Dr. Jennifer Walden is a female plastic surgeon based in Austin Texas in the US. Dr. Walden also works as a media commentator talking about health issues. She is an editorial board member of the Modern Aesthetics and plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has also co-authored the book on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is the founder of JENNIFER L WALDEN PLLC, a private plastic surgery center.



Dr. Jennifer Walden was born on the 17th November 1971 in Austin Texas. She attended the Anderson high school and later graduated from the University of Texas where she graduated with Honors in Bachelor of Arts and biology. She got her medical doctorate honors and graduated as the salutatorian at the University of Texas medical branch.



After her studies, she moved to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. While at the hospital she was mentored by Dr. Sherrill Aston and other established Dr in the field of aesthetic surgery. Due to her knowledge and success at the Manhattan hospital, Dr. Walden worked as the program director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for about seven years where she gained more experience and the know-how of surgery.



Dr. Walden has involved in many philanthropic deeds and community giving. She believes in helping those needs. Besides her schedule being tight, Dr. Walden creates time to serve the unfortunate in society. She says this makes her life full filling. In June 2016 she participated and emerged as runners-up for the Austin’s woman of the year by the Austin leukemia and lymphoma society. The campaign aimed at raising funds for the blood cancer research and Dr. Walden raised the second most amounts. For this course, she was honored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for advanced research in pediatric blood cancer.

Dr. Walden is also a member of the guardian angel community a group of individuals that provide support for abused children at the Austin center for child protection. She has also volunteered in many medical missions trips.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is clearly a blessing to many.

Arthur Becker Turns his Art Passion, Finance Career, and Real Estates Venture into Livelihood

Arthur Becker, aged 66 years, ventured into the tech scene in the early 2000s. Arthur was once a stockbroker at Bear Stearns, but today he has majored in the real Estates market. He silently funds Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s Billionaires Row Development at 111 West 57th Street. The 16-story condo building that was developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities was also part of his investment. Arthur’s expertise ranges from spanning finance, tech, and art, to the real estates.

Becker’s Early Stages Investment

Arthur’s tech passion prompted him to purchase the web hosting company, NaviSite. The company was later sold in 2010 to Time Warner Cable for $230 million. Despite the sale, Becker still owned a stake in the company. Zinio was a publishing platform established by Becker after selling NaviSite.

In an article on Curbed, after college, Becker was involved in brick making in Vermont. During his childhood days, he used to consult his Magic 8 Ball to know what the future held. He had also used the eight balls in his artwork. At his 30s, Becker had started a $4 million orchard after persuasion from a friend that the macadamia business was doing well. Becker used to sell the harvest to Mrs. Fields Cookies. Eventually, he made $10 million out of the venture.

Becker Combines Art with Currencies

Arthur Becker happens to be a lover of art. In his office, all sorts of art currencies folded into recognizable animal shapes are available. He has sold most of this art to Wall Streeters, and he is planning an exhibit in June at Sullivan Street. Becker also purchases old currencies from African countries to make metallic sculptures. He is optimistic of installing two large sculptures in commercial buildings in Boston.

Early life and education

Becker was born in 1950. He lives and works in New York. He graduated from the revered Bennington College with a degree course in Ceramics and Photography. He also attended the Dartmouth-based Amos Tuck business school. Arthur Becker held the senior adviser position in Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years. He is currently the chief principal of Madison Partners. The company focuses on real estates and early stages of Bio-Tech ventures.

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Susan McGalla Survives A Voracious World of Business

Some women just get it right the first time in business, but for the masses it is quite a different story. There are millions of women that are completely lost when it comes to savvy business predispositions. Compounding this fact, are the inequalities in the workplace, and diminished paychecks women take home as salaried employees. No matter the odds, some women pride themselves in advocating hard work and persistence, and one such trailblazer is Susan McGalla. She earned her ticket to succeed in business, no matter what obstacles were in her path. Like an Olympic hurdler, she stride and jumped each and every hindrance.


Susan McGalla and others are stepping up to the preverbal business batters plate, and trying to hit a homerun for women all over the world, by featuring their success. These women want top jobs, compatible with their male counterparts, so every effort is put forth to prosper in corporate America. It is well-known that women are equally adaptable in business, and Susan McGalla has reinforced that mantra. She is one of the many successful female entrepreneurs in business who trained hard. She climbed the scaffolding of business. At a bird’s eye view, she holds her position on the top of the corporate ladder, and then built her own nest. She comments that confidence and hard work were her tools of the trade. She built her merchandising career and later consultant business by personalizing her goals achievements to match her intensity to survive in a voracious world.


