Dr. Jennifer Walden Claims Title as Best Female Plastic Surgeon

The skilled writers over at the plastic surgery blog focused upon finding the best women within the field, BestFemalePlasticSurgeon.com, recently caught up with one of the most promising and talented surgeons in the entire industry, Dr. Jennifer Walden. The piece which was published on the heels of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s being named one of the top 24 of Bazaar’s Hot List in 2014. The publication was lucky enough to be able to catch up with the busy surgeon despite her busy work schedule appearing on television programs, in printed news, as well as managing her successful practice based in beautiful Austin, Texas.


The piece explored the many accomplishments the talented surgeon has amassed during her time in the field including many distinctions held outside of the operating room. The talented surgeon has been fortunate enough to apply her expertise in helping the leaders of augmentation implants as they design the best product to be used by talented surgeons just like the doctor.


Though unlike most plastic surgeons not deserving of the title Best Female Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has spent a significant amount of time in front of the camera in addition to time spent behind the blade. Often the surgeon is called upon to render professional opinions and expertise to the media teams behind Fox News as well as media giant VH1.


THe professionals at the BestFemalePlasticSurgeon.com truly have found a surgeon deserving of the title as Dr. Jennifer Walden has clients ranging from celebrities to folks willing to travel across the country to be seen by the skilled and young surgeon.


The entire piece is engaging and well-written while being worth the read if not to only gain a little insight into the life of one the top skilled surgeons in the field right now.

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Vinny Parascandola Gives Outstanding Leadership As A Senior VP At AXA Advisors

One of the most important times in many people’s lives is during a life crisis. Situations such as a medical emergency, house fire, or car accident can make people stop and think about things that they would normally not think about in great detail. One of the things that many people tend to think about during various life crises is insurance. The reason that insurance is thought about by many people during various life altering moments is because having insurance or the lack of insurance can ultimately affect the lives of people significantly.

People with insurance still have to deal with the total impact of a life crisis. However, having insurance takes away certain aspects of a life crisis that can cause a variety of problems in the lives of people. One of the major problems that people can face without insurance is financial issues. A life crisis such as a medical emergency or car accident can result in many financial bills that will need to be paid. Many people would never be able to pay bills that could mount into six or seven figures. This is when insurance coverage would allow people to have insurance to pay all or most of the bills related to a life crisis.

Although insurance is something that most people never want to be in a position to have to use because of an unfortunate situation, many people still go out and purchase insurance to protect themselves financially in case they find themselves in a life crisis. The insurance industry is a multi billion-dollar industry that has numerous aspects to it. With a wide variety of aspects, there are many companies that provide insurance products and services.

AXA Advisors is one of the companies in the insurance industry that provides insurance to the public. AXA Advisors is a leading company in the insurance industry. The company has locations in many different locations that span across the world. The main location of the company is centered in France. With over a century as an insurance company, AXA Advisors has a solid reputation as an outstanding insurance company.

One of the reasons why AXA Advisors is considered an outstanding insurance company is because of its executive leadership. One of the company’s top executives is Vinny Parascandola. He is a vice president at the senior level in the AXA Advisor office location in New York.

An insurance professional with over two decades of service in the insurance industry, Vinny Parascandola plays a prominent role in the success of AXA Advisors. He has served in various positions in his insurance career that have helped him to learn the insurance business from the ground floor up to his current executive position.

Jeffry Schneider: A Life of Success, Health and Happiness

Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider, has led a life of success and happiness. His team at Ascendant feels lucky to be working under a man such as himself, and they value the positive culture he has created at the company. Jeffry Schneider has always believed that honesty, hard work, and transparency will pay off, and he instills these values into his business dealings on a daily basis. Many believe that his way of doing business is going to revolutionize the alternative investments industry, and so far it would be hard to say they were wrong, because under Jeffry’s leadership Ascendant Capital has raised $1 billion and expects to raise $50 million a month over the course of the next year.

