Sentient AI Facilitating Multi-Variate Testing for Digital Marketing Campaigns for Better Results

The e-commerce business is growing at a tremendous pace, and there are endless e-commerce companies already operating online. The number of e-commerce companies operating today continues to grow at a massive pace. The competition in the e-commerce industry is fiercer than one can imagine, and these companies are trying out new and innovative marketing strategies to woo more customers. Thanks to the artificial intelligence technology, the e-commerce companies are now able to scale as well as measure their marketing campaigns online. The multi-variate testing done with the help of artificial intelligence technology helps in finding out which aspect of the marketing campaign is working, and what isn’t. Thus, it helps the e-commerce and other forms of online companies to make essential changes in their marketing.


Moreover, the multi-variate testing also provides deep insight into how the future marketing campaigns should look like to make the marketing focused more towards the targeted audience. The targeting and re-targeting of the potential and existing audience are necessary, and it is done through the marketing campaigns that are proven to be effective while testing it over multi-variate mode, over and over again.


Just designing an online marketing campaign and keeping the results on fate and faith is not how things work today as AI technology can help measure every minute detail of the online marketing campaigns. Starting from the age group that is more interested in the product to how long the customers are spending on a particular page and which product is most popular among the customers, everything is recorded and reported. It helps in devising a more targeted marketing campaign while filtering out the redundancies. It helps in getting better results while saving time and money for the companies from analyzing the results of the campaign manually. It also gives the companies a fair amount of time to focus on other core areas of product development and strategy building.


Multi-variate testing platform powered by artificial intelligence technology provided by Sentient AI, a leading provider of AI technologies, has helped many companies to drive more sales and make their marketing campaigns more effective. It helps in reaching out to just the audience who are looking for the products and services you are offering. The conversion rate of the clients of Sentient AI improved drastically after the implementation of multivariate testing and making necessary changes accordingly. The e-commerce industry, as well as all the online/offline companies that engage in online marketing, can use the multi-variate testing model to improve their sales, scale up their business, reach out to a broader audience, increase their profitability, and enhance conversion rates.

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