Tony Petrello Donates Funds to Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello recently donated $5 million to an initiative dealing with research. He seems to be in a giving mood lately because Tony said that he would be topping up the gift with an additional $2 million in the future. Tony also commits to lead fundraising efforts for the cause; therefore, it is not the only donation he will be making towards the cause.

Tony understands well that life can be a miracle. Tony said that the first miracle he witnessed is the fact that his daughter, Carena, can eat breakfast every morning. Carena is eight years old, and she learned how to chew solid last September. Tony says that it was not that easy because it took several hours of practice, but through determination and strength, Carena has mastered the task. Carena is preparing to master several other projects such as walking and talking. She has a neurological condition that makes it harder for her to learn things that other kids learn as they grow.

Carena was born prematurely. The condition is common in kids born prematurely because the brain lacks enough amount of blood, which leads to lack of oxygen. That explains why Carena developed cerebral palsy, which results to delayed milestones. Tony and his wife Cynthia are committed to finding answers to the issues faced by Carena. That is why Tony and his wife are devoted towards supporting the Texas Children’s Hospital. Their support for this hospital is aimed at ensuring that Carena and other children with this condition grow up achieve their dreams.

The couple has also given other contributions in the past such as the $50 million funding they granted in 2007 to the creation of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Tony Petrello is determined to discover the causes of neurological conditions in children. In support of this cause, Petrello donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony believes that kids with that condition who are born today will have the opportunity of having better lives through his efforts.

About Tony Petrello

Tony attended Yale University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. He also earned his masters of Science degree in mathematics from the same university. Tony is also a holder of a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. He started his career at Baker & Mckenzie in 1979. Petrello later became the firm’s managing partner in 1986. Tony is the current CEO of Nabors Industries. It is the leading drilling contractor in the world.

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Organo Gold’s Distribution Network and How Coffee Could Be Beneficial to Your Health

It is in the public domain that drinking coffee has a handful of health benefits. According to several reliable research findings, those who have a habit of drinking coffee have a higher probability of living longer than those who don’t. Recent studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine show that coffee consumption significantly reduces the risk of one suffering from heart, diabetes, cancer, and stroke among other diseases. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Research Studies

According to Prof. Veronica W. Setiawan, a preventive medicine lecturer at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, people from across the world can benefit from taking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. The professor was part of the research team that sampled about 185,000 Americans and experimented on their reaction to coffee consumption. She explained that out of the entire sample, Americans from all walks of life- the whites, Latinos, Africans, and Asians- were assessed. The result was that all those people showed a positive reaction to the drink.

The test period for the study was 16 years. Some participants drank coffee while others did not. Of those who drank, some drank more cups per day than others. Each participant reported of his or her drinking habits on 5-year intervals. In the end, those who drank more than two cups recorded an 18 percent decrease in their risk levels of falling sick, compared to those who did not. A similar study was done in Europe where about half a million people drawn from ten different European nations were examined. The results were more or less the same as those from the United States.


Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a marketing network with a global reach, whose key components include beverages and nutraceutical products. Its offices are in the United States of America, but it has clients from over 50 international markets.

To reach out to more people, the network operates through Organo Gold distributors who are positioned in different countries. The distributors are basically businesspeople who market OG beverages and other products. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Go for Goettl Air Conditiong

When the heat becomes too much to handle and you need to blast that A.C., you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost to be comfortable. Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Inc. is an industry leader in HVAC services, and they have a few tips that will help you keep cool in the south west heat. In the article, “Goettl Tells All…” Goettl suggests weatherizing your home. This means you should seal up all those cracks around your windows and make sure your old insulation is replaced frequently.

To maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner, try to keep it in a spot that gets plenty of shade. Similarly, try to minimize the effects of artificial light and heat on your thermostat so it doesn’t produce more cool air than necessary. Keep your thermostat as close to 78 degrees as possible, this will keep cooling costs low.

Goettl also suggests some simple household maintenance like using window film, radiant barriers and replacing the air filter in your AC often. It’s important to get your AC unit tuned up every year, and to know when it’s time to say good-bye to an old unit that is no longer performing.

The Goettl family traces their HVAC expertise all the way back to the Great Depression when the Goettl brothers left Ohio to pursue opportunities out west. Now a leader in the HVAC industry, Goettl is just as devoted as ever to keeping families in Arizona cool. Goettl offers a variety of services including heating and cooling, duct sealing, geothermal, plumbing and more. For more details visit Crunchbase.

While acquired in 2008 by Memphis based ARS/Rescue Rooter, Goettl still remains a competitive presence in the Phoenix and Tempe area. With a strong social media presence, Goettl will be a player in the HVAC world for years to come. You can visit their Facebook page.

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Fabletics Still A Market Leader Of Innovative Sportswear

One of the most difficult decisions for women to make regarding athletic wear arises when choosing between fashion and cost of wear. That is not to say that the market itself does any better in providing commodities that help make this decisions any easier. Since 2010 the women athletic wear market has been bombarded by increased demand for products than does not look like will subside anytime soon. The demand has consistently been characterized by a need for highly attractive wear that is not only functional but also highly affordable. It’s with this intention in mind that, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took notice of the trends and decided to cover the supply deficit.