Jeffry started out by getting his Bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and is an alumnus there. As an advocator of higher education, he knows that it helps to pave the way for a person’s success. After graduating Jeffry spent time working with several top-notch firms, such as, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. He learned plenty about alternative investing while there that has stayed with hom to this day. He also worked for as a part of the management teams of Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. As an advisor there for investment managers who needed to know how to best structure their investment vehicles, he ensured that certain hedge fund managers were a good fit for the firm’s various clients.

Jeffry Schneider is a health advocate and also takes as good of care of his own health as possible. He loves to take part in half ironman challenges where pushes himself to be the best he can be. These races include 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bicycle ride, and 13.1 mile run, and they take part in cities all around the globe. Jeffry has been to Croatia, New Zealand, Chile, Saint Croix, and many states in the U.S.A. to be a part of these competitions. As a world traveler, he enjoys not only seeing but becoming a part of the local cultures of the countries he visits and his more information click here.

Fabletics and the Competition with Amazon

Fabletics has international appeal. This is what gives Kate Hudson the confidence that she needs to successfully compete with other companies like Amazon. This is a company that started in America, but the appeal was so great that people in Australia and Canada would soon pick up on this phenomenon. It certainly is interesting to see how Kate Hudson has transitioned from an actress too a very important entrepreneur in the business world.

One of the interesting things that she does to gain attention from new customers is advertise great deals on things like leggings. This is definitely the way that many people have come to desire her clothing during the holidays.

Usually there is a great deal for VIP members that are interested in signing up. Typically, when people connect to the website and browse around for a little bit they will get access to a pop up that may show a sale for something like leggings at a real deal for 2 for $24. The retail value of something like this may actually be close to $100. This is great advertising for Kate and the Fabletics brand. It gets people to take the style quiz and get started with the possibility of a subscription service.

It is interesting to see how Fabletics stacks up against the competition, but so far people are not really worried about what the competition is doing. Amazon has the ability to attract a lot of people, but Kate Hudson knows exactly what she is doing. She knows that she has to be personable and order to connect with customers, and this is what she does. She has no desire to leave her business in a place where customers do not recognize her face. She wants to be able to give her customers the ability to actually see her in these clothes. She has the desire to actually model the clothing and connect with the customers.

Jeff Bezos definitely has more money to burn with Amazon, but this is not the way that he is going to compete with Fabletics. Jeff knows that Kate has already mastered this art of selling gym gear to females. He knows that there is a lot that he can learn just from watching what she is doing. That is why he is simply going to sit back and see what her strategy is, and he will simply work from that angle. That is typically what owners of huge companies do when they are competing with other companies. They don’t waste a lot of time trying to develop marketing strategies. They simply wait to see what the marketing strategy is going to be for their adversaries. When this happens they will simply utilize the strategies that their opponents are using. When this doesn’t work they may take the interest in trying to buy out the competition.

It is unfortunate for Jeff Bezos that Fabletics is already part of a bigger clothing chain. It is a sister company to JustFab.

Dr. Scott Rocklage: A Bundle of Talents by All Standards

We live in a world of surprises. I must confess that certain aspects of the life of Scott Rocklage, Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures, left me amazed because I never heard or read of someone else with something close. The man has worked for several companies; the number of which I thought was just too many for a single individual. That is not all; he is always occupying top spots. If he is not CEO, he is either President or the Chairman. Sometime, he occupies two of the three top posts simultaneously. I kept asking myself, what makes this man the toast of firms in the pharmaceuticals? I could not stop doing my research; I was eager to get to the root and have my question answered. I eventually did. Dr. Scott Rockledge’s talents brought him this far; he is simply a bundle of talents.


One of the striking talents of Dr Scott Rocklage is his instinct for inventions and discoveries. Nobody possesses such talent and experiences failure in any field of human endeavors. I am yet to see anybody with such qualities and still a mediocre in his or her chosen profession. Dr Scott Rocklage has personally and independently made stunning discoveries and inventions without any tangible contribution from someone else. In some instances, he had chosen to team up with fellow colleagues to turn imaginations into realities.


How do you classify a fellow like Rocklage with over 30 Patents to his name? Many of the drugs he discovered got speedy approval from the Federal Drug Association as they were found to be highly effective with negligible side effects. You may want to check on some of them, the likes of Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin to mention but a few.


