GoBuyside, your Finance Recruitment Platform

It is every College graduates dream to graduate and access a job immediately with no delays whatsoever. However, for a majority of college graduates, this dream is not possible. Several reasons make this notion continue being a dream for plenty of college students. Nevertheless, with GoBuyside the hopes of plenty of college graduates accessing employment opportunities are a reality. Read this article at Nasdaq.

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform, which offers graduates a fair chance of accessing equal opportunities when it comes to job applications. The platform was realized in the year 2011. The idea was by Arjun Karpur, a Stanford graduate from the business school.

While in the finance industry, Arjun noticed that there was a high demand for finance jobs, which had low supply from companies looking to hire. With all the information companies required to hire an employee, he began thinking of a way he could ease a company’s hiring load and provide the applicants with a transparent process as well.

The GoBuyside was a platform created to help fill the finance industry with human capital. It also acts as a bridge between the employer and the applicant. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

How does the GoBuyside work?

The GoBuyside is a tech platform, which has helped turn around the process of traditional hiring in the finance sector. The tech platform is for professionals in the finance industry. To assist the finance industry to acquire human capital, GoBuyside uses applicant tracking systems, job boards online, and artificial intelligence. The combinations of the three factors enable GoBuyside to connect top financial professional talent with employers across the world.

By using specific search parameters, GoBuyside screens and identifies professionals who meet the needs of their clients. The success behind GoBuyside comes from the transparency they offer the employers and applicants on its platform. The GoBuyside enables the platform users to gain access to their reviews, network, and notifications when there is an opportunity available.

Benefits of GoBuyside

Employers and applicants receive the following benefits from using the GoBuyside recruitment platform. Employers are assured the applicants they receive have gone through a serious vetting process. It enables the employers to select the best applicant for the financial job available.

For applicants, the GoBuyside site offers them the professional experience and knowledge, which helps them stand apart in the recruiting world. The information and expertise they access help them acquire an opportunity in the finance job sector without having to go through the traditional system of employment.

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The History of Jeremy Goldstein’s Career

Prominent lawyers are a dime a dozen these days. Every lawyer has years of experience and some big-name clients. Most only boast their career successes for marketing purposes. Occasionally, a lawyer will appear who’s actually worth the hype their advertising claims them to be.

One of those worth-it lawyers is Jeremy Goldstein. Jere my Goldstein has over 15 years experience working with some of largest corporations in New York. He handled numerous big-risk transactions for companies like Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, and Merck. Along with his impressive list of clients, Goldstein’s the leading lawyer on matters involving executive compensation and corporate governance.

Lately, he’s been trying to get corporations to reinstitute stock options as an employee benefit. Most companies have stopped providing stock options in favor of other benefits. Goldstein doesn’t think that’s the best choice. For most companies, their reasons for abandoning stock options go beyond saving money.

Their biggest concern is their employees. The people who work for them are like family members, and they don’t want to leave them with nothing in the event of a disaster. Stock values can drop and leave their employees without an option to exercise; or worse, they could be left with option overhang.

There’s also the accounting burdens to think about. The costs it takes to provide stock options for everyone can greatly eclipse any financial advantages. It’s a lot simpler and less paperwork to eliminate these benefits and offer others like higher salaries or better insurance coverage.

Despite the ease, Jeremy Goldstein warns against completely abandoning stock options. There are a lot of advantages companies are forgetting about. A big issue these days is equality, and stock options offer an easier way for employees to keep track of their rank with the company. Other benefits can get tricky when everyone chooses different compensation methods.

As tempting as other benefits may seem, there are a lot more factors in play than just ease. Every so often, the IRS releases a new set of rules. Recently, their new rules have made handing out equities a lot harder, meaning they can be even more burdensome than stock options.

The argument can go back and forth all day, but it’s up to the corporations to decide. Most will probably continue to eliminate stock options, but some are taking Goldstein’s advice. When people are financially invested in the company, they work harder. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.goldstein.12

Vijay Eswaran Tips on Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is a successful business owner who also invests time and money to help others. He is excited about all of the projects that he is currently working on for the future.

When he started his first company, he learned various lessons. Although the company would eventually fail, he decided to keep trying. Vijay Eswaran is now one of the most prominent business owners in the world today. He helps people across the globe with various charity efforts. He encourages other wealthy business owners to help people with fewer resources.