As the driving force behind P3 Executive Consulting, LLC based in Pittsburgh, in addition to her position as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers, she knows her stuff. Her history is in retail and clothing merchandising. She has a keen eye for marketing and branding. From the very beginning she showed promise, working for eight years at the Joseph Horne Company, she advanced to join American Eagle Outfitters. She is identified as a very ethical and earnest person, and that prompted a promotion to Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire company, kudos for her. Consequently, with so much experience under your belt, it is no wonder Susan McGalla wanted to venture further on her own accord to a different platform. However, most strikingly, Wet Seal cajoled her to join their executive team, how could she refuse? So in January 2011, she was their Chief Executive Officer. In the end, the desire to make it on her own won out; so she is presently a consulting expert on her own merits.

The Mystery behind Kabbalah and the centers

Celebrities such as the late Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna and Britney Spears all have one thing in common, the fact that they discovered Kabbalah teachings and got their lives transformed. Paris Hilton also openly admitted that Kabbalah center really helped her through an ugly breakup situation. Well, Hollywood celebrities aside, there are many people from other walks of life who have found the teachings to be really interesting and transformational. The founders of the Kabbalah center have hence embarked on a mission to make sure that these teachings are transmitted to all willing learners by establishing centers around the globe.

Kabbalah has been said to be one of the oldest teachings, and the one from which most of the modern religions have borrowed their ideologies. There was a time when the teachers and guardians of the religion could not allow anyone to attend the teachings unless they were male and over the age of forty. The main objective of the Kabbalah center is to help people understand the connection between our metaphysical world and the unseen things. The teachings have been seen by many to be advocating for the use of magic, however, this is not the main point of the teachings and read full article.

Kabbalah does contain some element of the mystical, because it tries to tie up the physical world with the unseen. There are concepts that sound like magic, like the stories of a man creating mud with saliva and using it to make a man. However, there is more to the religion than the perceived magic tricks. Learners have to go through a series of lessons for them to fully understand the basis of Kabbalah. It has been said that most of the rabbinic teachings come from Kabbalah center and that understanding the teachings gives one a deep concept of the universe. The centers are located in California, various locations in Europe and also in Israel and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

Benefits of Working With Traveling Vineyard

Working from home has never been easier with the help of the Traveling Vineyard. This company sells top of the line wine at the best prices, and this is your chance to join in and help promote what they have to offer. This is a great money making opportunity because you can then start learning about every aspect of their products and simply talk about wine to other people. No other job lets you have fun talking about wine while making good money for every sale that you make.

Working from home has never been so rewarding with the help of this company. The main benefit of working with the Traveling Vineyard is the fact that they have unlimited opportunities and all the wine that you could sell. They also have a long list of different flavors and options, allowing you to give people all the possible options for their needs. You will find that the Traveling Vineyard loves to come up with ways to help their Wine Guides make as much money as possible.

You will love the freedom and overall flexibility you will gain when working with them. You receive top notch support with their team behind you to ensure you never lose sight of your entire business. Wine Guides who have been in this industry before you have will help better prepare you for the future and guide you so you never lose sight of your goals. The Traveling Vineyard is the business to be in if you love wine.

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People are taking notice of the Value of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is continually working to improve the safety of law enforcement professionals and inmates across the country and people are taking notice. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus recently stated that the company has received thousands of letters about the impact all of the technology has on inmates, families, and Corrupt staff members have been arrested for bringing contraband into a facility, call monitoring has increased awareness of contraband already in the hands of inmates, and the tools provided by Securus Technologies has reduced the availability if contraband as was noted by several different letter writers. I think this can only improve the safety of everyone involved.

Mr. Smith also commented on the development of new technologies which occurs at a rate of approximately one a week. And again, the letter writers have taken notice. Based on the comments I have read, customers are clearly impressed with not the quality and range of services and technologies provided by Securus Technologies. Many people were impressed with the reporting data and investigation tools, stating that these products allow staff members to investigate potential security problems and any reports of harassment. In one particular case, the LBS software allowed a sheriff’s department to recover millions in illegal assets. It is clear to me from these first hand accounts that Securus Technologies is providing valuable products to their customers.


How The Kabbalah Center is Helping to Spread Unity

The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit started in the US that offers courses on the Zohar and Kabbalah teachings. The center offers both online courses and classes at the various centers. The center has been recognized for its multi-cultural and diverse staff. The first center was started as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. It was started by Philip Berg and Yehuda Brandwein who had experience as the dean of a Kabbalah center in Israel. Berg and his wife later established the current Kabbalah centers. They set up the first one in New York City.

