Eric Lefkofsky – The Guru Of Cancer Funding

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a company based on technology to battle cancer located in Chicago, Illinois. He is the man of the hour. But Eric Lefkofsky didn’t ask for the notoriety that the funding investors medical community have lavished on him. He is known among those who work for him to be a man of quiet determination in his quest to provide services to the specialists, physicians, and scientists who have teamed up with him in the continuous fight to secure cures for cancer. Eric Lefkofsky has been fighting cancer for a long time.

Even in his college days, he was determined to upstart companies and connect with other students and professionals that shared his dream. His passion fueled him to branch off in many areas, yet never forgetting his original mission of collecting data and research to compile results against the raving effects of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky never lost his focus that was to provide statistical data to help the doctors and scientists in the cure for cancer patients.

Even as the years went by, Eric Lefkofsky was determined to let time be his friend and continue the research his team set in place. He became steadfast in providing hospitals and the medical field with solid data on the effects of his research on cancer patients through the years. Now his name speaks for itself. Through patience and determination, Eric Lefkofsky has become a trusted leader in the area of researching and battling cancer. He has received funding from investors in the millions.

Eric Lefkofsky and the Tempu Company in Chicago, Illinois recently secured an 80 million investment to continue and advance his research in the much needed area of battling cancer. Eric Lefkofsky has experienced highs and lows in his years of being at the helm of the Tempus Company. Throughout his life, Eric Lefkofsky has kept his focus and enjoyed much success.

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Dr. David Samadi: Pioneer in Technological Surgery

To those familiar with the cancer and robotic surgery fields, Dr. David Samadi needs no introduction, and to those who have no previous knowledge of this field or of the doctor himself, a quick search will leave no doubt as to his prestigious reputation in those areas. He is a very well-known figure in the area of men’s healthcare pertaining to urological diseases. He is a member of many national medical establishments including the American Urologic Association and the American Medical Association and holds the positions of Chair of Urology, and Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital where he and his team work.

Dr. David Samadi was born and lived in Iran until he was 15. At that time the unrest in that country forced his family to move to England, where they stayed for only a while before moving to New York. It was at the Stony Brooke School of Medicine that he earned his M. D. in 1994. He also trained at the Monteflore Medical Center and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He has trained in open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery and is a pioneer in the use of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system.

In fact his blend of robotic technology with open surgery technique used to treat prostate cancer, called SMART surgery, may well be what he is best known for. This amazing form of surgery is one of the means by which Dr. Samadi has worked to improve the lives of those who have had prostate cancer and other urological diseases. This method requires a much smaller incision than the traditional method and preserves the nerves necessary for normal bladder and sexual function. He works not only to cure the diseases but also to improve the sexual function and overall quality of life for his patients.

Dr. Samadi has been recognized as one of the best doctors in New York, has hosted a television show, and written articles for papers such as the Journal of Robotic Surgery and the World Journal of Urology. He has a huge presence in the media having appeared on television, radio, and magazines such as Forbe’s Magazine. He is one of the highest paid surgeons in the country. He is married to an Iranian woman and lives with her in Old Westbury, New York.

About Dr. David Samadi:

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Their Remarkable System

When a person is concerned with the fact that cancer has just been diagnosed, a moment of reality sets in and in many cases it is difficult to know where to turn. Cancer is very serious disease that kills people, so there is this pressure to make the right decisions in regard to treating the illness.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a wonderful choice for treatment as they have a long and successful history in treating cancer. Cancer treatment is all that CTCA does and they are experts in the process. People don’t always realize how all-encompassing cancer can be as there are so many other factors that affect one’s life with cancer besides just the disease itself.

For example, up to 80 percent of adults who have cancer and who are having it treated are malnourished. As a result of this 70 percent of patients undergoing treatment for cancer are suffering from severe fatigue. Also, one out of three cancer patients continues to suffer from pain after the treatment is started.

There are other factors too such as helping the immediate family who also have their lives reordered by one of their loved ones contracting cancer. Counseling and guidance for everyone is a necessary factor as people wend their way through the treatment process.

Cancer Treatment Centers use what they call Integrative Care which involves the more traditional treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, but other supportive therapies enter in as well. Spiritual support, naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, pain management, oncology rehabilitation, and mind-body medicine are just a few of the supportive types of therapy that are offered.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America makes it possible to receive treatment all under one roof. Treatment often involves different doctors who practice in different areas under the broader sphere of cancer. Therefore there are five treatment hospitals available in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

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