John Goullet Talks About His Staffing Ideas With Ideamensch

John Goullet has been in IT staffing for over 20 years since starting a staffing company in 1994. As Executive Principal and Chairman of Diversant, LLC, he’s responsible for guiding the company through market research and employing new strategies in connecting clients with candidates, and he’s helped build Diversant into one of the world’s largest Minority Business Enterprises. Goullet has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has been willing to explore new ideas, so Ideamensch decided to interview him about what his work is like.


Goullet said he became interested in IT staffing because many others had started similar businesses prior to his and it had low overhead to get started in. He’s able to get ideas just simply by reading up on labor trends, and he’s felt there aren’t enough IT professionals to meet industry demands at this time. For Goullet, he values people who constantly work hard and put everything they have into the job, especially because he once had a job in which he worked hard and was told to slow down and go at the speed of others. The man who has influenced Goullet the most is Jim Collins, an author of business leadership and business structuring books.


John Goullet is a graduate of Ursinus College and a longtime IT consultant. He helped big corporations with IT administration and servicing, and the companies he worked closely with included the Computer Sciences Corporation, Constell Group, and 3D Information Services. He decided he wanted to go into IT staffing in the early 1990s and once he was able to support a business he started Info Technologies. This business started small but Goullet’s ability to win clients and bring qualified candidates to them helped build his company fairly quickly. In just five years Info Technologies became worth $30 million and made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies.


Goullet officially changed the name of the company to Diversant, LLC in 2010 when he met up with Gene Waddy and decided to combine both their companies. Diversant has added several programs to their recruiting centers including STAR and NOVA veterans job placement and a visa sponsorship program. They’ve also worked closely with business community organizers including the Harlem Business Alliance and PACE Monmouth.