Securus Technology Journey to Success

Securus technology is a known profit making organization that is based in Dallas Texas. It offers prison technology and has worked closely with so many prisons across the North America region. It was founded in the years 1986 but took sometime before it had picked. The company has got several regional based offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, and also in the famous town called Atlanta Georgia. The company has been able to invest more than $600 million in the past three years for technology, acquisitions and also patents business and the results have been incredibly awesome.


Securus Technology has got over 1000 staff who are well trained in various fields and offer skills that help them to do their business and their products better. They also have over 2700 facilities that are used to collect information and work closed with public sector towards ensuring that the information they collect is up to standard. They also have these services in Canada, and they keep on progressing well. Also, Securus Technologies have also been able to help over 1 million inmates through technology. This, as a result, have helped them become the leading giants regarding technology innovation in the cells.


Securus Technology after establishment facing growth and expansion problems for about a decade but they decided to change the management in the year 2009. They employed Rick Smith as their CEO. Rich is a professional engineer with great managerial and analytical skills who just work for the success of the company. He emphasized on teamwork, and that was the turning point. Today, the company is among the leaders regarding technology delivery. Securus has been on the frontline improving the services of the prisons and also modernizing the way they live through the advancement of technology. People have been able to communicate with their families efficiently.


People are taking notice of the Value of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is continually working to improve the safety of law enforcement professionals and inmates across the country and people are taking notice. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus recently stated that the company has received thousands of letters about the impact all of the technology has on inmates, families, and Corrupt staff members have been arrested for bringing contraband into a facility, call monitoring has increased awareness of contraband already in the hands of inmates, and the tools provided by Securus Technologies has reduced the availability if contraband as was noted by several different letter writers. I think this can only improve the safety of everyone involved.

Mr. Smith also commented on the development of new technologies which occurs at a rate of approximately one a week. And again, the letter writers have taken notice. Based on the comments I have read, customers are clearly impressed with not the quality and range of services and technologies provided by Securus Technologies. Many people were impressed with the reporting data and investigation tools, stating that these products allow staff members to investigate potential security problems and any reports of harassment. In one particular case, the LBS software allowed a sheriff’s department to recover millions in illegal assets. It is clear to me from these first hand accounts that Securus Technologies is providing valuable products to their customers.