Rick Scott to Answer Complaint filed by End Citizens United for Campaign Finance Violation

End Citizens United recently filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), alleging that Rick Scott is using “super PAC” campaign money to illegally support his bid for the Senate race. Scott, who is the former governor for the state of Florida, has raised more than $78 million. The complaint states that Scott is undermining the election system by trying to circumvent the federal limits that are put on direct campaign contributions.

According to the complaint, although a super PAC has every right to collect as much money as it chooses and to spend that money as it chooses, the Scott campaign is in direct violation if it works with a super PAC in relation to those accumulated funds. The anti-coordination law was used to file the complaint and accused Scott of knowingly violating it in his coordinated efforts with the New Republican PAC. It is the same group that Scott headed as chairman prior to his announcement to run for the U.S. Senate.

Although Scott’s campaign has vigorously denied the allegations, End Citizens United provided documented proof that Scott was working alongside the super PAC in the last few months. In January, Scott was still listed as chairman of the organization, which was also provided within the complaint. “This is a legitimate FEC complaint because [Scott] broke the law,” stated Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United.

The political action committee has been on a mission since March 2015 to rid the political process of corrupt contributions entering into campaigns and is also seeking to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision on campaign finances. The PAC seeks to hold politicians accountable and has continued its efforts to keep campaign finance reform in the spotlight. With its public notification for getting the “big money” completely out of the system, End Citizens United has continued to align with candidates that are in agreement with reforming the entire political system. As it stands now, unless further scrutinized, donations received by the campaigns are undisclosed and unlimited, which the PAC believes is unacceptable.

According to Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for End Citizens United, there are clear signs that Scott has broken the law and that his political ambitions have swayed his decisions to funnel soft money into the super PAC. Bozzi states that there is clear evidence provided within the complaint that Scott knowingly by-passed campaign finance laws with the super PAC to pay campaign bills and evade disclosing it to the public.

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End Citizens United Gives An Endorsement To Four Illinois Reformers

End Citizens United, popularly known as ECU, recently issued a statement that it has given an endorsement to four Illinois candidates to run for the US House of Representatives. These candidates include Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Betsy Londrigan (IL-13), Sean Casten (IL-06) and Brad Schneider (IL-10). The president of the ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that too many of the political players at Capitol Hill are beholden to million-dollar special interest groups. Muller added that Big Money was corrupting the democratic system of the United States which has a long history. He also added that big corporations and oil companies were lobbying for their selfish interests and leaving every citizen from Illinois behind.

Muller said that the four candidates had committed to fight for meaningful reform in the halls of Washington. The candidates, if elected into office, would fight for reforms on the issues that affected Illinois families such as health care, education and the economy. Muller added that End Citizens United took pride in endorsing the candidates for office and that the organization was looking forward to helping them win the forthcoming mid term elections in November. Another member of the US Congress, Brad Schneider, said that he was humbled and honored at the same time to have received the endorsement of End Citizens United in the 2018 mid-term elections. Schneider added that people must rise and put the disastrous decision of Citizens United back to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

He said that End Citizens United must rein the untraceable and unlimited dark money that had been unlocked by Citizens United. Congressman Schneider also said that he was looking forward to working with end Citizens United to promote accountability and transparency back to the American electoral system and retain American democracy to its former glory. The candidate for IL-06, Sean Casten, said that it would be difficult to see any form of progress on the issues that affected the lives of Americans without getting dark money out of the electoral system.

Casten added that the work of End Citizens United and other activists groups was extremely crucial to the restoration of democracy, equality and accountability in the US electoral process. End Citizens United has also given an endorsement to four other candidates in the state of Illinois. These will assist the candidates to compete on an even ground with Big Money special interest groups. ECU will connect the candidates with over 400,000 small-dollar donors as well as the over 148,000 grassroots members in the state of Illinois.

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George Soros Channels $18 Billion Through Open Society Foundations For Philanthropy

George Soros is a man under intense fire and scrutiny from many quarters, especially in the political arena. In the recent past, he has been accused of financing various political campaigns against those he ideologically disagree with. Though one of the greatest philanthropist in the world today, he is never far off from controversy. Some of the things that he has been associated with in recently are; Collin Kaepernick’s NFL protests, Black Lives Matter campaigns, Women’s March and the sexual assault accusations against Roy Moore, Alabama Senate candidate by some women he allegedly paid. However, the question is, are these true stories or just conspiracies?