Don Ressler and Adam were not only interested in watching market trends but also concentration in determining what women themselves wanted and not what everybody was supplying. Market research on various focus groups and consumer tests problem afflicting women athletic wear were found to include the girlish nature of the wear, high cost and ill-fitting designs

The result of such a venture was game changing brand name Fabletics that had its face as Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. The many available designs did not have a strategy that specifically targeted women, that was to change with the entry of Kate Hudson, who’s confident and welcoming face beamed with warmth, as the spokesperson of the brand Fabletics. The result was instant connection with the masses.

That is not say there were no initial glitches during the startup phase of the company. Funding issues had to be settled, Don Ressler had to deal with one of the most difficult decisions of the industry that is to overcome the complexity that surrounded the making of a functional and fashionable sportswear that can sustain a leading brand in a competitive industry.

Fabletics strategy was a simple one and this helped bit other brand in the market. It maintained a strong online presence and a well-developed discount system. With a flat Monthly fee of $50 one could become a VIP customer with an advantage of receiving discounted wear, free shipping and rewards for purchases made.

This model became a magnet in the market, the online presence help to administer a simple quiz where customers suggested changes to products or needed options and the discounting system saw to it that customers received quality products without being exploited. Fabletics has announced that it looks forward to expanding into the plus sized women category later this year.

Entrepreneurs Celebrate Company’s Success and One Another at Market America Convention 2017

When entrepreneurs come together for the yearly conventions held by Market America Inc., there is a gathering of incredible business mind-sets that is rooted in can-do attitudes. Independent partners know that in order to produce the type of results that decrease the possibility of uncertainty, and stay in control of their destiny, that it starts with the right attitude.

The Market America Convention 2017 was a great opportunity for all those in agreement with that type of attitude to celebrate. With enthusiasm, excitement and a desire to win, every independent partner was a part of an outstanding experience to celebrate a year of hard work. They were also recognized for the talent and extraordinary efforts put into the company. Several independent partners were awarded and received recognition for individual achievements, and for meeting goals.

Entrepreneurs with the type of belief system that anything is possible, and have a transformation mind-set to take their business to its highest potential, are the type of people who show up to the conventions. It’s the kind of belief system that has made the company the largest online retailer with over $3.8 billion in worldwide sales.

The convention provided the perfect opportunity to introduce the newest product lines for the 2017 fall and winter categories on Additionally, the company announced its plans for the roll-out of a new website that will be geared towards interior-design with an exclusive partnership agreement with Heavenly Inc.; a very popular online company that has helped thousands of consumers with home décor.

This year’s convention marked the company’s 25 year anniversary. Many of those who attended were part of the company from the beginning; however, a lot of newcomers were more than welcomed at the convention and received the support of the family of international entrepreneurs.

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Securus Technology Journey to Success

Securus technology is a known profit making organization that is based in Dallas Texas. It offers prison technology and has worked closely with so many prisons across the North America region. It was founded in the years 1986 but took sometime before it had picked. The company has got several regional based offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, and also in the famous town called Atlanta Georgia. The company has been able to invest more than $600 million in the past three years for technology, acquisitions and also patents business and the results have been incredibly awesome.


Securus Technology has got over 1000 staff who are well trained in various fields and offer skills that help them to do their business and their products better. They also have over 2700 facilities that are used to collect information and work closed with public sector towards ensuring that the information they collect is up to standard. They also have these services in Canada, and they keep on progressing well. Also, Securus Technologies have also been able to help over 1 million inmates through technology. This, as a result, have helped them become the leading giants regarding technology innovation in the cells.


Securus Technology after establishment facing growth and expansion problems for about a decade but they decided to change the management in the year 2009. They employed Rick Smith as their CEO. Rich is a professional engineer with great managerial and analytical skills who just work for the success of the company. He emphasized on teamwork, and that was the turning point. Today, the company is among the leaders regarding technology delivery. Securus has been on the frontline improving the services of the prisons and also modernizing the way they live through the advancement of technology. People have been able to communicate with their families efficiently.


Drew Madden: Changing the Face of Technology

Drew Madden is a healthcare information technology entrepreneur who has used his knowledge and passion to pioneer change, resulting in the successful transition to a new standard of service within his industry. An alum of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, Madden received his B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Medical Systems. He eventually parlayed his education into a position as an Implementation Consultant for Cerner Corporation. From there, he worked a series of jobs that contributed to his overall knowledge of the industry. Serving as a Senior Consultant for Healthia Consulting and as a Business Development Manager for Ingenix Consulting created the opportunity for Madden to hone his management skills. Those management skills would prove necessary for his future with Nordic Consulting Partners.

