OSI Food Solutions Expands Chicken Production line

OSI Food solutions is a top food company from the United States. It is leading in the production of meat products in various parts of the globe. The company no longer operates only in America but almost all the continents in the world. The expansion plan of the OSI Group is one of the factors which have contributed significantly to the growth of food company. It operates in 17 countries and has over 65 facilities. In Spain, the company has been operating a meat products plant. The plant which is located in Toledo has been a topic of discussion in recent years following the expansion work which has happened there.

The Toledo plant has significantly increased its chicken products production capacity. OSI Food Solutions has increased the production line such that it is now producing double of what it what it did before the expansion. From 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually, this is the increase we are talking about. The new expansion takes the total production from this plant to 45,000 tons annually. With the new production line, it will not only increase production of food products for OSI Food Solutions but increase job opportunities or the local community. One of the new positions which have been created is that of the product development manager.

OSI Food is headed by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and is assisted in management by the President and COO David McDonald. These two figures have been instrumental in the growth of the company. Their biggest contribution is that of expanding the operations of the company to numerous companies in different parts of the world. Sheldon joined OSI Food Solutions in 1975 and has been with it since then.

Sheldon Lavin has won awards due to his contribution to the growth of safe food production methods. OSI Food Solutions have a reputation for maintaining the safety of their clients as the priority. Vision World Academy, an Indian organization, awarded Sheldon Lavin with Global Visionary Award. This is an award for people who have actualized their dreams. Sheldon has taken this company from a little-known firm in the 1970s to one of the top food companies in the United States.

Another award that Sheldon Lavin has won is the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award given by the North American Meat Institute. This one looks at people who have shown commitment to addressing the needs of the community.

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