NewsWatch TV Review After Avanca’s Campaign

Avanca is an international tech accessories company that recently created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help fund their new ‘Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC‘ equipped with the Windows 10 operating system. In order to receive their funds, Avanca needed to meet their goal of $10,000 in just 30 days. The company reached out to NewsWatch TV to help them promote their Indiegogo campaign as well as their new innovative product. The NewsWatch team obliged and succeeded in exposing Avanca’s product by airing a one minute promotional segment that was seen in over 200 U.S. Markets and over a 96 million U.S. households. The campaign raised a total of $456,551 in 30 days, about 29 times more than their original goal. This success has left Avanca filled with joy, their marketing director shared that they would highly recommend working with NewsWatch TV.

NewsWatch TV is an American television show that aims to provide its audience with brand new consumer electronic reviews, mobile app reviews for every device, entertainment news, breaking medical, technology news and so much more. The series started back in the early 90’s as a monthly show that aired only financial related news. NewsWatch TV now airs original episodes bi-monthly on the AMC Network and weekly on the ION Television network. It has since aired over 1,220 original episodes as of last year.

NewsWatch TV is currently hosted by Andrew Tropeano, who also serves as the vice president of digital media and production of NewsWatch. Andrew Tropeano is joined by co-hosts Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges and Chris Vaughn. NewsWatch TV’s social media presence has remained active and strong over the years, their YouTube channel has generated over 4 million views since July of 2017. The show has welcomed many celebrity guests including Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis and many other American entertainers.

The Academy of Art University Fosters Creativity and Development

The Academy of Art likes to put its best foot forward and the New York Fashion Week is the perfect setting to showcase their designer menswear and womenswear. It is where the newest names become known, and this will be the 21st runway showcase, held at Skylight Clarkson Square.

The designers are from all over the world and bring with them different perspectives on art and are not shy. Their collections are vibrant, sensual, and expressive. Among the audience is Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander from America’s Top Model.

Although hours and hours have gone into the designing, planning, and creation of the collections showcased at the show, there are only 15 minutes on the actual runway. The designers have taken advantage of their time and have presented their very best and most creative pieces.

The designers such as Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, and Carlos Rodriguez, all have something to offer and use their roots and surroundings to pour out their heart and soul into their work. Saya Shen used nature and silhouettes to create landscapes on fabric. Joanna Jadallah incorporated beauty and culture into the brocades, knits, lambskin leather, wool, and suiting fabrics of her menswear collection. Cana Klebanoff drew inspiration from architecture, nature and samurai, Ryan Yu portrayed the contrast between darkness and light, and Jelly Shan created a collection with edginess and a girly touch.

The Academy of Art University offers online education as well as its traditional on-campus courses. The University strives to provide innovative and challenging coursework and fosters creativity. They offers full and part-time classes and are an all-inclusive school.

The Academy of Art University has a facility of scholars, designers, and career artists who are dedicated to the success of their students. The University offers academic programs that are practical and that also draw n the creativity of their students.

Students are challenged so that they can get out of their comfort zone and will be able to create new and innovative concepts with their minds. Students are able to gain wisdom, common sense, and can express themselves better.

PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables Release The First Contactless Payment Ring


PSI-Pay has formed a partnership with Kerv Wearables with the purpose of providing the world with the very first contactless payment ring. This will be released on the global market. One of the largest regulated Fintech companies in the United Kingdom is PSI-Pay. They provide the international market with payment card and digital account facilities. Once of the leading innovators regarding the industry of alternative payments is Kerv Wearables.

PSI-Pay has a MasterCard license the partnership will be using to provide access to 38 million worldwide locations for Kerv contactless payment ring users. The accounts of the Kerv users can be funded with a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, auto top-up service or PayPal. Not only will Kerv users have the ability to make contactless payments they can make in-app or online purchases simply by using their virtual card.



PSI-Pay’s Managing Director is Phil Davies. He spoke of how pleased he was at Kerv’s choice to work with his company. He believes Kerv choosing to accept alternate payments is one of the most useful, exciting and innovative solutions currently available. He has no doubt PSI Pay’s revolutionary payment applications will be embraced by the market. He is proud of the partnership between PSI-Pay and Kerv and is looking forward to sharing in the success inevitable from their partnership.

