Jacob Gottlieb uses His Experience and Expertise is a Stark Contrast to Aptigon

 Aptigon is one of the world’s leading financial funding organizations. This is an equities business and is part of the Citadel risk management platform. The company provides valuable evaluations of various businesses and their risks for investment purposes. In March of 2018, Aptigon, started to lay off its employees. More than 30% of the company’s workers were released. The layoffs were the result of decreased revenues and profits.

Aptigon is a cutthroat type of company. However, there is another organization called Visium and it a contrast to Aptigon. Jacob Gottlieb is the founder and leader of Visium. This investing company ensures that clients get the best returns on their ventures and it also supports its employees. In case you didn’t know, some Visium employees went to Aptigon for work. However, only 10% of them remained with this company after 2 years of service.

Why was there such a high turnover rate? Former Visium employees were more team players than solo operators. You have to understand that Visium built up their investors and did not eliminate the weaker members of their organization. Visium was designed to make everyone succeed. Gottlieb designed the company to have that kind of focus.

Mr. Gottlieb uses the philosophy of support his fellow man in his business life and in his personal life as well. He is a philanthropist at heart. He is known for helping homeless children to have a better life. He also works with school age children through a Mathematics initiative. This will allow them to improve their math skills. Gottlieb knows that children must have support if they are going to reach their potential and achieve great things in life.

Aptigon probably will not change its culture. The organization will consistently have a high turnover rate because of its expectation. Gottlieb’s organization will fair better in terms of employee loyalty and retention. Companies that can keep their employees will usually fair better than places where employees are constantly leaving the organization.


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