George Soros is a top trader in the financial markets. Since he made a fortune of $1 billion in 1992 through forex trading, he has always been in the spotlight. He thereafter became actively involved in political activities. By 2000, he was a top funder of the Democratic Party, a move that made him a target of the conservatives. However, it is not his involvement in politics that have drawn most of the conspiracies connived against him, it is his involvement in philanthropy that has engineered most of them.

George Soros has since the 1970s been actively involved in progressive philanthropic works. He is the all-time leading supporter of pro-democracy initiatives through financial support all over the world. Soros channels his philanthropy fund through an organization he started known as Open Society Foundations . In the recent past, George Soros has revealed that he has channeled over $18 billion for philanthropic missions through OSF. This has placed his organization as the second largest in the United States after the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.

The narratives which are propagated against donors such as Soros are usually intended to push the public away from the real transformation that they bring in the society. Architects of these narratives are usually envious financial elites and political players who feel that their status stands threatened by the contributions of philanthropists, who most of the time are determined to help the society deal with negative issues that affect humanity such as denial of human and civil rights. In the United States, for instance, the right and the left wings have historically engaged in fuelling suspicions about each other as each side try to push its ideology. The result has been unmitigated demonization of genuine philanthropy figures such as Soros.

George Soros is a Hungarian born Jew who is all about progressivism and capitalism. As a person who grew up during the Nazi regime, he witnessed grave violations of human rights, a thing that he vows to never let happen again.

A huge chunk of George Soros funds has been channeled to human rights, social justice, and pro-democracy causes. He has supported various initiatives in more than a hundred countries. His first major philanthropic initiative was helping the black South African students get scholarships during the Apartheid rule. He also funded the ouster of communist rule in Hungary. Apart from these, he funded numerous pro-democracy institutions in many countries across Europe in the 1980s. George Soros continues to support such causes up to date and is expected to continue increasing his contributions to the Open Society Foundations.

It is clear that most of the conspiracies that are generated about George Soros are just meant to veil the public from the progressive initiatives that he is supporting especially on the matter of dismantling regimes that are in power. George Soros is a true manifestation of the true power of philanthropy in promoting democracy in the world.

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George Soros Has Become A Target For Those Who Misunderstand His Philanthropy

The Atlantic recently reported that George Soros has been seeing a rise of conspiracy theories and other demonization efforts aimed at him due to the large amount of his own money that he is donating to different charitable organizations. He has been singled out as supposedly being the sole source of funding for Antifa and Black Lives Matter and has also been the scape goat for Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protest. Right wing conspiracy theorists have also accused him of paying women off so they would accuse Roy Moore of sexual harassment and assault. The truth is, Soros is no stranger to these kinds of wild accusations and theories, because he has been dealing with them for years.

The interesting thing about a lot of the latest conspiracy theories and accusations is the fact they they aren’t being aimed at his very open political giving efforts. Instead, right-wing proponents are, interestingly enough, focusing on his charitable giving. Because George Soros happens to support many different causes that people label as “progressive,” many political opponents like to color him as a boogeyman of sorts who secretly works to undermine the order of the world. What’s baffled many is the fact that he is extremely open about his political views and also the charitable work he does. There is no secret about the fact that he openly promotes democracy and progressive ideals.

George Soros has been the perfect target for many of the woes of the political right, and while he is a hero for capitalism and progressive values, it is also the fact that he is Jewish that has come into play. Unfortunately, antisemitism is alive and well in the world, because a lot of the rhetoric being used by the political right is mirroring the same kind of language and words that is used to discredit the Jewish people as a whole. While not many have come straight out and mentioned his Jewish identity as a cause for concern, they have used terms to describe him that other anti-Semites have in the past.

George Soros recently donated $18 billion of his own money to his charity the Open Society Foundations, and a lot of the money has helped people who can’t speak for themselves. He has been inspired to help the downtrodden partially because of his own background as a Jew who grew up in a Nazi-occupied Hungary. His charity, Open Society Foundations, was named after a term that an author used to describe how society should be. Since Mr. Soros grew up in the middle of a very closed society, he never wants the same for anyone else. His passion to help the disadvantaged and those in the minority has been the driving force behind his large donations to their well-being.

With the election of Donald Trump and the rise of other forces, George Soros has increased his giving because he was starting to see a trend of people bashing those who were in the minority. He has committed himself to be the defender of the gay rights movement and many other movements that work for the equal treatment of everyone who lives in the world.

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