Jacob Gottlieb Is Highly Generous With The Success He Has Gained

Visium Asset Management is a highly successful management company that oversees assets for various corporations around the globe and was co-founded by none other than Jacob Gottlieb. Jacob has proven himself time and time again over the course of his career as a financial specialist and he has personally been able to increase Visium’s overall worth by billions of dollars in the span of time he has been at the company. In his position as CIO, Jacob plays a major role at Visium and has even earned his chartered financial analyst for his impressive work in the past.

Something many people do not know about Jacob Gottlieb is that he was originally a doctor, earning his very own medical degree and getting his license to practice medicine. He was even on an internship at St. Vincent’s hospital. He ended up stepping away from this career to become more focused on business and finances because he found himself less content each day he continued to think about business rather than medicine. Although Jacob says he loved the work, he would never give up his work as a hedge fund manager or company owner. Not only does it bring him a great deal of success, but it allows him to help people just like he set out to do at the start of his career.

Jacob has been a philanthropist for all of his life, which is why he donates to various charities around the country, especially his hometown. Jacob has taken a particular interest in helping the youth of this nation since they will be the future leaders and backbone of the country. Over the years, Jacob has donated and worked with Math for America heavily, aiding in their mission to teach science and math skills to children all over the country.


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