are over. This is no small thing.

It has been famously said “Birds of a feather, flock together”, and in a very true sense, the dental masters have banded together into a click that only a very select few are talented enough to be a part of. This is a good thing, more so for the dental patient, than anything else. Caring for those who care for our teeth is a best practice for society, and the good people who have created MB2 Dental have created a very special atmosphere for their fellow doctors. It is more than a “Members Only” club, it is a team of like specialists who know that they, and their fellow dentists, immerse themselves in their work and focus more on their patients than themselves. This is a trait of the profession and now, an army of dental medicine professionals in every capacity, have come together to take care of their own and themselves. They have risen above the fray and are functioning on a higher level, so as to offer the finest oral care possible today, and every day.

MB2 Dental is a natural expression of the evolution of dentistry itself. It seems almost instinctive for those with top level dental credentials and experience to join together in this way, and the progression of this solution has become self sustaining and is marching ahead of its own accord.

Again, this is good for all, because I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t floss as much as I should, and it’s inevitable, at this point, that I am going to have to secure the services of kick-butt n’ take names dentist. He or she will not be happy, but they will, without hesitation, cure that which ails my choppers.

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