From 2011 to 2016 Madden served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners. His guidance would prove to be very beneficial for the company, boosting their annual revenue from $1 million to $130 million. With this new revenue, he was able to expand Nordic’s workforce to include 725 employees and create 147 new lines of business through client partnerships. Madden’s hard work and dedication let to Nordic receiving the #1 KLAS ranking for Epic Implementation services, an honor they still enjoy, and several other honors during his leadership. His focus on creating functional teams that collaborate effectively to create an exceptional experience for their clients is pivotal to his overall success.

Creating a viable company culture is also something that is important to Drew Madden. At his current position with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden works as a managing partner. This role is instrumental because it allows him to foster an environment that is conducive to learning and innovation. He strives to uphold the company’s mantra, placing more value on the power individuals can have in making a difference. His substantial experience will prove to be his best tool as he worked to implement technology and provide advisory services to the healthcare community. Surely, his work with Evergreen Healthcare Partners will continue to build an industry that can change the face of healthcare information systems.

White Shark Media Holds its Ground in a Changing Advertising Landscape

One of the biggest things that people are seeing is that the world of advertising is changing. Many of the new companies and business owners have decided to do their own marketing. This can be a concerning development for advertising companies. However, this can be an opportunity for new approaches to marketing. After all, one of the traits of successful businesses is to be able to adapt to different circumstances. One example of a company that is willing to adapt to changes in the market is White Shark Media. They are very trustworthy as a company in the advertising industry.

One of the reasons that White Shark Media is very trustworthy is that they make sure that they are providing customers with the best services in the industry. They are also willing to make sure that they are listening to the customer’s unique needs so that they can meet them. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that they are thriving so well in the changing market is that they are actually reaching out to the customers. This is the exact approach that many of the new business owners are taking with their companies. This is one of the main reasons that White Shark Media is holding its ground.

One of the best things that White Shark Media does is take every bit of feedback into consideration. They understand that the customer knows what they want a little better than the service provider. While the service provider has a better idea of what the customer needs, it is important for them to pay attention to the customer so that they are able to meet the needs of the customer. This helps the customer connect with the person so that they will be able to better enjoy the services that are offered.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Showcases Her Talents as Plastic Surgeon in Texas

Media commentator, plastic surgeon and academic author, Dr. Jennifer Walden works hard to provide for her family. Born in Austin, Dr. Walden is the daughter of a surgical nurse and dentist. She was raised in the Austin area and went to Anderson High School. Once she graduated high school, Dr. Walden attended residency program at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Once she completed the residency, she went on to attend a fellowship in New York City at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Surgery Center.

Dr. Walden was mentored by Dr. Sherrell Aston. She was then honored by Harper’s Bazaar as being one of the best 24 Beauty Surgeons in 2014. She went on to become a plastic surgery expert commentator for ABC News, VH1 and also E! After graduating and her residency and fellowship, Dr. Walden went on to be a co-author of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbooks.

Serving on the board of directors for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is acting commissioner of communications for ASAPS. It is in this position that she overlooks the communications of the authoritative organization. She also works as the media spokesperson for the ASAPS organization.

Holding onto the recognition for Texas Super Doctors since 2014, the Texas monthly magazine honors the best doctors in the state. Earning her membership into the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the invitation only membership asked Dr. Jennifer Walden to the association in 2016. This is the highest recognition that a plastic surgeon could ask for.

Dr. Walden has her very own operating suite at the Westlake Medical Center in Texas. This is where her team provide the best standards for her patients safety. She also has hospital privileges through the hospital at Westlake. She also has privileges at Hill Country Memorial at Marble Falls and Seton Hospital.

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There is a small number of female plastic surgeons in Texas and she is the number one in Texas for her field.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s three In One Strategy

Jose Auriemo Neto or just Zeco is a renowned Brazilian executive who is serving as JHSF’s CEO and chairman. JHSF is a company dealing with real estate and focuses on developing both residential and commercial properties in Brazil. Auriemo’s responsibilities include administering the company’s massive retail and shopping portfolio while overseeing JHSF’s interests in public developments, office buildings, and hotels.

Auriemo Neto oversaw JHSf’s first retail venture in 2009 where he signed agreements for exclusive partnership. He also opened the first retail outlets. The entrepreneur is a graduate of Sao Paulo’s FFAP University. He started his career with JHSF in 1993. He developed JHSF’s services section in 1997 whose success enabled him the rights to create Shopping Santa Cruz which was the firm’s pioneer shopping destination.

Jose Auriemo is the pioneer of the three in one concept which states that one can live, work and shop within the same setting. He is one of the youngest innovating and daring incorporators in Brazil. Jose recalls having entered his father’s office five years with a novelty that eventually led to the construction of Parque Cicade Jardim. The complex has a shopping mall that has 180 stores, four office rooms, nine residential towers, one all-purpose area. The apartments in the residential towers are for sale. The project will bring a lot of income for JHSF with completion of the Garden City, malls, rental offices and residential towers. The project embodies Jose’s technique of three in one.

At a young age, Jose possessed a restless spirit which even made him take strides when he was only nine months old. Jose knew how to drive at a tender age of nine years. At ten years, he was helping on the farm and used to go to the beach. He is an early riser who starts work early and leaves his office at 9:00 p.m. earliest. His wife is a business administrator.

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