Chris Linkas, Numeric Information To The Next Generation

Chris Linkas says that investing early is essential for attaining the monetary gain one wishes to accomplish, especially if that individual wants a solid foundation of generational wealth for the future lineage. Chris Linkas teaches this common truth to the youth of this generation so that a better future can be achieved indefinitely. The primary reason that wealth is to be built at an early age is because of compounding one’s interest, which is essentially the process of taking a gain and using that gain to earn more profit. This could be taken advantage of by starting off at an early age, because the sooner one puts his or her capital into an investment option, the quicker the compounding interest will accrue, and over the long term the owner of that portfolio will achieve a greater lump sum, which can be moved into another asset, or it can be compounded into even more money.


Chris Linkas not only believes that compound interest is the only motivation for investing young, but he comprehends that there are several serious advantages for a younger person to start early, as opposed to investing at an elderly age. One advantage Chris Linkas emphasizes is that younger people are aware of the next hottest thing, on top of being familiar with how to do fact checking by researching the internet, and being able to recover from failure which would only make them smarter and wiser about how to utilize capital at a younger time. They also learn how to budget and keep expenses lower, so that the financial cash flow can be even more positive than before. Chris Linkas also describes that younger people could invest more aggressively and accumulate a higher return on investment as a result of taking more risk, and therefore receive more reward with bigger profit margins ( Yes it does make sense that financial education should be positively directed towards future generations.