Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime, Original Colors and Newly Introduced Shades

The cult favorite Lime Crime beauty brand was founded by Doe Deere and launched just two weeks before Halloween in 2008. Doe Deere started her career in fashion and realized while trying to accessorize her style that the edgy and fun colored cosmetics she was seeking were nearly impossible to find. While sticking to her values about vegan products that are created cruelty free she created the now famous Lime Crime brand. Starting with lip colors and moving her way through brushes, nails and face and eye pallets she has gone and created a new fan favorite. The self proclaimed unicorn queen launched Lime crime Unicorn Hair earlier in 2017.

Unicorn Hair all natural hair color products stay true to the company’s belief on remaining completely vegan and cruely free. The fun new Unicorn hair products experienced a surge in sales their first two weeks on the market. Some colors even sold out completely within the first two weeks of being launched. There are two options for those seeking unicorn hair, full coverage and tint. The full coverage hair color is designed with a higher pigment load and will better saturate hair. The tint is more of a pastel type color.

Three of the full coverage unicorn hair color options available are bubblegum, valentine and aesthetic. Bubblegum is a fun a bright pink color. Valentine is a crimson red hair color and aesthetic is a subtle mauve. The tint colors are available in tweet, mint, cloud, kawaii and moonchild. These colors represent yellow, frosted mint, periwinkle blue, pastel violet and pastel lavender. In addition to these original colors that were launched a few more were introducted when the mermaid cosmetic line was introduced. Gargoyle is a stone gray semi permanent hair color. Sext is a nude shade that resembles a mix of a purple and mauve. Blue Smoke is a dark blue semi permenant hair full coverage color that will lightly fade through shampoos. Some other new additions to the product line are bunny, chocolate cherry, pony, dirty mermaid, dilute, salad, anime, jello, leeloo and neon peach.

Learning Forex with Greg Secker

Greg Secker had the opportunity of talking to inspirely.com, and he had a lot to say. When asked about the latest item that he bought and one that has helped him with his business, Greg Secker says it’s a pack of cards. With these cards, he says that he can perform some tricks to people and convince them that anything is possible. According to Greg Secker, he said that his most satisfying moment in life is when he realized that Knowledge to Action would be a success. His happiest moment is when this venture began operations. Greg Secker says that he was motivated to establish this venture so that he could help people by assembling resources. He is a man who believes in second chances. Greg Secker proudly describes himself as a person who is not afraid of taking tasks. He says that he first takes tasks and later tries to figure out how these tasks can be accomplished.

According to Greg Secker, he has managed to succeed in this life due to the support he has received from many corners. This support has come from his business partners, friends and family. He attributes them as to why he keeps going. They are also the source of the many ideas that he possesses. Whenever he meets with a new person, Greg Secker asks himself what he can learn from that individual. Greg Secker says that his first customers were his friends and relatives who were amazed at the success that he was having working as an entrepreneur.

Greg Secker acknowledges that the path to success is full of roadblocks. At one given time, he wanted to quit, but he decided to reassess his path. Having realized the things that were pulling him down, Greg Secker managed to establish the Learn to Trade Forum, and he has never looked back. Greg Secker says that his turnover happened in a short period. This means that it didn’t take him long to become profitable. He decided to help people with forex when he realized that quite a number were struggling with the subject. Thomas Cook Financial is the first firm that Greg Secker worked for.


The Honey Birdette Brand Begins Its Fight For Social Justice

Social justice is something the majority of people in the world are concerned with as the need to make sure every person has their rights protected should be supported by those in positions of influence. This view now seems to be shared by the founder and managing director of the Honey Birdette brand, Eloise Monaghan who believes her own brand has a major role to play in the creation of a fairer society in Australia where the right to marriage equality is under threat; Eloise Monaghan has also revealed her own support for the “#freethenipple” campaign her brand has played a major role in over recent years.

Established in 2006, the Honey Birdette brand has always looked to provide a commentary on the major issues affecting its employees and the majority of people in the areas the business operates in. The right to marriage equality has become a major cause for concern within Australia as an upcoming postal vote will decide the future of the subject. Recent polls have put public support for marriage equality at 70 percent, a figure many marketing experts believe reflects well on the public image of the luxury lingerie retailer.

