Talos Energy Makes the Best out of the Floods

It was after two days of complete Harvey’s tropical torment when the streets turned out to be hard to go maneuver for everybody. The most affected streets were those of Tim Duncan’s in Kingwood, Texas and North Houston. Additionally, there was a black out and darkness was approaching when the news on another expected six feet Hurricane were released. Duncan did all that he could to get his wife, son and dogs safely to the FEMA rescue boat. The water was high to the level of his waist.

However, Tim Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy was meditating about his recent deal. For a period of about four months, he has been focusing on whether to give in into a merger between Talos Energy and Stone Energy for 2.5 Billion dollars’ worth. His major worry is that Stone energy has recently been declared bankrupt and traded in public. On the other hand, merging his privately owned company with Stone Energy is a sure way of easily becoming a public entity. He was not prepared to use the heavy floods as a barrier to signing the deal. Soon after he settled his family to safety in Alabama with the help of a private plane, he headed for Houston at his parents’ home. It is from here where he managed to properly negotiate the merger deal.

The merger was later completed in May and Talos Energy took over all of Stone’s listing. Consequently, the 45-year old CEO is to oversee the management of an oil company with an expected 900 Million dollars of revenue every year. Having all its assets in the Mexican Gulf, it will be quite scarcely to commence its operations in that water requiring an expensive drilling platform. It is also risky due to the probability of unforeseen events likely to occur. Nonetheless, Talos Energy emerged as a victorious classic wildcatter by incorporating technology to enhance the effectiveness of old reservoirs. Currently, the company has the capability to produce even more than 48,000 barrels of water daily. Duncan’s enthusiasm in the production of high-energy makes him more suitable to get Talos energy through a sustainable future. He uses catastrophes’ such as the Hurricane as an opportunity for business growth and development.

Talos Energy is one of the largest oil and gas companies. It mainly deals with exploration, development as well as production of natural gas and oil properties. It operates from Gulf Coast and the Mexican Gulf.