Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur that Continues to Ascend to New Heights


Eric Pulier is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. He was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He began programming computers early in grade school and started a computer company in high school. Before starting his company, he worked at a convenience store in high school. He attended Harvard University in 1984 and majored in American and English literature. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.


Eric Pulier has a passion for computers and technology. His greatest success has come in the technology industry. He has created numerous technology companies throughout his career.He founded the company People Doing Things which aimed to provide advanced technology ideas to the healthcare and education sectors. He can be credited with making tremendous contributions to these sectors. He is highly respected and frequently recruited to speak at technology events around the world. His inventions in technology have also received numerous patents. If all of this wasn’t enough, he is also an accomplished author. Looking at his accomplishments, there is no doubt in my mind that the sky is the limit and he is just getting started to learn more: click here.


Typically we think of wealthy people as heartless and only concerned with themselves and their money. This certainly does not apply to Eric Pulier. His passion for helping people rivals Eric Pulier business success. He thrives on giving back and this started well before his financial accomplishments. He has worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society by creating a media platform to help educate people with the disease about their condition. He also created private platform for children with chronic diseases to communicate with each other through chat and blogs. He also serves on a board where people can compete to come up with solutions to solve problems plaguing our society. There seems to be no limit to what he will do to try and help people.