The founder of Kerv is Phil Campbell. He stated the partnership between PSI-Pay and Kerv is about the creation of a new device for payments. He says the form factor is not only personal and convenient but has the capability to extend far beyond payments. The device can additionally be used for access control, data sharing and transport. He believes due to the challenges in bringing Kerv directly to the market it was crucial they work with partners that are capable of solving these challenges, capable and open minded. Through the work PSI-Pay has done with Kerv they have demonstrated they are the right partner. He does not believe they could have been successful without the full support of Kerv. The contactless payment ring has received media coverage from across the globe and won numerous awards.

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Make Contactless Payments with a Ceramic Ring, Thanks to Kerv and PSI-Pay

Tony Petrello Supports Various Causes In Texas

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia love giving back to the community. They are a couple that has done a lot especially in Texas where they live. They have supported some causes which they hold dear. They also love people who have the same attitude towards philanthropy as they have. Recently, they had a chance to host one of the biggest artists from Texas known as Tommy Tunes. Tommy Tune in their home in Texas. Tony and Cynthia were happy that Tommy was back to the roots where he grew up. Tommy supports various initiatives in Texas especially in nurturing the talents of the young people. He has started a theater where students can showcase their talents as well as developing them.

Tommy Tune was back in Texas to perform for his fans. He performed at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. More than 5,000 fans attended his performance. He hopes that he can influence many other people from the region to take the talents they have seriously. 50 guests attended the party hosted by Tony Petrello in his home. He wanted to show appreciation to Tommy Tune for making efforts to support his home area. It was a cocktail party that involved the drinking of exquisite wine and dancing to piano music.

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The CEO believes in nurturing the talents of the young people. That is why he was concerned with the visit Tommy Tune was making in Texas. Apart from this, there are other initiatives that he still supports. Petrello is committed to helping the people of Houston achieve success in other aspects of life. After his daughter was born with a neurological condition, he decided to dedicate his efforts in facilitating the Neurological Research Institute located in Texas research for treatment of neurological disorder. The facility is researching the treatment of neurological disorders in children.

Tony Petrello and Cynthia have contributed over $7 million to this medical facility. They have been of great help in outreach programs on behalf of the facility which has brought in about $500 million.

Tony Petrello is also supporting education programs. As someone who was bought up from a low-income family, he recognizes the need to help others attain a good education. Tony Petrello got an opportunity to study at the Yale University because of a scholarship he was awarded. He has a foundation he started at the Yale University to commemorate his friend in the university Professor Serge Lang. Lang was his, mentor.

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O2PUR’s e-liquid is another reason that they are a good investment

02pur is a company that would be a great company to invest in. They are a company that sells electronic cigarettes, accessories and e-liquid. The company is based in Utah and the COO is Scott Barth. Electronic cigarettes are alternative to traditional cigarettes. They have three main components, which are battery, a tank and liquid that you put in the tank. The battery interlocks with the tank. A user will press a button on the battery to send a signal to the tank, which has a coil in it. The coil has a piece of cotton in it that absorb the e-liquid in the tank. The electrical signal is passed through the coil and heat it up, which turns the liquid into a vapor.

The user will inhale the vapor. The vapor is smooth and flavorful. E-liquids are made up of different flavors, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. 02pur has knowledgeable staff that understand the needs of people are new to electronic cigarettes to people who have been using them for years. They offer many different kinds of batteries, e-liquids and accessories. They have a website, where electronic cigarettes can go to. The site is very easy to navigate and people can easily order what they need off the site.

The website has their contact information and can be contacted through their email or phone number. What makes O2pur a great investment? They have knowledgeable staff, great price and great products. Also, they listen to their customer by using a social media presence. They are on Facebook and Twitter, where customer can send feedback and keep in contact with the latest O2pur news.

O2pur is dedicated to delivering high quality e-liquid to their customers. Their e-liquid comes in two sizes, 60mL ($14.95) and 120mL ($24.95). The nicotine level for e-liquid can be customized from 0mg to 6mg. They have a tobacco flavor and menthol. Also, they have delicious flavors such as berry cheesecake, strawberry cream and the savory buttery pecan. The e-liquid are a mix of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% proplyene glycol, which will give customers bigger clouds and a more enjoyable vaping experience. O2pur is dedicated to deliver high quality e-liquid to her customers, which makes them a great investment.

