Why Andrew Rolfe Work at Ubuntu Education Fund Will Not Be Forgotten

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Jacob LEIF talks more about the Ubuntu Education Fund. This is a social project founded by him and runs it as the Chief Executive Officer. It is a foundation whose objective is to enhance the lives of young children in the United States. Jacob Leif longs for a time when children from all walks of life will have education unifying them.

Nevertheless, he is concerned that the money rose from well-wishers and donors do not ultimately benefit the people concerned. A few lot benefit unethically, enriching themselves at the expense of needy children and financially constrained families. Sadly, this because money is channeled into the pockets of selfish and inhuman beings who understand nothing other than themselves.

Notably, some donors give restrictions on the expenditure of funds. Some of which is biased and uncontainable. For instance, some direct that the funds be used to help brilliant children. This is sidelining some children since education depends on foundation, one’s intellect abilities, and their environment. Jacob Leif along with his team of professionals such as Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the board is completely opposed to such direction. Because it clashes with their objective of Ubuntu in serving the interests of every child in the society since such brings isolation or segregation. As much as the project is working with limited finances, it will not welcome funding with restrictions.

About Andrew Rolfe

He has served as the VP of PepsiCo Restaurants in Europe and managed Pizza Huts restaurants in operations in over 30 countries. Before this, he was the CEO at Booker Foodservice. Preceding this, Andrew Rolfe worked with Pret A Manger as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer growing it to compete globally. His leadership generates growth, expansions and organizational stability.

In Japan, he launched a banana republic and established a franchise business with roots in Malaysia and Singapore. At the Gap Inc.’s international he came up with growth strategies in branding and identification of markets. Andrew has a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and a master of the same from Oxford University and another master from Harvard Business School.