Vijay Eswaran credits his focus on leadership with his success in business. When someone starts a company for the first time, they do not realize how difficult it can be to succeed.

Leadership is essential for anyone to take their company to a new level. Some people avoid hiring new employees because they lack leadership skills. Vijay Eswaran read numerous books on the subject of leadership. Although he is continually evolving as a leader, he enjoys working with employees in his business.

Helping Others

Vijay Eswaran passionately believes that wealthy people should help those who are less fortunate. Vijay Eswaran donates money to multiple charities each year. He also encourages charities to operate more efficiently. Some charities spend a high percentage of donations on overhead costs. Vijay Eswaran works with charities to decrease these costs so that more money can go to the people in need.

Future Goals

Vijay Eswaran has multiple goals for the coming years. Not only does he want to continue growing his company, but he wants to help more people around the world. He is passionate about providing business opportunities to people in developing nations. He is working on an online lending platform for potential business owners to utilize.

The RealReal Unveils Real Pop-Up Stores in the U.S.

One of the most celebrated and authenticated luxury e-commerce consignors around, The RealReal will now further cement their plans to develop random pop-up shops in major cities located across the United States throughout 2018. This new push comes after they had launched a very successful pop-up store based in New York City’s SoHo district that generated as much as $2 million back in 2016. The RealReal’s Director of Marketing, Allison Sommer, explained how the in-store experience helps to bring more visibility to their e-commerce site as well as dramatically boost sales. The company has seen an increase of up to five hundred percent in online sales after they had opened a pop-up in San Francisco. The RealReal are planning to open their next pop-up shop in Las Vegas and will unveil more upcoming locations throughout the year.

TheRealReal was launched by Julie Wainwright on March 1, 2011. The company has its main office based in San Francisco, California. The RealReal’s platform allows its members to become individual consignors to sell their luxury products. They can earn a start of 60 percent in commission and gradually reach up to 70 percent for every retail sale they make. The company’s new pop-up stores will primarily hire professional sale associates that used to work for premium brands such as Gucci and Sotherby’s. Their in-store consignment locations occasionally offer educational workshop training and private shopping experiences that cater to VIP members only.

Today, their e-commerce site has reached to over seven million members worldwide, consisting of both buyers and sellers. TheRealReal initially started out of the kitchen of CEO Julie Wainwright’s home and now the consignment has quickly become the premier source for authenticated luxury brand products. They provide a long list of inspected and authenticated designer labels to choose from including high-end apparel, watches, fine jewelry, home decor and many other luxury items that are available to ship to many locations throughout the world. In 2015, CEO Julie Wainwright was listed on the The Business of Fashion’s 500 for her luxury consignment company’s overall success in the fashion industry.

Find out more about The RealReal: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/06/the-realreal-ropes-in-50-million-in-new-funding/

Sahm Adrangi Releases Report On Kodak, States Why Investing In Them Might Not Be The Best

Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company that offers a unique insight into companies that have investment potential released an article and an outline of all the negative aspects of investing in Eastman Kodak Company. The company is one of the most well known image and commercial printing companies on the market, and witnessed an incredible increase in stock value after the company announced their recent endeavor, which will result in a new platform that enables blockchain imaging, making them the only licensed platform currently on the market to go down this route. While this news may mean big for the cryptocurrency market, Sahm Adrangi outlined in a report why this may not necessarily be a good idea, and how the company may inevitable have poor outcomes after a few months of this initial investment. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.


To fully outline the problem that people can potentially face with Kodak, Sahm Adrangi, the founder, and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management held a conference call on the 7th of February. The conference call was open to participants from all over the world who wanted to partake in the discussion revolving around this assertion that Sahm Adrangi made when he was writing the report.

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Kerrisdale Capital Management is a company that distinguishes itself by providing investors with information regarding potential investment related options, and also for companies whose stocks are generally bought. The company aims to establish full transparency between the investor and the company that they are investing into. Kerrisdale Capital Management gained popularity a few years ago when the company decided to bring to light the shortcomings and illegal activities that a number of Chinese companies were partaking in. Exposing these companies caused quite a stir in the industry and caused all of the companies involved to fall. The fall of these companies started with a fall in their stock price as more and more people came to know of the things that they were partaking in.