Another outstanding quality Rocklage possesses is matchless entrepreneurial acumen coupled with fantastic human relations. Most humans are driven by emotions, not logic. Only those who understand this and know how to manipulate it in their favor come top in the race of business. Rocklage could not have maintained the employers’ preference he enjoys without these qualities.


The American nation and the pharmaceutical world are fortunate having Dr. Scott Rocklage around. He still has a lot to offer.

All You Need To Know Regarding Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Wisofegei is a dentist with a vast experience in the dental field ranging from sleep disorders and treatment to lecturing dentists. He is an experienced Doctor in sleep disorders. As such, he is the pioneer in helping, diagnosing, and treating the sleep disorders.


Dr. Weisfogel earned his BA in the field of Psychology and Biology from the Rutgers University as well as a DDS from the New York University of Dentistry. In 1999, Weisfogel founded the Old Bridge Dental Care. This earned him several awards from his community including the Best Dentist. It was at this point that he started exploring the relationship between the world of sleep and dentistry.


Among his significant achievements include the establishment of the Healthy Heart Sleep Company in 2010 which works in collaboration with physicians and advise them on the diagnosing as well as the management of sleep laboratories. Besides, in 2012, Dr. Weisofogel founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient as he began teaching dentists.


Later, he established and founded the Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 which continued to help dentists to further their researches in the field of sleep and dentistry. His 15 years of experience in the dentist field combined with his passions in his background as a marketer pioneered him to venture more into the dental sleep.


In conclusion, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is passionate in the dentist profession as he seeks to reach more patients, physicians, and dentists with his model which advocates improving the health care distribution in the world of sleep apnea medicine. His model results in better care for the patients while increasing the opportunities available to the medical community.

CEO Stephen Rotella Begins StoneCastle’s First Stage of Growth to Explore New Market Sectors

Stephen Rotella, Chief Executive Officer of StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC announced the investment advisory firm is presently in its first stage of expansion. On February 1st, 2017, StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep, a subsidiary of the firm announced the acquisition of Intermedium Financial’s insured deposit sweep business. The acquisition transaction comprises of all assets of the business, including the InterLINK FinTech platform. Subsidiary, StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep is a provider of insured deposit technology and services to investors and institutions.



Intermedium will continue its operations of the sweep business and retain InterLINK brand under the ownership of StoneCastle. In a News Release by the Company, Stephen Rotella said their goal is create presence in the 401K, broker & dealer, and financial advisor sectors in the national market. The acquisition transaction enhances the firm’s existing technology business and options of distribution. What StoneCastle expects from the transaction is to add value to their clients and financial intermediaries through the efficiencies of the InterLINK technology. Mr. Rotella says the firm is one of biggest banking networks in America and is now able to apply their solutions to most intermediaries experiencing challenges of growing profits and providing value to its clientele base.



Stephen Rotella joined StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC in 2011 as CEO and oversees its daily operations in New York City. Parent Company, StoneCastle Partners, LLC was founded in 2003, and is Principle of StoneCastle Cash Management. Mr. Rotella is also the President of StoneCastle Partners, one of the largest investors in the U.S. community banking industry. Before joining StoneCastle, he served as President and Chief Operating Officers of WaMu and CEO of Chase Home Finance at J.P. Morgan.



The State University of New York graduate earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance and information systems. Stephen Rotella immediately found employment as Senior Consultant at Accenture after receiving a MBA. StoneCastle Partners and all its subsidiary companies manages more than $12 billion in assets. The new acquisition will continue its operation in San Diego, CA.


Christopher Burche’s Take on Technology and Fashion

According to Christopher Burch, a renowned investor and entrepreneur, the fashion and technology industries experience growth together. As time goes by, technology is fashionable, while fashion is technologically fashionable. Fashion designers exploit technology to come up with products that meet the customer’s expectations. The following are some of the ways fashion and technology are intertwined.

