Raj Doing Big Things In The World

He was born in Denmark by Laura and CK Fernando. He was the last born and the only son. He has two sisters, Tanya and Natasha. His family moved to the U.S before he was one year old, where he later joined Beloit College and graduated with a Bachelor in History and Economics.

He volunteered to work at Chicago mercantile exchange while still in college. He got hired in 1991 and a year later, he had worked in different positions, including the board of trade in the same organization.

He started his own company in 2002 and named it Chopper Trading. His company focused its business on equity, fixed income, among other products. Fernando became the company’s CEO and through him, the company got recognition from other major players.

The company was invited to participate in dealings of global powerhouses such as NASDAQ, CME, ICE, Eurex, and LSE. He sold Chopper Trading in 2010 to DRW group and launched another company called Scoutahead.com, in 2016.

Changing the Methods of Getting Information

There is a crowded space for online surveys, automated annual reviews, company rating forums etc.

However, all these platforms leave out credibility, security and getting information that has a meaningful insight. In 2002 when Raj Fernando founded his company, Chopper Trading, he believed that his company was just going to be as great as the people he employed. It is this reasoning that made him place a high premium at building a vibrant and strong workforce from scratch.

Raj believed that if every employee was to be empowered and encouraged to get credible information on their performance, deliverables and aptitudes from their peers it would be beneficial.

It would enable all the employees to develop their careers at their own individual terms. The free flow exchanging of information formed the backbone of Chopper Trading’s success. This form of information exchange can work for any company. This makes it possible for companies to utilize this opportunity of global engagement and networking in real time.

However, it will be useless if we are not assured that we will be dealing with credible and authentic intelligence. It is important for a company to ensure that the information it gets is what it needs to hear and not what somebody else wants it to hear. This is a challenge worth taking.

About Raj Fernando

Fernando is the founder and current CEO of Scoutahead and previously he was founder and CEO of Chopper Trading. His career journey started way back while still in college where he volunteered at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He then worked his way upwards while holding various positions at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade (1991-2001).

Chopper Trading was able to experience exponential growth and under Raj the company had employed more than 250 employees. Learn more about Raj Fernando:  http://www.rajfernando.com/contactrajfernando/

Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading in 2015 to the DRW Trading Group, a trading firm based in Chicago. He launched Scoutahead, an internet startup company, in 2016. Scoutahead is designed to improve professional and corporate productivity and growth using advanced and secure communication systems.