The information and analysis that Sahm Adrangi conducts are usually published on financial and economic forums, in blogs and also on the main website of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Benzinga.

Malcolm CasSelle: Incorporating Game Industry with Cryptocurrencies

Malcolm Caselle is the CIO of Opkins, one of the world’s leading company that sells in-game virtual assets. The company is also the number one bitcoin merchant all over the world. The company conducts multiple transactions on daily basis across the world and the users usually make cross-border payments. This has made the company to look and venture in am an alternative form of payment hence introducing the use of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized form of payment making it ideal for use by the Opkins Company.

The creators of Opkins are taking the blockchains payment method to the next step. They are launching a new platform known as the Worldwide Assets exchange mainly known as the WAX. It is a P2P marketplace that is ideal for the trading of virtual assets in the virtual technology that is built on the basis of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts that allows virtual users to freely trade with one another. The aim is to ease the transfer of cash and virtual assets across the world. The aim of WAX is to solve the problem of fragmentation and fraud in the virtual industry. It allows the users to tokenize their gaming assets making the payment for their products easier, faster and efficient. WAX also aims at solving the geographical fragmentation and the cases of fraud in the industry.

More about Malcolm CasSelle

He is the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange and also the CIO of Opkins. The Opkins company sells virtual games assets mainly online video games all over the world. Malcolm  Casselle has also served with many organizations prior to joining Opkins. He was the president and CTO of a company known as Tranc which was also a digital company. He was also a supervisor and General Manager at SeaChange international. Malcolm has also invested greatly in Facebook, Zynga, and many other blockchain companies.

He has a rich experience in the digital world and his entire life has been working in the digital marketing and investment. He attended MIT University where he graduated with a degree in computer science and later joined Standford University for his master’s program in computer science. He is fluent in both Japanese and mandarin.

TMS Health Solutions is Pioneering the Way in Alternative Treatments for Clinical Depression

As an organization that specializes in providing solutions for mental health conditions, the team at TMS Health Solutions understand how the effects of clinical depression directly impacts a person’s quality of life. Studies conducted by the CDC have shown that more than 40 percent of the adult population experiencing clinical depression do not respond to the standard methods of treatment. This is why the experts at TMS place their focus on creating alternative methods of treatment for people classified as having treatment resistant depression.

As a mental health organization, the staff at TMS Health Solutions are not only trained in their respective fields, they are also compassionate and caring individuals who listen to the needs of their patients. Often the people they see have come to them after exhausting all other possibilities for a solution to their clinical depression. They offer these individuals an alternative method known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS Therapy. As a method that has been approved by the FDA since 2008, this non-invasive method of therapy has been shown to help people who have treatment resistant depression.

The process of TMS Therapy involves the use of electromagnetic pulses that help stimulate specific nerves within the brain to counter the debilitating effects of clinical depression. The procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes and can be performed in a doctor’s office as an outpatient service. Since no sedation or anesthesia is required, there is no down time after the administration of this treatment so people can leave and continue their normal daily activities. The number of treatments needed to resolve clinical depression will depend on the severity of the condition.

The professionals behind TMS Health Solutions have committed themselves to finding better methods of treatment for mental health conditions through research and education. Their TMS Therapy is one of the most advanced solutions for clinical depression available today. They have a practicing philosophy of creating a patient-centered experience, which includes redefining what outpatient psychiatry is all about. They also strive to make their therapies available to those who need them by accepting most types of insurance plans and working as advocates to find financial aid solutions for those individuals not covered by insurance.

The Five Do’s and Don’ts That Every Rookie Investor Needs To Pay Attention To Brought To You By Southridge Capital

Every investor makes their fair share of mistakes. The 3 main problems rookie investors get caught up in are their emotions, speculation, and taking poor advice from others. That is why we have laid out a 5-point checklist of what you should and should not be doing in the investment market brought to you by Southridge .

1) You need to do a lot of research. This advice from Southridge Capital may seem like common sense, but you will be surprised to know how many investors do not do it. Know everything you can about the investment before locking it down. You also need to take advice from veteran investors who are genuinely accredited with the investing world.

