Chris Burch Explores the Idea of High Fashion and Smart Technology

Christopher Burch is founder of Creative Capital. Chris recognized a grand epiphany: that fashion and technology are soul-mates. Is this true? Chris has discovered that there is an evolutionary process wherein innovation of technological solutions become fashionable within the mainstream. That said, accordingly, fashion is tied to technology. The road, wherein, fashion and technology, summarily, complement one another is obvious, as the following text makes abundantly and delightfully clear.


In so many words, the evolution from past to present makes it apparent that it is not possible to entirely create fashion without technology or vice versa. (These words are not Chris Burch’s thoughts verbatim; however, express his philosophy as it applies to the world’s technological elements, tied to fashion trends.)


Moving from the Prior Decades to the Current Decade with Regard to Fashion and Technology:


Persons, reading this content, may recognize the cliché saying of “east meets west.” In similar statement: fashion and technology, meet, accordingly, too.


In review, the boom box of the seventies’ decade was highly exciting. The boom box made it possible for the individual to mobilize playing his or her favorite music; and listening, intently, to his or her favored radio stations. There were two cassette decks, which were elements of this piece of listening apparatus. One side played music, and the other side, made it possible for the user to record from the other cassette area. Then, during the eighties, the addition of movie story lines made carrying about the boom box, even more of a popular past-time or activity. An individual, during the nineties decade, was able to enjoy a musical or audio experience by carrying a Walkman. The 2000’s decade, introduced the mobilization of listening to music, by way of an iPod. The entire point, relative to the musical evolution, noted above, is that as innovation increases the fashionableness of that innovation also impacts fashion—correspondingly.


There is a grand synchronization of fashion and technology going on within the marketplace: The designer of fashion is busy creating deliverable fashion and that fashion is tied to technological innovation. When fashion and technology merge, there is a more refined standard, as to technology, and operability which occurs. In example, the Dutch fashion expert and designer, Anouk Wipprecht, ideally combines technology and fashion. The amiable designer views fashion creation similar to the way the artist views his or her sketch pad. Once moving into the element of creativity, the designer takes a turn toward innovation, applying technological invention, into his or her creative process. When allowing this type of free-flow expressionism, Ms. Wipprecht has discovered a wonderful bonus—that of eternal possibilities. She is highly known, the world over, for her expressive design-work, more particularly her DareDroid—a drink making dress and Pseudomorphs, which is a self-painting dress.



Futuristic Intentions:


The preceding stated, other fashionable innovations have occurred, in the form of protection. It is not, per se, a fashionable activity to wear bike protection: true. However, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt created a very innovative system, wherein, the biker wears protection around the area of the neck. The item offered up is the Airbag for Cyclists. The airbag, comes forth, from the neckwear, when needed. The airbag is designed to protect the head of the rider from the impact of an accident. The bonus of wearing such a device is when it is not fully engaged, there is a great deal more, in the way of visibility, afforded to the biker. The wearing of a helmet makes such visibility not possible. Another protective form of apparel is worn by firefighters. The wearing of Frontline Gloves, which is the creation of Ashwin Rajan, and Kevin Cannon, allows the firefighters to communicate lifesaving information to one another. The firefighter is able to make use of the gloved technology to let his or her associate know when it is alright to leave the scene of the fire and provide data when everything is under control.


Recycling, of course, is a very popular activity, today. Designers have found ways to create sensational fashions from recycled materials. In example, SegraSegra has made use of recycled inner-tubes, from bicycles, in order to produce a line of T-shirts and jackets. Another example is Emma Whiteside has produced a very large gown made from recycled radiator copper.


Energy production remains on the minds of many responsible consumers. Technological innovation and fashion, once again, merge in the form of energy creation. Movement can be turned into electrical energy. This energy, termed kinetic energy, is practical, when applied to powering up items such as a person’s watch or mp3. In example of it: Soledad Martin is busy producing a proto-type for shoes. While the person is walking or running, he or she is afforded the convenience of powering up his or her cellular phone.