They opened an extra center in Los Angeles in 1984 to serve the people who resided there. There are around fifty Kabbalah centers around the world in locations such as London, Brazil, and Canada. It is the leading center in the world on Kabbalah teachings as a result of the experience that they have gained after many years of teaching. Karen is the wife of the late Philip Berg. She serves as one of the spiritual leaders and directors of the non-profit.

Their teachings are structured in such a way that one does not need to have prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish teachings. This has opened up the philosophy to anyone who is interested in learning Kabbalah. The teachings are a supplement to religion and not an alternative. Any person from any religion can go through the courses that they offer. The center has written and published books with Kabbalistic commentary to portions of the Torah over the years. Some of the principles that Kabbalah focuses on include sharing, spiritual laws, controlling the ego, and unity.

The Kabbalah Center has had many people as students including celebrities. They include Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Arianna Grande, and Alex Rodriguez. Kabbalah has helped many people to find their purpose in life and to give their life meaning. Madonna has been a vocal supporter of the teachings and has a personal rabbi who helps her to study. The center has a volunteering program through which students can sign up to take part in projects that help the community.

The Growth Of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm has taken the beauty world by storm with its new approach on marketing. EOS, or also known as Evolution of Smooth, created a unique look to its lip balm packaging, giving people curiosity on what it is all about. EOS began seven years ago, and has created a $250 million company that has been labeled by as “the second best-selling lip balm in the country.” As the EOS lip balm becomes more and more popular, they plan to increase by $2 billion by the year 2020.

While trying to make a drastic change in the lip balm category, EOS lip balm decided to make a change. Sanjiv Mehra, Johnathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky joined together to help make this all happen. They noticed that lip balm was very widely used by woman, so they wanted to market to just that audience. With a cool design, great flavors, organic ingredients and $3 a piece, EOS made a hit with their lip balms.

EOS had initial troubles getting into retail locations, but once they got a meeting with a woman buyer from Walgreens, they were slowly able to get into the online marketplace on eBay. Additionally, EOS continued to have a good marketing strategy to really get their product out into the world. Beauty bloggers and makeup artists began advertising their products, as well as young, popular celebrities. EOS lip balm has come a long way and continues to grow in a positive manner.

Alexandre Gama Will Blow Your Mind With His Advertising Art

Alexandre Gama is known as a marketer, but in reality, he is a genius artist. Having a long background in copywriting, marketing, and filmmaking, Alexandre Gama has mastered the ability to convey a message to the audience. His work has been recognized by Brazilian and International agencies.

Having grown up in South Eastern Brazil, he went on to university to study marketing. He quickly was recruiting into various copywriting jobs. By the 1990s, he was the most recognized copywriter in Brazil.

In 1999, he started Neogama to represent himself to his clients. And having eventually merged with BBH, he had claimed some of the highest profile clients in the country. His greatest feat was the award-winning advertisement for Johnnie Walker.

The Cannes Festival had invited him almost yearly since the early 2000’s. As a master class producer, he had won over 23 lions from this festival. He is also invited as a guest judge, an honor that no other South American has had.





A global leader in retail and institutional investor firms

Highland Capital Management, founded by partners James Dondero and Mark Okada in January 1990, is a world recognized leader as an independently owned investment firm. With over twenty years of experience, now on a global scale, the company is involved in a broad range of products for both institutional and retail investors.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Highland has a network of offices in New York City, as well as international office locations in Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Based on brilliant decision making by Dondero and Okada, the company has made a number of significant transactions that have led them to become international leaders in the market prior to the official renaming of the company to Highland Capital Management, L.P. in 1998.


In 1990, Dondero and Okada formed a venture specializing in fixed income markets, as well as the management of senior structured bank loans, with Protective Life Insurance Corporation as joint partners.


In 1993, their venture would grow and evolve, becoming the Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). This, an SEC registered firm, had minority ownership by Dondero and Okada, with the majority ownership held by Protective Life. These were the only two ownership groups in the company.


As the company was enjoying great prosperity by May 1997, Dondero and Okada elected to purchase Protective Life’s ownership in PAMCO, and went on to establish Ranger Asset Management, L.P., another independent advisor registered with the SEC. In 1998, the name of Ranger Asset Management was changed to Highland Capital Management. L.P.


Since the year 2000, Highland has continued to grow and diversify their interests, establishing a number of alternative investments as well making acquisitions of floating rate funds.


Currently, the company’s strategies include:


  • Distress and Special Situations
  • Emerging Markets
  • Healthcare
  • Long/Short Equity
  • High Yield Credit
  • Real Estate
  • Structured Products