Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe sits on the ‘Ubuntu Fund board of directors’ as the chairman. He is also responsible for ensuring that the funds raised are all, without exception, donated to South African children and the improvement of learning.


Andrew Rolfe graduated from Harvard University’s business school with an MBA. Rolfe also has an M.A degree he earned from ‘St. Edmund Hall’ Oxford. His bachelor’s degree from Oxford University is in Philosophy and Political Science. He also studied Economics as a major during his Oxford days.

Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu is an educational fund that is run, in part, by Andrew Rolfe. The fund supports school programs in South Africa. The fund steps in where a child is not able to access education due to his/her family economic standing. The purpose of the fund is to see to it that all children are given a real chance to survive and thrive in life. All monitory resources collected for and by the group are not bound by certain provisos. This means that the money is strictly for the purpose of helping children.

Funding For Improved Schools

It is the case that donor aid comes with certain restrictions and limitations. At Ubuntu, Andrew Rolfe and his team is very particular not to accommodate any such restrictions from donors. Ubuntu Fund wants to freely be in a position to help children in South Africa without being restricted b y the conditions spelt out by donors. Andrew and his team are in agreement that children stand to learn more when they are not bothered with matters of fee and tuition money.


Andrew Rolfe feels that his principal responsibility in life is to help people. It is this belief that has seen him execute well as the Ubuntu chairman. Through his leadership at the fund, children in South Africa can access education relatively easier than they could some years back. With education, Andrew believes that children from the poorest of backgrounds can still survive and thrive.

The Ubuntu Fund thinks strategically   by devising long term projects that impact the children and their environment more and add value to their lives.