The future of inclass monitoring is Classdojo!

Just like the name says, “classdojo” ! an new, innovating method of monitoring and challenging the students for both parents and teachers! this new app is taking the classroom experience to another level in 3 steps; install, sign up, and explore. The app can be installed on your smartphone or tablet and lets teachers have an overview of their class, from pie charts of in-class behavior to giving out group assignment rating. As for parents, u can stay from the comfort of your own home and see the class assignments, your child’s current behavior, etc. This app as instantly transformed classrooms from being a private room full of students to a online platform opened and accessible to you from the most remote locations. Classdojo makes you feel at ease of feeling concerned about your child if you’re a parent and provides an easier, fun, and convenient ways to grade your students if you are a teacher. This magnificent app is not only limited to the United States, it is translated in 35 languages, currently being used in over 180 countries and in 90 percent of the Kindergarten schools in the United states! with a well trained team and great funding, they stand in a catagory of their own. From receiving astonishing awards to being in the top 35 most innovative app of the year, social media’s next wave leaders, “Classdojo” as Karate its way to the top of its competitors. I’ve seen many apps, but this one is definitely one for every parent and professor. Visit the App store on Iphone operating system, or Play store for android Operating system. This app belongs on every mobile device. There’s not a lot of thinking on this one, a simply must try app for educators all over. The best way to go is Classdojo!

A Communication Platform That is Changing Education

When it comes to their child’s education many parents wish to be more involved. For years now, the parent/teacher conference was a way for parents and teachers to keep in touch and stay on track in the child’s education. Things are changing with the ClassDojo app and only for the better. With this app parents and teachers are have more of a connection when it comes to the child’s education and learning process. The ground-up change that the ClassDojo app has provided in approximately two-thirds of schools across the United States has improved the quality of education the child is receiving and has opened the lines of communication between parents and teachers.

Parents now are able to receive photos and videos from the teachers through this app during the day and are able to see their child interact with others along with working on projects and doing reports and even going on adventures such as field trips and other activities. When the child comes home and shares things that happened at school or things they did then the parents can have a front seat view of this as they have felt a part of it by seeing photos or videos. This only adds to the continuity of the child’s education.

Parents and teachers are also able to privately text message each other about the child. This is an ideal way to communicate with each other as responses can be given at a time by the teacher so as not to disrupt their class. Parents can feel more confident that they are able to reach the teacher at any time through this method.

The ClassDojo app also comes with a feature where teachers and administrators are able to post important events that are upcoming and keep the parents aware so they may be able to attend. This up-to-date information is valuable to all parents. Students are also able to post photos and videos to showcase their work to their own personal digital portfolio which allows the parents to view their work right away.

There is no doubt that the ClassDojo app has everything parents and teachers have dreamed about when it comes to communication about the child’s education and to be on the same track for the education the child deserves.