The march through Melbourne’s Central Business District is the latest form of activism undertaken by the Honey Birdette brand which has also attracted media attention in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall for a provocative advertising campaign. During the flash mob in Melbourne, two issues were addressed on placards and signs, that of marriage equality and the “#freethenipple” social media campaign. Honey Birdette was supported by Adelaide Councillor Anne Moran when its store featured a controversial image of a lingerie wearing model sparking debate about the role of public decency in retail advertising.

Gregory J Aziz: A Most Impressive CEO at National Steel Car

Greg Aziz affectionately known as Greg is the current Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car (NSC) . He was born on April 30, 1949, in Ontario, Canada. He is an alumnus of the University of Western Ontario with a major in Economics. After graduating, Gregory James Aziz joined his family run business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. After that, he worked at several investment banks during the late 80s and early 90s within New York City. In this capacity, he was instrumental in arranging for the acquisition of National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. This deal culminated in the transformation of National Steel Car into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturing company. Additionally, its workforce grew from 600 employees to approximately 3,000.

As soon as he became the company’s CEO, James Azizcxpaid particular attention to National Steel Car’s significant engineering capital and human resource investments. As such, he assisted the company in expanding its manufacturing capacity. For instance, before his assuming the CEO’ role, the company produced 3,500 cars annually which rose to 12,000 vehicles by 1999. Because of his dedication to manufacturing and engineering excellence, Greg James Aziz has considerably transformed the company’s operations. As a result, the company has witnessed tremendous advances in production technology every year. He has also helped the company retain its title as North America’s premier railroad freight car manufacturer for 18 years running.

James Aziz attributes success to the productive relationship existing between its employees, clients, and other stakeholders. By constantly innovating and challenging boundaries, NSC has raised the standards in the freight car manufacturing sector. Also, in remaining faithful to professional ethics, and core values, NSC continues to enjoy trust and confidence from its customers.

He further reiterates that National Steel Car will not rest on its achievements but rather endeavor to pursue excellence in all segments. With this in mind, Greg extends his warmest regards to the company’s loyal customers, employees, suppliers and other players. In this regard, he promises that NSC will continue providing top quality products to meet an increasingly evolving demand and market.

Under Greg James Aziz’s tenure, National Steel Car is committed to the welfare of communities within its vicinity. In this respect, NSC sponsors various organizations such as the United Way, Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and other charities. Each year the company hosts a Christmas Party for its employees and is a consistent supporter of the local bank’s food drive initiative.

Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur that Continues to Ascend to New Heights


Eric Pulier is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. He was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He began programming computers early in grade school and started a computer company in high school. Before starting his company, he worked at a convenience store in high school. He attended Harvard University in 1984 and majored in American and English literature. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.


Eric Pulier has a passion for computers and technology. His greatest success has come in the technology industry. He has created numerous technology companies throughout his career.He founded the company People Doing Things which aimed to provide advanced technology ideas to the healthcare and education sectors. He can be credited with making tremendous contributions to these sectors. He is highly respected and frequently recruited to speak at technology events around the world. His inventions in technology have also received numerous patents. If all of this wasn’t enough, he is also an accomplished author. Looking at his accomplishments, there is no doubt in my mind that the sky is the limit and he is just getting started to learn more: http://inspirery.com/eric-pulier/ click here.


Typically we think of wealthy people as heartless and only concerned with themselves and their money. This certainly does not apply to Eric Pulier. His passion for helping people rivals Eric Pulier business success. He thrives on giving back and this started well before his financial accomplishments. He has worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society by creating a media platform to help educate people with the disease about their condition. He also created private platform for children with chronic diseases to communicate with each other through chat and blogs. He also serves on a board where people can compete to come up with solutions to solve problems plaguing our society. There seems to be no limit to what he will do to try and help people.

The Contribution of Porfirio Sanchez at Televisa

Porfirio Sanchez was born in Mexico City in 1975. He works at Televisa in Mexico City. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has several years experience serving as a diplomat. He went to Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1998. He also participated in software research process at Carnegie Mellon University and has received an award of executive education from Stanford’s executive program. Sanchez also went to Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford Graduate School where he did short courses.