Without Question: It is Clear that Fashion and Technological Advancements Work Hand-in-Hand:


It is not a surprise to learn that technological invention becomes well-known when given a hands-up by well-known designers. Wearing glasses, in prior years, was not as much of a trend, as wearing them is today. Google Glass, in prior times, was an issue for persons, other than the brainy individualist. In other words, wearing eyewear was generally not done, unless the person had the reputation of being a seemingly brainy over-achiever; or devoted all of his or her spare time to facts and figures. What was the solution? Diane Von Furstenberg, allowed her gorgeous models, to wear Google Glass while parading up and down the runway. The point is: the fashion show is an eye-opener, in the way of waking persons up to the best fashion trends. Accepting the new and stylish innovation of wearing Google Glass, allowed observers to easily accept the technological innovation. The summation of the preceding paragraph is that the fashion world makes it possible for the consumer to appreciate new forms of technology, too.


Conclusively, fashion and technology work beautifully together—as the preceding text so clearly illustrates:


All-in-all, it is a given, fashionable trends and the latest and greatest in the way of technological advancements and achievement, can easily evolve together, and on the same landscape. Coupling the two, as is witnessed above, can prove quite sensational. The functionality or operability of fashion improves, when technology is introduced into the fashionable environment. That said, tomorrow’s innovations are relative to fashionable trends, and vice-versa. The preceding epiphany or realization is one that each consumer may happily embrace. By marrying fashion and technology, the user of it learns, he or she lives in a more protected and creative environment.


Notes Regarding Christopher Burch and Creative Capital:


Christopher Burch is the Ultimate Success Story and is founder of Creative Capital: The International Conclusion of Starting from the Ground, and Moving, at Full Speed, Up, the Ladder of Success: Chris is one of those rare individuals that possesses the characteristic of meaningful insights. Two of Chris’s grown daughters, began the fashionable line termed “Trademark”. Summarily, Chris invested in the line. He invested in E.D.—which was the creative fashion line of Ellen DeGeneres—which continues to grow, with its newest current offering, being that of stylish and cute handbags. His other investments include Aliph. This investment produces Bluetooth fitness trackers, headsets and speakers. Other investments include Poppin, which produces office supplies; and the beautiful, amazing resort—Nihiwatu Resort–located inside the parameters of Indonesia. Chris, enjoys real estate investment, and is owner of many holiday homes and properties, within many international settings. Additionally, some of his other investments include the luxury Faena Hotel, Voss Water, and many other recognizable contemporary and lavish well-known brands. His investment activities include that of retail, clothing apparel, home furnishings, the Hospitality industry, organic foods and, of course, special innovative technologies.


Did Chris just turn into a billionaire overnight? The truth of the matter is during his early years, Chris worked diligently. He sold sweaters. That venture turned into the fashion organization of “Eagle Eye.” Chris made the decision to sell the brand and company to Swire Group for sixty million dollars in 1998. This initial enterprise started Chris on his journey of ultimate success: During his forty years of entrepreneurial tenure, he, accordingly, invested in more than fifty companies. His smart investment decisions have brought about his fortune of well over one billion dollars. He makes investment decisions by way of thinking about the lives of other entrepreneurs, with the objective, in mind, to allow these creative enterprises and individuals, to experience more profitable and more appealing lives. The world is full of unborn ideas and it appears Chris has a knack for spotting this form of shear infancy–allowing concepts to come to the forefront–grow and become household brands, with an idyllic contemporary twist associated to such investment conclusions. He is an angler, in his spare-time, and enjoys sailing. One cannot help but suspect, that while sailing or fishing, Chris is thinking about the next new idea which he is considering, in the way of investment; pertinent to his own entrepreneurial philosophy.


Equities First Holdings: Showing Success in Difficult Financial Times

No one, in this era, can deny that the country is not in a financial crisis. While the United Kingdom exited from the European Union, the situation is only made worse by the repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. The crisis is characterized by the tightening of loan qualification criterion by the banks and other financial institutions. As a matter of fact, there is a wide fluctuation of the stocks in the market. This is invited by the increased interest rates accrued by the banks for the credit-based loans. In the recent past, there is an inclusion of all sorts of constraints in the region.

There is only one company that is thriving amid this financial crisis. For this reason, we are here to promote its adoption on a massive scale. Equities First Holdings has gained popularity as the next better option concerning the issuance of stock-based loans as one of the best options for alternative financial solutions the stock-based loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets you walk away from the loan without paying any amount in case you fail to raise money towards repaying the loan. For this reason, you don’t have to state the use of the loan as a way of qualification for the loans.

