GoBuyside, your Finance Recruitment Platform

It is every College graduates dream to graduate and access a job immediately with no delays whatsoever. However, for a majority of college graduates, this dream is not possible. Several reasons make this notion continue being a dream for plenty of college students. Nevertheless, with GoBuyside the hopes of plenty of college graduates accessing employment opportunities are a reality. Read this article at Nasdaq.

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform, which offers graduates a fair chance of accessing equal opportunities when it comes to job applications. The platform was realized in the year 2011. The idea was by Arjun Karpur, a Stanford graduate from the business school.

While in the finance industry, Arjun noticed that there was a high demand for finance jobs, which had low supply from companies looking to hire. With all the information companies required to hire an employee, he began thinking of a way he could ease a company’s hiring load and provide the applicants with a transparent process as well.

The GoBuyside was a platform created to help fill the finance industry with human capital. It also acts as a bridge between the employer and the applicant. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

How does the GoBuyside work?

The GoBuyside is a tech platform, which has helped turn around the process of traditional hiring in the finance sector. The tech platform is for professionals in the finance industry. To assist the finance industry to acquire human capital, GoBuyside uses applicant tracking systems, job boards online, and artificial intelligence. The combinations of the three factors enable GoBuyside to connect top financial professional talent with employers across the world.

By using specific search parameters, GoBuyside screens and identifies professionals who meet the needs of their clients. The success behind GoBuyside comes from the transparency they offer the employers and applicants on its platform. The GoBuyside enables the platform users to gain access to their reviews, network, and notifications when there is an opportunity available.

Benefits of GoBuyside

Employers and applicants receive the following benefits from using the GoBuyside recruitment platform. Employers are assured the applicants they receive have gone through a serious vetting process. It enables the employers to select the best applicant for the financial job available.

For applicants, the GoBuyside site offers them the professional experience and knowledge, which helps them stand apart in the recruiting world. The information and expertise they access help them acquire an opportunity in the finance job sector without having to go through the traditional system of employment.

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