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Agora Financial Helps Clients See a Better Future

By working toward total success with investing, Agora Financial is setting the stage for a positive chance at helping other people. They know what others are looking for and they aren’t afraid to give them a chance at a better future. Agora Financial knows there are other opportunities they can use to help them come up with options on their own. As long as Agora Financial knows how to invest, they know people will have a chance to see how things will work for them. They also know there will be more profits for them and for their clients as long as they know what they can do to help. Despite issues other companies have with investments, Agora Financial doesn’t see any problems with investing.

In fact, they rarely struggle to get the investment opportunities they want. Instead, they try to help people understand why there are issues in the industry. Even if they don’t know what will happen to them or how they can make things better, they are confident they can give others what they need. The idea behind all the investments they do goes back to the hard work they put in. Agora Financial wants clients to see how successful they are and take advantage of that opportunity on their own. Even when the company was first getting started, people saw what they were doing. They also saw there were positive changes they could take advantage of. For Agora Financial to do this, they had to be sure they could give attention to the industry standards they were a part of.

Additionally, they had to try their best to come up with new opportunities for clients to see what they were doing. Despite their struggles, Agora Financial knew they could change the right way of business.As long as Agora Financial did their best to help people, they knew what would happen in the future. They also knew they needed to try and give attention to issues going on in the industry. Because there were so many different problems other companies ran into, Agora Financial knew they had to keep doing their best. They also knew people would always see the right way to handle their business opportunities. Thanks to Agora Financial, there were many positive opportunities people knew how to handle. It was their way of giving others exactly what they were looking for despite the issues they experienced on their own.

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Why is Waiakea Water Good for Sports Addicts

People who enjoy all kinds of sports can easily be labeled as sports addicts that like to play anytime of the day or night. Since different kinds of sports is a great way to stay fit and trim, while also having lots of fun, it is not uncommon for both children and adults to pick their favorite activities and spend a lot of extra time on the field making sure that they are the best. Getting ready for these activities may or may not be easy. So, everyone may have their own personal ritual of how to get ready for their activities. One of the most critical involves staying hydrated. Therefore, they may choose a specific type of bottled water to take with them wherever they go. So, for those sports addicts that want to know which water bottled is much better for their activities, they may want to consider looking at Waiakea Water for its benefits.

Having said this, here are some of the key benefits of people drinking Hawaii volcanic water and Waiakea water ph bottled water on a regular basis.

Bottled Water is an All Natural Hydration

Some sports take a lot of energy to perform, specifically when you are a sports addict that cannot stay busy enough. With all of the extra energy expended, some people sweat a whole lot and they will need to practice extra hydration to cure their thirst. One of the best ultra hydration options with additional volcanic water benefits is Waiakea water. Waiakea water is an excellent choice for drinking water after various kinds of sports activities. Specifically, since it will not only cure the person’s thirst but also hydrate the cells in the body.

Natural Detoxifier and Sports Addicts

Each individual is different, so they usually require a different aid to take care of their bodies. This is especially true for those who want a detoxifier to get rid of toxins when they are exercising. Fortunately, with the introduction of this volcanic water, people can have a natural detoxifier that will get rid of heavy metals from the cells.

Todd Lubar: Leader and Entrepreneur!

Todd Lubar has excellent leadership and business acumen practices. The brilliant businessman is a jack of all trades. He has a hand in real estate development, commercial demolition, mortgage, and the financial lending industry. Todd Lubar currently occupies the role of President over illustrious TDL Global Ventures LLC, while also serving as Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments LLC. Todd Lubar grew up in Washington DC and attended Syracuse University where he obtained a B.A. in speech communication. From there Todd Lubar joined the mortgage corporate arena, honing in on his real estate skills then later propelling to Senior Vice-President status with a mortgage company out of Arizona. At this point, Todd Lubar began applying his business knowledge and skills to the real estate trade on a more personal level. The astute businessman leaped into entrepreneurship by undergoing real estate investments. He successfully developed a 200 property portfolio. After reaching this plateau, he began focusing on the real estate development sector. Check out Yelp to see more.