Fashions Advance Through Technology


There are fashions that emerge by using technology. For example, though wearing bike protection may not be in vogue, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt designed a system that is worn around one’s neck. The system is called the Airbag for Cyclists. When a cyclist is involved in an accident, an airbag emerges out of the neckwear as protection against the rider’s head from hazardous impact. Another example is the Frontline Gloves used by firefighters. Designed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, the gloves help firefighters signal each other during fire rescue campaigns.


Fashion and Technology Working Together


In some cases, technology needs to be popularized through fashion. For example, wearing glasses was rarely accepted until recently. Google Glass may seem intriguing but there is a stigma associated with wearing glasses. Some find the cost of Google glass to be high, while others prefer a technology without glasses.


Diane Von Furstenberg, a renowned fashion designer, rescued Google Glass in a strategy she adopted with her models. Furstenberg required that her models wear the glasses when going on a catwalk. Since fashion shows reveal to people the latest trends and styles, the new Google Glass technology was popularized in this manner. Therefore, sometimes technology requires fashion to be acceptable to consumers.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch founded Burch Creative Capital and is its current CEO. Burch has over 40 years experience in investment and entrepreneurship. Burch has sponsored the rise of many luxury and technology brands including Voss Water, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe.



Burch has made several investments in both international and domestic real estate assets, including developing luxury homes in Florida, Palm Beach, Southampton, Nantucket, and New York. Burch recently acquired and restructured Nihiwatu, a luxury facility in Sumba (an island in Indonesia). Burch has also sponsored philanthropic and research initiatives at the Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Work, and Mt. Sinai Hospital (NY).




Jay-Z Brings Desiree Perez to Tidal

Desiree Perez is known by many for being a tough negotiator. She is all that Tidal needs to be at the top of the game. Jay-Z has made a significant step by making the decision to work with Perez. Someone would wonder why Perez can be able to bring Tidal on top. It is because she has the ability. First look at his resume, it is quite impressive. She has helped many to win awards in the music industry. She is now the head of Tidal, and she is expected to make a revolutionary step regarding music streaming.

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The company has had a series of changes to the management team. Despite the past inconsistency of the management, Jay-Z was able to move on. He just made the best decision by hiring Perez who looks to be there to stay. She has had some success and ran SC enterprises. She also negotiated Beyoncé’s formation tour. The reason why she will be able to take the company to places is that of the experience that she has concerning music industry. The company needs someone who knows the ins and outs of music so that it can achieve competitive advantage over other businesses.  More of this on billboard.com.


 Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have a good working relationship. With the help of her husband, she also runs Roc Nations Sports.  She has been in the industry for over twenty years hence no one can doubt her credentials. So far she has helped Tidal achieve some success. As of now, the app has made significant strides, and there are many improvements.   Related story on complex.com.


Tidal is a company in the music industry that is competing against some of the well-known giants such as iTunes and Spotify. Though it may lack quantity, the quality is guaranteed. The company focuses on what is new in the music industry. It has music from famous artists such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna, and T.I. With the new developments, there are millions of users who have signed in within a period of a month, and the numbers are still growing.

Visit http://templeofthecave.com/tidal-desiree-perez-and-more/


How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a famous business entity in the United States. According to him, business is what makes people get better in life. For this reason, a successful person must adopt the character of a good business person to become a better entity in this world. For over 20 years of professional experience as a serial entrepreneur and businessman, Josh Verne has worked to found and sell more than 20 companies, he has founded and natured the companies to grow and become multi-lateral corporations. Josh Verne is also the CEO and Founder of Flocku.com. This is a company that has a presence of more than 5 million people. For this reason, it forms a better platform for companies and brands to advertise their services and products. As a matter of fact, no one has better business than those who have a high-end innovation capability in this industry.


According to Josh Verne, those who have a better business mind must strive to have a vision in their lives. For you to have a vision, you must also be wise you should possess the character of a winning person. Life and success are two different things that must be joined.


  1. Listen more, speak less

This is one of the most profound points. An average person has two ears and one mouth. For this reason, they must use their ears and mouths with the same proportion. In the end, business is determined through an entity that works to get better results in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.