Norman Pattiz: Radio Hall of Fame-worthy Diplomacy and Entrepreneurship

In a two-phased survey commissioned by PodcastOne and conducted by Edison Research, it was established that podcast advertising has the potential of increasing brand awareness by up to 76 percent depending on the brand.

The results, which were released by Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne showed that customers were more willing to purchase the brands included in the survey.

The post-campaign survey of the five national brands showed that some brands including automotive products and a casual dining restaurant enjoyed over 60% of brand lift after their ads were run for at least 4 weeks on PodcastOne network.

While releasing the results together with the vice president of Edison Research, Norman Pattiz stressed on the potential of podcasting as an effective alternative to conventional advertising.

Success Beyond Westwood One

When Norman Pattiz was appointed as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in 2000, it was a reflection of the trust the then President Bill Clinton had in his ability to perform in such a role.

Before being considered for the diplomatic position, Norman Pattiz had already established a name for himself within the broadcasting circles as one of the leading entrepreneurs and executive managers in the highly competitive industry. In 1974, he founded Westwood One and transformed it into the country’s leading radio network upstaging established entities in the industry.

The radio network became synonymous with big events especially in the sporting world after winning the elusive rights to broadcast both Summer and Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl and several basketball and ice hockey games. It soon attracted the attention of other established media houses such as CNN and NBC, which contracted Westwood One to air some of its radio programs.

He replicated such remarkable success at BBG for the two terms he served under two administrations. He pioneered to the founding of numerous American television and radio networks across the globe.

To increase viewing and audience, the stations aired their programs in local languages such as Farsi, which appealed to the locals. According to Crunchbase, the now popular Voice of America owes its existence to the tireless efforts of Norman Pattiz who played a key role in its founding.

Pattiz ensured the nonmilitary American radio and television stations covered all the 22 countries that make up the Middle East.

Stations such as Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television among others were founded during his remarkable tenure on the board, which ended in 2006. These remarkable achievements by Norman Pattiz saw him inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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