Dr. Jennifer Walden Claims Title as Best Female Plastic Surgeon

The skilled writers over at the plastic surgery blog focused upon finding the best women within the field, BestFemalePlasticSurgeon.com, recently caught up with one of the most promising and talented surgeons in the entire industry, Dr. Jennifer Walden. The piece which was published on the heels of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s being named one of the top 24 of Bazaar’s Hot List in 2014. The publication was lucky enough to be able to catch up with the busy surgeon despite her busy work schedule appearing on television programs, in printed news, as well as managing her successful practice based in beautiful Austin, Texas.


The piece explored the many accomplishments the talented surgeon has amassed during her time in the field including many distinctions held outside of the operating room. The talented surgeon has been fortunate enough to apply her expertise in helping the leaders of augmentation implants as they design the best product to be used by talented surgeons just like the doctor.


Though unlike most plastic surgeons not deserving of the title Best Female Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has spent a significant amount of time in front of the camera in addition to time spent behind the blade. Often the surgeon is called upon to render professional opinions and expertise to the media teams behind Fox News as well as media giant VH1.


THe professionals at the BestFemalePlasticSurgeon.com truly have found a surgeon deserving of the title as Dr. Jennifer Walden has clients ranging from celebrities to folks willing to travel across the country to be seen by the skilled and young surgeon.


The entire piece is engaging and well-written while being worth the read if not to only gain a little insight into the life of one the top skilled surgeons in the field right now.

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