Equities First Holdings has stated its adoption on a massive scale because the people have found the company trustworthy. For you to use the stocks as collateral, you must first compare the financial times. When the economy is worthy, you should consider Equities First Holdings as the best option for an alternative source of finance. If the economy is worth, there are many other reasons to help you chose the company. For this reason, you can choose the company because of the low-interest rates.

Moreover, the stock-based loans are flexible because they provide a hedge between the loan and the solutions to your financial problems. For the company, there is nothing which gives sit more glory than any other criterion of solutions. Equities First Holdings has gained popularity as one of the best sources of alternative financial status. Therefore, they have issued more than $2 billion as loans.

3 Ways Eric Pulier Changed The Tech Industry

A Young Prodigy In The Making

The first to understand about Eric Pulier is the incredible talent he possesses. He first wrote a program while attending the 4th grade. This display of early genius would amaze just about anyone, but its hardly the highlight of the early career of Eric Pulier. While in high school, Pulier founded his first tech company. The company specialized in data storage and gave some of the first hints of the later success that Pulier would achieve after he finished his education at Harvard University.

Shining At Starbright

Eric Pulier can claim many achievements to his name, but his work for the Starbright Foundation stands above all else. In the mid 90s the Starbright Foundation wanted to find a way to connect its young chronically ill patients together in order to share experiences. They sought out they assistance of Pulier and his innovative approach to problem solving. This eventually led to Starbright World, the world’s first private social network. Currently serving more than 70 hospitals in the Starbright network, Starbright World continues to brighten the lives of the children who use the services of the social network. This isn’t the only example of Pulier’s philanthropy either. He has also contributed greatly to charitable causes through his work at the Clinton Global Initiative. As a family man raising 4 kids, Pulier wants to make sure he leaves his children with a better world than he had.

The Countless Patents

Eric Pulier is an extremely active polymath and his growing list of patents proves that. Throughout his career you’ll find a patent related to just about everything in the world of tech. He has patents for application programming interfaces, or APIs, patents for remote desktop software, and he even has patents for telecommunications. When you are as busy as Pulier makes himself, it is bound to have an impact of the tech industry. This is why no one is surprised by the massive profits Pulier has acquired from his startups. At times he has even sold his startups for hundreds of million of dollars.


Josh Verne’s Guide To Success

Josh Verne is a United States-based serial entrepreneur and businessman. Ha served as the co-president of Home Furniture Line. Josh founded in 2012. He was the first Chief Executive Officer of the company. This is an online entry market that deducts purchases made from payments. In the recent past, he founded which is a conglomerate of businesses with an audience of more than 10 million individuals from the United Sates. For him, success is defined by vision. No one can see what a visionary person can see.


According to Josh Verne, certain things mark a successful person. They include:

  1. Figure out what you are passionate about

For you to succeed with flying colors you must engage your activities with what you gives you are passion According to research, many successful, passionate people never get discouragement with what they do. Therefore, passion is the building block of success in life and business. While numerous unsuccessful people have passion in whatever they do, there are very few successful people who lack passion in whatever they do. For this reason, success and passion are interrelated. You need to do something that makes you wake up early in the morning and sleep during the late hours without regretting. That is what differentiates the passionate from those who are not passionate. Otherwise, your life will be full of misery and days full of tragedy if you engage in doing what you are not passionate. For you to have the key to a good life, find passion.


  1. Have a balance in life

According to a great philosopher, life is a matter of balancing events. There are many things which concern a human life that need a balance. Human beings need time for work, time for their family, and time for social events. While they need to work and make more money to sustain their families, they will never be happy if they don’t have time with the families. You will suffer even if you have all the money in the world with a shredded body. For you to make progress, balance all the entities of a human life.

Martin Lustgarten’s Impressive Record of Achievement in the Investment Banking Arena

They are continually reviewed and regulated by Congress as well Securities and Exchange Commission. They also provide advisory services to institutions and wealthy individuals.

Roles of investment banks in business

Investment banking is a form of business aimed at creating capital. Investment Banks are the key players in the circles of capital creation, and they serve a wide variety of clients. These customers include governments, business corporations, and individual investors. Additionally, investment banks facilitate the issuance of debt and equity securities.

