OSI Group’s Post-Millennial Growth under Sheldon Lavin

It has been more than years since Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as a partner towards the end of the leadership of the Otto brothers at Otto & Sons, now OSI Group. His experience as a banking executive and investment has pushed OSI to its current glory of global growth. Since taking control of the leadership at OSI Group, Sheldon’s main objective at the company was to expand the operations of the company to various states continually and probably to other countries.

His dream and objective finally came to be, with acquisitions and joint ventures being the main business strategy for OSI Group. Lately, Sheldon Lavin has also paid close attention to green innovations. With a pool of over 20,000 employees worldwide, Sheldon has put in a lot of work to ensure that the company’s culture remains uniform across all their branches and franchises. Even in his old age, Sheldon Lavin is still committed to maintaining a sustainable supply of products and reducing negative environmental impact.

Sheldon Lavin started pursuing his goal of expansion once the new millennium arrived. He aggressively expanded the company’s poultry operations to several countries. Early acquisitions in China marked the company’s first major break into the fresh produce market. A follow-up acquisition in Australia saw the company expand its operations in the beef industry away from home. Back at home, OSI Group also acquired a stake in an American poultry firm. Further acquisitions followed in Japan in 2010, strengthening its beef operations in the country. Before 2015, the company had already expanded to Canada, not to mention the numerous plants it had opened in the US.

The most notable acquisitions and joint ventures have seen OSI Group expand its operations to the UK, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. The recent entry into a joint venture with UK-based Pickstock in 2014 allowed OSI Group to expand beef distribution throughout Europe. At the same time, it gave Pickstock an opportunity to grow and create its brand. Another acquisition, this time of Tyson in Illinois, gave OSI Group abundant and convenient storage space since the plant was close to the company’s central facility. OSI Group’s acquisitions did not stop there, with later addition of Baha Food, which produced and supplied foods to Germany and Netherlands, continued to give OSI Group a broader continental reach. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Even at 85 years of age, Sheldon Lavin doesn’t seem to slow his pace on maintaining the OSI Group’s brand. He has also been keen on making social contributions to workers and societies all over the world. Sheldon also continues to support people’s well-being by donating to various charities.

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Entrepreneur David Mcdonald, Re-inventing the Food Industry

Mr. David McDonald the current president and chief operating officer of OSI Industries. The recipient of the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award was born and raised in the state of Iowa. He attended Iowa State University in the year 1987 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in animal science. Mr. McDonald joined OSI Industries in Chicago upon graduating from University. Since then he has diligently worked his way up the career ladder to the president. The chairman of directors for the American Meat Institute is actively involved in making the state of Iowa better than it was.

Among his many initiatives, as an interested party in the betterment of the state of Iowa and its people includes his active involvement in the agricultural entrepreneurship programs. Only recently, he had a group of students visit the OSI facility in China and has been known to offer employment opportunities to qualified candidates from his former University. Additionally, OSI under his leadership is supporting a student intern and is paving the way for many more to come. His involvement in the development of significant aspects of the state runs deep. Mr. McDonald continually supports his fraternity through funding and scholarships. He was a principal party involved in the organizing a fundraising campaign for the state’s AGR house. The father of six children is married to Malinda McDonald.

In an interview with Inspire-ry, we get to have a peek at the life of this celebrated company leader and entrepreneur. Under his watch, OSI has made massive steps in the food industry and is currently listed as one of the leading global food providers. He has ensured that OSI strived to provide the very best products and services to its esteemed customers.

The entrepreneur recently saw to it that OSI acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company that specializes in the production of deli meat and processing of other food products. In his later remarks, he stated that the acquisition helped solidify the presence of OSI Industries in the European market. In his entire career, he believes that his vision to establish a working relationship with OSI’s clients has never given him cause to regret. He accredits his success to the ability of the company, and the teams under him to make productive partnerships with major players in the food Industry. He hopes that OSI Food Industries continue to surpass the expectations set by clients times over.

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Get Great Food With OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a very popular food processing corporation with a recent successful international expansion. They are headquartered in Zurich, Illinois with over 24,000+ employees nationwide. Their COO and CEO, David A. McDonald has played a significant role in recent growth. OSI is proud to say their strongest partnerships have been with the United States and Asia. They’ve also celebrated a 20 year presence in China during an awards ceremony. They have proudly been established since 1989 and provide quality food under the strict guidelines of the federal government. They were willing to meet the demand of a stabilized food industry when others weren’t.

They made a successful bid for a Chicago Tyson food plant which was an effort to give back to the community. In an effort to help local area residents by successfully bidding on the plant, hundreds of workers were able to keep their current position. OSI is proud to announce the continuation of processing Tyson food products along with their own. The bid helped their growth expansion in the states and continues to lead the industry in the top food processing techniques with highly trained technicians, professionals, and leaders as reported by PRN Newswire online.

They have recently acquired the popular Flagship Europe corporation and have added to their financial assets by $7.4 million dollars with their partnership. OSI will operate their facility line and process pie filling, frozen poultry, and condiments. Europe has reported an expansion in their business growth because of their affiliation with McDonald says, he would like to expand their organic products to a India and other territories. Their goal is to provide a healthy diet to families, restaurant’s, supermarket’s, and deli’s worldwide. Their hot dogs, frozen chicken, organic foods, vegetables, pies, and more have been preferred over competitor brands.

OSI Industries offers a wide range of nationwide and international employment opportunities. You’re invited to visit their website for more details on their unique job opportunities. You can also learn more about their food product ingredients, expansion efforts, and leadership team of professionals. OSI Industries has made an effort to feed your family a smart wholesome meal with the top FDA regulated ingredients. They have continued to out pace their competitors in partnering with other companies and fulfilling their food processing needs. Eat well and enjoy an all natural meal trusted by millions and major corporations and people worldwide.

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