Wirth Bring Experience To Expansion

Andy Wirth is the CEO of one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States. His goal is to develop the resort into one of the most popular and most visited resorts in the world. He believes the first step towards doing this is expanding the resort itself.

Andy Wirth has been working for some time now to get the expansion approved by city officials. The problem is that he has met some opposition while trying to achieve this goal. This opposition has come in the form of the League to Save Lake Tahoe led by Jesse Patterson.

The two sides met with the Placer County Planning Commission to see if the resort would get the go-ahead to move to the next phase of the approval process, meeting with the county’s Board of Supervisors to see if they can get the final approval to start the process of expanding the resort. Both sides remained civil during the proceedings. At the end of the meeting, the commission gave the resort the thumbs up to move ahead.  Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

Most of the complaints surrounding the issue revolve around the issue of increased traffic in Tahoe. Patterson claims that the renovations will only add to the amount of traffic in the area. They also feel that the expansion will prevent new businesses from being able to move in and prevent other local businesses from expanding.

According to Facebook, Andy Wirth points out that the traffic issue has been a problem for some time and it is not a result of the resorts actions. He even stated that improved traffic flow in the area is part of his plan with the expansion. After all, less traffic benefits the resort just as much as it benefits the rest of the town.

Andy Wirth does have a record of helping the environment around him. He has worked and served on the board of a few different conservational organizations in the area. His biggest charitable effort is definitely his ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support” that raises money for Navy SEALs and their families.

Andy Wirth has almost 30 years in the industry. He spent most of his career working in Steamboat Springs, Colorado as a marketing specialist. He later became Director of Marketing before he was hired by the Squaw Valley Resort as a CEO. Andy Wirth is the first CEO not in the Cushing family in 70 years.