2) You cannot time the market, so do not try it. You cannot pick “winners.” You need to pick investments that will do well over time. Vanguard’s 500 Index is a great place to start. They can give you all the information you will need.

3) You should concentrate on diversifying your investments. You can put all your eggs in one basket, but it is not recommended. Placing your eggs in one basket will set you up for a guaranteed fail.

How many of you have a 401(K) plan from your work? Stay with that. The market should be a place for the extra money. Remember the Enron Deal? That is the case in point right there. Visit their website southridge.com

4) You need to check your emotions at the door. This advice is repeated a lot but is applicable every time. Save the emotions for before and after you are done investing.

5) You should pay close attention to the fees. Some market options will have fees attached. You need to know how much it will cost you. One investment may look very enticing on theory, but unimpressive in practice.

Something To Think About

You may be losing 40% of your return. Our advice is to make sure that the pros outweigh the con on each choice you make. You may need that money for a rainy day. Visit their Facebook page.

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How TMS Health Solutions Can Help Those With Treatment-Resistant Depression

TMS Health Solutions is a business that helps people with clinical depression and other mental disorders. They are headquartered in Sacramento, California, and has offices there and in the Bay Area. Many of their patients have what is called Treatment-Resistant Depression where they don’t respond positively to conventional therapy and drugs. The company’s name refers to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which was designed to help these people with their clinical depression.
The federal government’s Centers for Disease Control says that about 14% to 17% of the American adult population will experience clinical depression at least once in their lives. About 40% of these people have to seek alternative treatment because conventional means don’t work. TMS has been approved by the FDA to be used on these patients as it is safe as well as effective. This procedure is not invasive. It sends electromagnetic pulses into the patient’s brain, targeting a specific area. Most patients go through these treatments for 1 to 2 months. The treatment plan consists of daily sessions each lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

The TMS Therapy Burlingame office is located in San Francisco near the University of California, San Francisco. This office was opened a number of years ago and has four clinicians on its staff to treat patients. The TMS Health Solutions Burlingame office can be accessed by car, public transportation, and from the UCSF campus via a free shuttle.
In addition to the Burlingame office and Sacramento, TMS Health Solutions also has office locations in Burlingame, Oakland, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, and a second San Francisco office located on Post Street. Additional offices are planned for more of the Bay Area in coming years.
On their Facebook page, the team at this company post many articles and videos. They are meant to inform people who go to their website about mental disorders like clinical depression as well as what this company is all about. They have one video, for instance, called “Introduction to TMS Health Solutions”. It shows how the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is performed so that patients can be relaxed about the procedure. The video is just 48 seconds long but it is very informative in even that brief time about this procedure. The Facebook page is also used to announce new staff additions at this company as well as news about new locations that are being opened.

Aloha Construction vs The Competition

General contracting is one of the most beneficial types of companies in society. These companies have a great understanding of home repairs and home renovation services. The United States is loaded with general contractors, and they can be found in every state. When it comes to the state of Illinois, Aloha Construction is one of the absolute best. This company has great leadership, has plentiful employees as well provide numerous home improvement services. The services included are:

• Masonry
• Stucco Installation
• Flashing
• Chimney Repair
• Bathroom Repair
• Window Fascia repair
• Roof Cleaning
• Roof Installation
• Waterproofing
• Kitchen Design
• And numerous others

Founder Dave Farbaky has turned his dream into a reality, and he has implemented many core-principles into the company. On top of that, this extraordinary guy works within his own community on a number of projects. Aloha Construction is basically a reflection of this guy. Unlike other general contractors, this general contractor is looking to build long-term relationships that will last well-into the future. This is no fly-by-night operation as the company has completed well over 18,000 jobs. Yes, that’s right! These 18,000 jobs has come in under 10 years. This shows you just how efficient Aloha Construction truly is. The company has an abundance of high quality window and door replacement parts that are from a variety of sources. This includes the brands of Pella, Lowen and Anderson.

This is modern-day home renovation at its finest. This eclectic team of professionals is highly trained to handle the tasks at-hand. The company gives you total protection by being fully-licensed and bonded. In the end, Aloha Construction is simply outpacing as well as outperforming its competition, and it will continue to do so in the years to come.

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