In 2000, Porfirio Sanchez was appointed to serve the Mexican government in the finance ministry as a minister. He served in the competitive capacity for six years after which Televisa appointed him as a chief economist for the company. The firm made this decision because of his management and economic analysis skills and his ability to quickly identify opportunities and shortcomings. In this capacity, Porfirio Sanchez has the responsibility of guiding editorial televise.

According to Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, the best approach for success is a good academic background and an extensive experience. His academic experience has equipped him with knowledge in the media industry, broadcasting, and advertising. He has a good understanding of how the economy operates and how to survive in the competitive market as well as the impact of government policies on the corporate sector. This knowledge is critical for Televisa to become a leader in the industry. With new firms entering the market, competition has intensified. Galindo and his team have formulated a strategy to ensure that Televisa is not overtaken by the new companies by being innovative and proactive in offering solutions to emerging challenges. This way, Televisa will continue to enjoy market leadership and keeps up with emerging trends.

Under the leadership of Porfirio Sanchez, Televisa has become one of the leading media firms in Mexico and distributes its services in the U.S.A too. Today, Televisa manages more than 10,000 employees. This demonstrates the leadership skills of Porfirio Sanchez. All entrepreneurs in the media industry should look up to Porfirio Sanchez as a role model.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund: Towards Immigrants Rights Advocacy

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, founded in 2012, joined an ever growing list of human rights advocacy organizations. Over the years, organizations advocating for human rights have not only grown in numbers; they have also become powerful entities with strong influence in policymaking.

The scope of their operational mandate has increased significantly. Some of these organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Human Rights Commission have grown in stature to become supranational entities with offices, chapters and member organizations across various continents. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

These organizations are dedicated to ensuring that leaders uphold basic human rights while also protecting the rights of special interest groups such as immigrants whose numbers have increased globally.

Whether regional, international, national or local, human rights advocacy groups’ power and influence in the modern global community will increase over the years with more people embracing them. In war- regions and conflict areas, these organizations have played a key role in pushing for peace while also monitoring and reporting on human rights situations in such areas.

However, their influence is not hinged solely on their size or the integral roles they play; their financial muscles have increased significantly. These organizations rely on donations from governments and well wishers, which can be individuals or funds such as Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund established by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Towards Protecting Immigrants and First Amendment Rights in Arizona

The illegal detention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in October 2007 by deputies from Maricopa County under the orders of Sheriff Joe Arpaio set off a chain of events that ended with the formation of the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

The midnight arrest of the two journalists who were whisked away in vehicles with tinted windows and Mexican license plates turned into national news considering that the grand jury subpoenas used for the arrests were illegally issued and had illegal demands. The ensuing public outcry saw the journalists released hours later.

However, Lacey and Larkin were convinced that the arrests and the subsequent issuance of subpoenas amounted to infringement on their First Amendment rights. They were convinced that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was retaliating against their critical news articles and exposures they had published in one of the media houses that highlighted his misdeeds as a public officer.

The exposures covered, among other issues, mistreatment of Latinos, abuse of office and racial profiling of Mexican immigrants by the sheriff. The subpoenas breached the First Amendment rights of the readers, editors and writers of the exposures as the grand jury demanded that their identity be revealed.

After several years along the corridors of justice, Maricopa County was eventually found guilty of breaching the rights of the journalists. Larkin and Lacey were awarded over $3.7 million in settlement, which they used to found the Frontera Fund headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The fund is dedicated to protecting immigrant and First Amendment rights.

Holding Equities First Holdings

For those unaware, today’s investment market remains highly volatile. To expound further, today’s investment market remains unstable and generally unsafe for many investors. This remains attributed to numerous things. For starters, the investment market remains uncertain due to economic instability. Due to the strain placed on the global economy, various nations remain unable to manage their economic activity. Moreover, these nations remain dependent on foreign aid. As a result, these nations do not remain in a position to invest. Another example includes warfare. For those unaware, the spread of war can wreak havoc on a nation’s investment. A perfect example includes Syria. Due to the outbreak of war, Syria’s investment and economic opportunities remain in shambles. Moreover, the nation’s businesses and assets remain insoluble and resume its.