Globally recognized investment businesses include Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan. These companies offer services such as assessing a company’s worth as well as facilitating mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks oversee IPOs and create markets for their clients. They also finance initial public offerings so that they happen successfully.Investment banks also assist in stock dilution. They act as the intermediary between the company issuing stocks and the recipient of the stocks. Investment banks act as a catalyst to prevent things from going wrong.

About : Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an investment expert with dual citizenship of Austria and Venezuela. For years, he has offered consultation services to many investors. Having been in investment banking industry for a long time, he encourages people to focus on international investments. His business strategy involves spreading his wealth across different countries as this helps minimize the risks. Lustgarten is skilled at studying market trends and taking action before a market shift occurs. This strategy allows him to make decisions that promote the growth of his wealth. Lustgarten’s integrity and ability to maintain a diversified global portfolio has enabled him to remain relevant in the ever-challenging investment world.

Lustgarten is the current head of Lustgarten, Martin, an investment firm based in Miami, Florida. His company is popular, and it has cemented a top position in the investment banking sector of the U.S. Lustgarten utilizes his excellent communication skills when dealing with clients and negotiating deals for his firm.

Football betting 101: A Short Guide

Are you an ardent football follower?
Have you been meaning to try your luck in football betting for a while now?
Are you hesitant with the whole concept of football betting and want to learn more?
If your answer is a yes to all the above questions then you have arrived at just the place to seek your doubts. Football is a trendy game that is popular among people of all age groups. Since the past decade, it has already started making its way across the continent to Europe and other places across the globe. Such is the fan following that everyone wants a piece of the action and what better way than football betting to watch and earn some extra cash while you are enjoying the game.
Football odds are not always simple as it seems and getting the intricacies of the betting game can be the difference between your next paycheck and a blowout. Now rather than relying on your friend or your next door neighbor for some tips and suggestions on the art of football betting, how about learning some for yourself.
• Money line betting:
The simplest and the most popular form of betting. If you have just started out in the betting lark, money like bets can be the way to start. It involves betting either the favorites or the underdogs to win the game.
• Totals or under/over betting:
This involves predicting and betting on a specific number of points scored by both the teams in the game. One places their bets as per the odds set by oddsmakers which can be more or less than the final score of the game.
• Spread betting:
Another popular form of wagering. As a game is determined by a point spread, oddsmakers will decide the favorites for the game and allocate a set number of points for the underdogs to cover in order to win the bet. The game is won by covering the spread and winning more point than the set odds.
There has been an onset of other forms of bets in the market with the growing popularity of the game.
Since its inception back in the year 1995, has been at the forefront of the betting game around the globe. The site hosts a range of information for users like game statistics, team layouts, player standings, league trends, print sheets and round the clock statistics of every game one wishes to cover. came out as leading sports betting industry site as per a recent poll by Hitwise with an average hit of 45 million visits every year and has been a notable feature for many leading media houses like ESPN magazine,, New York Times etc.

Choosing an Experienced Business Litigation Lawyer

Are you searching desperately for a good lawyer in Brazil? Do you want the best representation in your situation? May be you are aware that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian lawyer, is one of the best litigators in the industry.

From time to time business disagreements or disputes arise, and when they can’t be cleared up through negotiation or arbitration proceedings, business litigation could be employed as a way to rectify the situation.

There are several ways to go about researching lawyers, to find the best for your situation. One of the reliable ways is by getting recommendations.

If you can afford to select one of the best business litigation practitioners in Brazil, you must think of doing so. With a top rated adviser on your side you can rest assured that your case will be dealt with accordingly.

When first talking to a legal representative, ask which attorney in the office would have primary responsibility for your case and which lawyer you would be dealing with directly. If more than one legal professional would be working on your case, ask to meet and discuss your case with the other attorneys, too.

Ricardo Tosto has been representing a wide variety of businesses, entrepreneurs, establishments and professionals. He also handles legal matters and provides representation for individuals, including politicians. Mr Ricardo Tosto is well known for tackling complex litigation matters and achieving outstanding results for his clients. His law office is located in Brazil, and is one of the most prominent lawyer in the nation.

Mr Ricardo Tosto is an experienced business professional in his own right – a professional who not only has a thorough knowledge of his clients’ company, but leverages knowledge of their industry to help them accomplish their objectives and reach the success they desire. That’s why Ricardo Tosto is exactly the kind of legal advisor you need in all matters related to your business.

