Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime, Original Colors and Newly Introduced Shades

The cult favorite Lime Crime beauty brand was founded by Doe Deere and launched just two weeks before Halloween in 2008. Doe Deere started her career in fashion and realized while trying to accessorize her style that the edgy and fun colored cosmetics she was seeking were nearly impossible to find. While sticking to her values about vegan products that are created cruelty free she created the now famous Lime Crime brand. Starting with lip colors and moving her way through brushes, nails and face and eye pallets she has gone and created a new fan favorite. The self proclaimed unicorn queen launched Lime crime Unicorn Hair earlier in 2017.

Unicorn Hair all natural hair color products stay true to the company’s belief on remaining completely vegan and cruely free. The fun new Unicorn hair products experienced a surge in sales their first two weeks on the market. Some colors even sold out completely within the first two weeks of being launched. There are two options for those seeking unicorn hair, full coverage and tint. The full coverage hair color is designed with a higher pigment load and will better saturate hair. The tint is more of a pastel type color.

Three of the full coverage unicorn hair color options available are bubblegum, valentine and aesthetic. Bubblegum is a fun a bright pink color. Valentine is a crimson red hair color and aesthetic is a subtle mauve. The tint colors are available in tweet, mint, cloud, kawaii and moonchild. These colors represent yellow, frosted mint, periwinkle blue, pastel violet and pastel lavender. In addition to these original colors that were launched a few more were introducted when the mermaid cosmetic line was introduced. Gargoyle is a stone gray semi permanent hair color. Sext is a nude shade that resembles a mix of a purple and mauve. Blue Smoke is a dark blue semi permenant hair full coverage color that will lightly fade through shampoos. Some other new additions to the product line are bunny, chocolate cherry, pony, dirty mermaid, dilute, salad, anime, jello, leeloo and neon peach.