Whitney Wolfe Gets Creative Control With Bumble

When Whitney Wolfe decided to create another dating app she knew that she wanted to do something that was completely different than what she with the app she co-founded called Tinder.

In her previous role Whitney Wolfe was a co-founder of Tinder. She wanted to do something that would give her more creative control when she started her own company. It is evident with Bumble that she is the one in charge, and there’s never a doubt about the direction that her company is going in.

Whitney Wolfe surprised everyone when she started Bumble because she had a desire to make an app that would be considered a feminist app. This is a much different spot than what she was in with a company where males were the ones that were the dominant figures in place. When she decided to start her own company she wanted to make sure that women would be the ones in the conference rooms. She wanted to make sure that ladies would be the ones that would say how her app would function. She got input from friends and she built a company where women with have the majority of the opinions that were made to advance the company forward.

This was obviously a good decision because Whitney Wolfe is now the CEO of a company that has a value of 500 million dollars. Oddly, this is just the beginning for the Bumble organization that already has a vast user base.

What Whitney Wolfe has managed to do that other dating app entrepreneurs may not have even considered is sell merchandise. There are bandannas, lighters and hats that are so on the Bumble website. The great thing about this merchandise that is being sold is that it gets more people to start talking about the Bumble app.

Technology Marketing Corporation Awards Talk Fusion

Is there any place more crowded than the internet? While the internet is always expanding, competition is forever getting more fierce. Talk Fusion, a marketing solutions company founded by CEO Bob Reina, has been steadily pushing his team ahead of the pack. Finally all of that hard work paid off with a big 2016. Talk Fusion received the prestigious Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation. The award is vindication of hard work that Reina and his team has showcased for many such years.


The Product of the Year Award came from TMC for their work on the Video Chat application which was developed by CTO Ryan Page and CEO Bob Reina. Video Chat is an application that seeks to connect people via wireless video, from device to device, with cross platform capability. Imagine the ramifications, positive, that come from being able to connect from iOS software to Windows software? That’s a huge deal in the marketing world and make no mistake about it, people are clamoring for what Talk Fusion is doing.


Technology Marketing Corporation CEO Rich Tehrani said of the presentation, “It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award.” Tehrani went on to call Talk Fusion a true leader within the industry and a company that represented the “best of the best products and solutions” available for customers and businesses on the market today.


Bob Reina was quick to send accolades down toward his IT team. Reina went on to say that his developers were always “ahead of the curve” and that there was plenty of hard work ahead to evolve the application even more. Reina said that this pushing of the limits was what “Talk Fusion is all about.” Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page, echoed those accolades — again sending credit down to the team that made it so possible.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion back in 2007 when he realized that no one company offered what he needed for his business to thrive. Reina hired a team of techs, got to work, and quickly found that his hard work was paying off in the marketing world.