Classdojo Works with Schools


The app that was designed by a former education professional was created to help the classroom run more smoothly and to ensure that students and teachers are able to get the most out of the classroom experience. As an afterthought, the app made a great decision to include parents in on the Classdojo app and this has created the perfect triangle between students, teachers and the classroom environment. It is an app that is excellent for any classroom to use and is a great option for anyone who is able to get their hands on it. The app was created for improvement of classrooms and it has gone far beyond what it was originally intended for.


Students love the app because of the rewards that they can earn. Reward-based teaching works better than punishment-based and it is something that can boost the confidence of students. Whether they enjoy seeing their dojo on a screen, looking at all of the points that they have earned for doing great things in the classroom or trading all of the points in for a concrete reward at the end of the month, students can feel good about the way that the app works and about the way that they act while they are in the classroom.


According to, teachers are also in awe of the app because of how simple it is for them to use. They will simply create rewards systems for their students that will allow them to get the most out of the app. These include different points levels for different types of good deeds as well as different prizes for the amount of points that the student has.


Parents are included, too. When teachers have made the decision to use Classdojo, they are able to also include the parents in the app. They give different usernames for parents based on each child and this allows the parent to see what their child has done good and what kind of points they have earned throughout the day. They are also able to help their student by communicating with teachers throughout the day. This is something that has changed the way that teachers and parents talk to each other on a daily basis in the classroom.


Find out more about ClassDojo:

Securus technicians are constantly becoming better certified

Securus is a major player in the prison communications industry. Every day, prisoners depend on Securus to contact their families and make sure they are okay. Securus takes their business very seriously and they are constantly working to improve. As the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections, they know they need to keep their staff in top shape. Recently, Securus announced that eleven of their field specialists and received an internationally recognized certification.


The association covers the voice, data, security, project management, and video technology fields. BISCI specially trains their members to design, install, and maintain special communication projects. These projects represent the very best in modern communication technology, including optical fiber and copper wire distribution systems. BISCI serves more than 23,000 professionals through their training and their credentials are considered the best in the world.


Danny de Hoyos is Senior Vice President for Securus Technologies. He wanted his specialists to receive BISCI certification so they could continue to work at the very highest standard. Their specialists average 15 years working with Securus, so he sees this new certification as a major step forward for the company. He believes the certifications will add value to the company, and offer their customers another layer of experience for their customers to benefit from. Securus wants to be the very best company in the business, and they are willing to take the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Watch more on


Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas. The serve more than 3,000 public safety, corrections agencies, and law enforcement agencies across North America, and more than a million inmates.


Interesting facts about Panama

Panama is a wonderful city and a highly underrated tourist destination on The diversity surrounding the people and the many different types of terrains are a joy to be around. Here are some facts describing the sites to see in Panama and some history about the country.

1) Panama canal accounts for nearly a third of the countries income.
At roughly 50 miles long, this man made landmark touches many parts of the country. It took 17 years to create. It is interesting to know that most of the money made is not from tourism on A lot of the money supporting the economy comes from activities related to the source of water.

2) Panama has more birds than Canada and the United States combined.
There are over 900 species of birds living in Panama. Panama ranks in the top 25 of countries with the most diverse birds. The geography provides a variety of places for birds to live.

3) The United States uses the same currency as Panama.
Panama has been using the United States currency since 1904. There is no United States treasury locations in Panama.

4) Famous tourist destination is located in huge volcano.
El Valle continues to attract a lot of tourists like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa from all around the world to Panama. This destination was built in the crater of a volcano where people can walk around and observe what it is like to be in an active volcano. It is currently active and the last known eruption was some 300,000 years ago.

5) Panama is least populated area in Central America.
There is currently a population of 3.6 million people living in Panama. There is an average of 2.6 children per woman and the fertility rate in Panama is among the lowest in Central America.

6) Panama City is the only capital in the world with a jungle.
Panama City is the only capital in the world to have a forest within its boundaries. The forest is called Metropolitan Nature Park Panama. The forest is very diverse and can support all kinds of wild life and plants.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa plays a big part in managing the government and economy of Panama. He has held the position of Treasurer, Director and President of five companies. Figueroa has done a lot to help businesses grow, improving the economy, and coaching smaller businesses. Figueroa continues to give back and support his home land.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: