The Litigation Life Of Ricardo Tosto

This past December 11 the Supreme Court of Justice announced its final ruling regarding the division of assets in a particular divorce case. Present at the proceedings was lawyer Ricardo Tosto, the founding partner of law firm Liete, Tosto, and Barros. Their ruling was based on the fact that the relationship had ended entirely long before the official ending of the proceedings. One of the two was even supposedly in a stable marriage to another person at the time. The man’s new wife was never called in to testify and since that is the only way to legally prove such any evidence submitted.

However, the court made their new ruling based on the apparently already complete dissolution of the first marriage and the fact that it was proven he was engaged in adultery prior to the ending of divorce proceeding. The man involved in the case objected saying that he still lived with his soon to be ex-wife during the week. A previous decision had been made in a prior case based on the division of their assets because the two were still engaged in a stable union. However, since they were not at the official completion of  court proceedings, The Supreme Court was reversing that earlier decision.

Tosto had not only been present during the trial. He had acted on behalf of the plaintiff. He is recognized in the legal industry as one of the very best lawyers in high-value litigation. His firm, Liete, Tosto, and Barros, is known for mass litigation, which is extremely common in Brazil. In fact, the firm was the first to introduce this type of litigation to the country and to popularize it.

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