Stream Energy

Philanthropy is not a word that is tossed around a lot in big business unless there’s a microphone present and the Press is watching and recording. Big Business is focused on making money, honoring their CEO’s, expanding their bottom lines, cutting corners, and smiling for the cameras. At least this is the opinion that you and I may have when it comes to Big Business. The Dallas patch report on Stream Energy, a Dallas, Texas utility company, reflects a rather unique perspective than what you would expect from a large utility Corporation.

The Dallas Patch article on Stream Energy shows a company with a heart for the community that it serves. Stream Energy has a philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares, which reaches out to the residents of Dallas, across the state of Texas, and the nation to give a helping hand to those who are in desperate need of one. The Stream Energy philosophy is that philanthropy is at the core of who they are as a company and as members of these communities. This company’s obligation to the community that they serve is demonstrated in the Hands-On approach that is seen in the hard work that their employees are doing out in the field. The Dallas Patch article shows Stream Energy employees working hard to clean up debris and pass out supplies to victims of hurricane Harvey. This is the type of action that you want to see big business especially those that you spend your hard-earned money with taking. We all need Utilities, and we are going to pay our utility bills each month. The big utility companies know this, so they don’t feel obligated to do anything more to benefit the communities that they serve. This is just not the case with this Dynamic direct marketing utility company. They volunteer during natural disasters, they help homeless kids have a fantastic time at a water park, and they donate supplies, and they help with the rebuilding processes for many displaced families. It’s not just business with them. It’s truly about giving back to the community with Stream Energy.