Alexandre Gama Will Blow Your Mind With His Advertising Art

Alexandre Gama is known as a marketer, but in reality, he is a genius artist. Having a long background in copywriting, marketing, and filmmaking, Alexandre Gama has mastered the ability to convey a message to the audience. His work has been recognized by Brazilian and International agencies.

Having grown up in South Eastern Brazil, he went on to university to study marketing. He quickly was recruiting into various copywriting jobs. By the 1990s, he was the most recognized copywriter in Brazil.

In 1999, he started Neogama to represent himself to his clients. And having eventually merged with BBH, he had claimed some of the highest profile clients in the country. His greatest feat was the award-winning advertisement for Johnnie Walker.

The Cannes Festival had invited him almost yearly since the early 2000’s. As a master class producer, he had won over 23 lions from this festival. He is also invited as a guest judge, an honor that no other South American has had.