Todd Lubar would eventually venture into other opportunities as the real estate market began to fluctuate during 2007 and 2008. Commercial demolition and scrap metal recycling became his business focus during that era. Todd Lubar leads his business by way of sheer positive motivation. He clearly sets expectations for his staff and has open door communication. He takes his teams’ thoughts and ideas into consideration which creates an equitable professional environment. The trendsetter fosters unparalleled team solidarity via trust and respect in the workplace. For more details visit LinkedIn.

He relentlessly creates a welcoming environment that spills over to his employees and their daily productivity. The diligent, hard worker believes in life and work balance–he takes great pride in developing this trait throughout his enterprise with every team member. Todd Lubar is moved by delivering excellent service, creating an enjoyable environment, and for setting a high standards for achieving aspirations and goals.

Richard Dwayne Blair: Benefits Of Getting Investment Advisory From An Expert

Are you searching for a reliable and experienced financial planner who can guide you properly? Need to consult a money management or wealth building advisory firm that has a proven track record in the industry? Richard Dwayne Blair has the resources and industry expertise to help you.

If you are thinking about securing your financial future you need to research investment vehicles and investment advisory firms. There are many firms that render investment advisory and financial planning but it’s imperative that you choose carefully.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a knowledgeable and reliable investment advisor and financial planner. Perhaps you have read a lot about Richard and are wondering why he comes highly recommended. People are posting positive comments about Richard Dwayne Blair and his prominent firm, Wealth Solutions, which provides excellent service to clients in the Austin, Texas area.

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the top investment advisors and financial planners and has been catering to people from all walks of life. Every day, many people turn to him for assistance with various investment and financial planning issues.

Richard Dwayne Blair carefully follows a Three Pillar Approach, which enables him to deliver a comprehensive financial plan and meet his client’s need.

The main reason people seek professional assistance with their financial planning or money management needs is to help secure their future. In this case, Richard Dwayne Blair can help you to select a viable investment vehicle or opportunity. You will be guided on how to invest wisely, budget properly, and calculate tax liabilities.

Richard Dwayne Blair has great expertise in all aspects of the investing and financial planning fields and can also provide the advice or information you need to handle your stocks and mutual funds, and proper allocation of assets.

If you are serious about getting high quality service regarding investment, money management or financial planning, you need to get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair. He strives to ensure that his clients make the right investment decision for their particular situation and reap significant returns.

GoBuyside, your Finance Recruitment Platform

It is every College graduates dream to graduate and access a job immediately with no delays whatsoever. However, for a majority of college graduates, this dream is not possible. Several reasons make this notion continue being a dream for plenty of college students. Nevertheless, with GoBuyside the hopes of plenty of college graduates accessing employment opportunities are a reality. Read this article at Nasdaq.

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform, which offers graduates a fair chance of accessing equal opportunities when it comes to job applications. The platform was realized in the year 2011. The idea was by Arjun Karpur, a Stanford graduate from the business school.

While in the finance industry, Arjun noticed that there was a high demand for finance jobs, which had low supply from companies looking to hire. With all the information companies required to hire an employee, he began thinking of a way he could ease a company’s hiring load and provide the applicants with a transparent process as well.

The GoBuyside was a platform created to help fill the finance industry with human capital. It also acts as a bridge between the employer and the applicant. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

How does the GoBuyside work?

The GoBuyside is a tech platform, which has helped turn around the process of traditional hiring in the finance sector. The tech platform is for professionals in the finance industry. To assist the finance industry to acquire human capital, GoBuyside uses applicant tracking systems, job boards online, and artificial intelligence. The combinations of the three factors enable GoBuyside to connect top financial professional talent with employers across the world.

By using specific search parameters, GoBuyside screens and identifies professionals who meet the needs of their clients. The success behind GoBuyside comes from the transparency they offer the employers and applicants on its platform. The GoBuyside enables the platform users to gain access to their reviews, network, and notifications when there is an opportunity available.

Benefits of GoBuyside

Employers and applicants receive the following benefits from using the GoBuyside recruitment platform. Employers are assured the applicants they receive have gone through a serious vetting process. It enables the employers to select the best applicant for the financial job available.

For applicants, the GoBuyside site offers them the professional experience and knowledge, which helps them stand apart in the recruiting world. The information and expertise they access help them acquire an opportunity in the finance job sector without having to go through the traditional system of employment.