Talkspace is a unique therapy website that treats patients while they are at home. It is especially useful for people who cannot leave the house because of their anxiety. Therapists speak to the client live over the Internet. Therapists can be anywhere and treat anybody with a computer-to-computer link. Illnesses like depression can be treated even if the sufferer has everything going for them and yet still feels depressed. All mental illness has a stigma attached to it, the challenge is to challenge the stigma head-on and deal with it by admitting you have a problem. Victims of sociopaths often need therapy in the aftermath of their relationship. People with borderline personality disorder can access therapy with Talkspace whenever they need to talk to somebody.

With Talkspace, you can start therapy by using your IPhone and receiving a text inside the Talkspace therapy app. Talkspace helps clients find therapists. The client does not do the work to find the therapist but rather, the therapist does the work. Unlike traditional therapy, Talkspace costs $25 a week to use. Compared to traditional therapy averaging $20-$250 a week, this is a good deal. You are then connected to a primary therapist from whom you will receive therapy from using text message. For some clients, text therapy works if they feel the therapist is listening to them, but others need to see the therapist in front of them.

You can write to your therapist multiple times a day, as well as use video chat. Therapists on Talkspace can offer actionable strategies. You can work on trauma, analysis, and personality tests all using your phone or computer. Talkspace does have a total anonymity option that allows you to get therapy without revealing your identity. You can also share media files. Text therapy can work as well as in-person therapy. Talkspace also allows clients to switch therapists whenever they need to without having to repeat everything you discussed with the previous therapist. Talkspace even offers couples’ counseling with your partner and the therapist. Another great feature is being able to freeze your account for 30 days. Talkspace is a great alternative to in-person therapy.