Ryan Seacrest Talks About Fitness

Ryan Seacrest is a man who is known all across the world. His path to fame came with hosting American Idol. Since then, Ryan Seacrest’s legacy has expanded with various new ventures. He is the host of a morning talk show named Live with Kelly and Ryan, in addition to his radio show On Air with Ryan. Outside of entertainment, there is a fashion line with the brand names Distinction and Polish. Lastly, he inspires hospitalized children across the country with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. However, what people may not know is how Ryan Seacrest keeps his weight in check. He recently spoke about this topic with the website Men’s Journal.

First and foremost, according to Ryan Seacrest, he plans workouts like a meeting. That way he is never tempted to skip one. He even keeps a gym locker on both sides of LA to ensure he’ll have time, with the goal of making it to the gym 5 days a week. His favorite kind of workouts are circuit workouts and core workouts, in addition to the occasional swim. Working out is critical to good health, but meals are equally as important.

During the next section and also posted on Forbes, Ryan Seacrest discusses diet tips. He says Vegetable juices and almonds are his go-to items, but even he cheats sometimes. He describes how just the other day he had Tacos. However, at the end of the day balance is the most important aspect to getting fit. It can be hard, but knowing where to devote your time will a long way. The result will be an increased confidence for yourself and how you handle things around you.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is someone whose word you can trust. His personal experience with dieting and exercise has been extremely positive. The article concludes with his top 5 exercising suggestions: going to the Gym, performing cardio, yoga, and lastly biking. It’s completely possible to turn your weight around with just a little motivation and the right attitude.

Check out Ryan Seacrest’s Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yG38b6MIl4

George Soros Knows How to Get Things On Track

George Soros has made a name for himself as an investor in both politics and private business. He also has some very strong views on the best direction for this country, especially when it comes to economic matters. After a few years out of the limelight, he made a comeback during the last presidential election cycle when he became a very strong financial and vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in her effort to win the presidency over Donald Trump. Since then he has continued to make his views known and has been a strong and vocal dissident against our 45th president.

George Soros views have grown over the years. He spent a significant portion of his life focusing on helping former Communist countries help pave the way for what he called an open society, but he became disillusioned with this idea in the late 90’s when he realized that it was more of a pipe dream than a realistic solution. He still continued to fight against what he considers the capitalist problem, even if he does so in a slightly different way than he once did. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

One of the ways in which George Soros has tried to effect change is by donating to the political campaigns of politicians he supports. He fought against George W Bush during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, donated to President Obama despite becoming disillusioned after deciding that Obama did not push hard enough for liberal ideals, and was a major supporter of Hillary Clinton during her campaign. In fact, Soros not only donated the maximum amount he could to her campaign personally but also donated 5,000 through End Citizens United, a small PAC that focuses on grassroots campaigning and ending Super PACs.

Soros is a strong believer that the new enemy is the belief in the “magic of the marketplace”, and the idea that a laissez-faire economy is going to work for the greater good. Instead, he argues that free and open competition leaves some people with more than others and that the longer this system goes unchecked. It is relatively easy to look at the relatively unchecked market of the American economy and see the truth in these words.

While George Soros ideas and words may seem strange coming from a billionaire, his words and economic theories make sense. Soros argues that part of what makes an unchecked marketplace so volatile in part is the fact that supply and demand do not always balance out. For example, marketplace demands and prices are often set based on the perceived value, rather than what something is actually worth. Anyone who has spent even a little time playing the stock market or running a business can understand how much of a negative gamble this can be. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Soros’s proposed solutions and expert knowledge is exactly what the American and global economy needs to get back on track.

3 Ways Eric Pulier Changed The Tech Industry

A Young Prodigy In The Making

The first to understand about Eric Pulier is the incredible talent he possesses. He first wrote a program while attending the 4th grade. This display of early genius would amaze just about anyone, but its hardly the highlight of the early career of Eric Pulier. While in high school, Pulier founded his first tech company. The company specialized in data storage and gave some of the first hints of the later success that Pulier would achieve after he finished his education at Harvard University.

Shining At Starbright

Eric Pulier can claim many achievements to his name, but his work for the Starbright Foundation stands above all else. In the mid 90s the Starbright Foundation wanted to find a way to connect its young chronically ill patients together in order to share experiences. They sought out they assistance of Pulier and his innovative approach to problem solving. This eventually led to Starbright World, the world’s first private social network. Currently serving more than 70 hospitals in the Starbright network, Starbright World continues to brighten the lives of the children who use the services of the social network. This isn’t the only example of Pulier’s philanthropy either. He has also contributed greatly to charitable causes through his work at the Clinton Global Initiative. As a family man raising 4 kids, Pulier wants to make sure he leaves his children with a better world than he had.

The Countless Patents

Eric Pulier is an extremely active polymath and his growing list of patents proves that. Throughout his career you’ll find a patent related to just about everything in the world of tech. He has patents for application programming interfaces, or APIs, patents for remote desktop software, and he even has patents for telecommunications. When you are as busy as Pulier makes himself, it is bound to have an impact of the tech industry. This is why no one is surprised by the massive profits Pulier has acquired from his startups. At times he has even sold his startups for hundreds of million of dollars.