In spite of the investment market always having a slippery slope, several businesses and corporations manage to perform miracles. Moreover, these businesses remain industry leaders. For years, these businesses have innovated and led by example. A perfect example includes Equities First Holdings. For those unaware, Equities First Holdings remains an advisory and an investment company that supplies people with an insurmountable amount of financial solutions and prospects. In addition, the company provides its clients with margin loans and shareholder financing services to assist people in meeting both their personal and financial goals and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Since the company began its operations back in 2012, it positioned itself to become the leader of global shareholder finance. With that being said, the company also managed to create intricate and powerful partnerships with several investment banks, law firms, and so forth. Prior to becoming Equities First Holdings, the company remained known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Due to an acquisition, the company became known as Equities First Holdings. With that being said, the company remains the product of good management. To expound further, the company continues to experience massive growth and expansion. Furthermore, the company remains based in the United Kingdom. In fact, the company has operations around the world. In particular, the company’s has operations in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States of America. In closing, the company remains legendary and contact it.

George Soros Knows How to Get Things On Track

George Soros has made a name for himself as an investor in both politics and private business. He also has some very strong views on the best direction for this country, especially when it comes to economic matters. After a few years out of the limelight, he made a comeback during the last presidential election cycle when he became a very strong financial and vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in her effort to win the presidency over Donald Trump. Since then he has continued to make his views known and has been a strong and vocal dissident against our 45th president.

George Soros views have grown over the years. He spent a significant portion of his life focusing on helping former Communist countries help pave the way for what he called an open society, but he became disillusioned with this idea in the late 90’s when he realized that it was more of a pipe dream than a realistic solution. He still continued to fight against what he considers the capitalist problem, even if he does so in a slightly different way than he once did. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

One of the ways in which George Soros has tried to effect change is by donating to the political campaigns of politicians he supports. He fought against George W Bush during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, donated to President Obama despite becoming disillusioned after deciding that Obama did not push hard enough for liberal ideals, and was a major supporter of Hillary Clinton during her campaign. In fact, Soros not only donated the maximum amount he could to her campaign personally but also donated 5,000 through End Citizens United, a small PAC that focuses on grassroots campaigning and ending Super PACs.

Soros is a strong believer that the new enemy is the belief in the “magic of the marketplace”, and the idea that a laissez-faire economy is going to work for the greater good. Instead, he argues that free and open competition leaves some people with more than others and that the longer this system goes unchecked. It is relatively easy to look at the relatively unchecked market of the American economy and see the truth in these words.

While George Soros ideas and words may seem strange coming from a billionaire, his words and economic theories make sense. Soros argues that part of what makes an unchecked marketplace so volatile in part is the fact that supply and demand do not always balance out. For example, marketplace demands and prices are often set based on the perceived value, rather than what something is actually worth. Anyone who has spent even a little time playing the stock market or running a business can understand how much of a negative gamble this can be. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Soros’s proposed solutions and expert knowledge is exactly what the American and global economy needs to get back on track.

The future of inclass monitoring is Classdojo!

Just like the name says, “classdojo” ! an new, innovating method of monitoring and challenging the students for both parents and teachers! this new app is taking the classroom experience to another level in 3 steps; install, sign up, and explore. The app can be installed on your smartphone or tablet and lets teachers have an overview of their class, from pie charts of in-class behavior to giving out group assignment rating. As for parents, u can stay from the comfort of your own home and see the class assignments, your child’s current behavior, etc. This app as instantly transformed classrooms from being a private room full of students to a online platform opened and accessible to you from the most remote locations. Classdojo makes you feel at ease of feeling concerned about your child if you’re a parent and provides an easier, fun, and convenient ways to grade your students if you are a teacher. This magnificent app is not only limited to the United States, it is translated in 35 languages, currently being used in over 180 countries and in 90 percent of the Kindergarten schools in the United states! with a well trained team and great funding, they stand in a catagory of their own. From receiving astonishing awards to being in the top 35 most innovative app of the year, social media’s next wave leaders, “Classdojo” as Karate its way to the top of its competitors. I’ve seen many apps, but this one is definitely one for every parent and professor. Visit the App store on Iphone operating system, or Play store for android Operating system. This app belongs on every mobile device. There’s not a lot of thinking on this one, a simply must try app for educators all over. The best way to go is Classdojo!